Angry Birds 2 MOD APK 2.60.0 (Infinite Gems/Energy)

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After the occurrence of the archetypal game, on with galore absorbing variations successful Angry Birds Evolution, Angry Birds Transformers, and the likes, the classical Android rubric of Angry Birds yet has its 2nd installment available. And successful this caller mobile crippled from Rovio Entertainment Corporation, Android gamers volition find themselves enjoying the crippled with galore absorbing and breathtaking features that would surely bring backmost the bully aged memories.

Dive into your epic adventures with Angry Birds 2 arsenic you embark connected your caller adventures with the radical of friends. Take connected different combat against the naughty piglets that are trying to bargain your precious eggs. Enjoy the crippled successful galore caller adventures with a bid of breathtaking puzzle levels arsenic you execute your superb shots toward the enemies and person amusive with hilarious experiences.

Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled from Rovio Entertainment Corporation with our reviews.


Angry Birds 2 introduces gamers to the breathtaking in-game experiences with different large escapade with our radical of birdy friends. Join them done a bid of epic puzzle levels, successful which you’ll person to decision the piglets and penetrate done their defenses with your superb shots. Take connected epic in-game challenges and experiences arsenic you advancement done the awesome in-game stories.

Have amusive with the classical gameplay of Angry Birds successful this caller installment of the crippled arsenic you research your in-game experiences to the fullest. Enjoy galore caller and refreshing in-game elements with breathtaking adventures. Take connected the eventual situation and amusement of your daring birdy shots. Unlock unsocial powers and effects with each of your shots arsenic you beforehand done the endless levels.

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Here are each the astonishing features that the crippled has to offer:

Have amusive with the classical Angry Birds gameplay successful this caller adventure

To commencement with, the dedicated fans from the celebrated Android crippled of Angry Birds volition present person their chances to dive into different large escapade with their favourite birdy friends and piglets. Discover the refreshing stories and galore unsocial features arsenic you advancement done the game. Unlock your peculiar rewards arsenic you advancement done the levels and bask the awesome in-game challenges. Choose your favourite birds and dive into the awesome slingshot battles with the caller levels.

And of course, you tin ever bask the classical Angry Birds gameplay with elemental yet highly addictive features connected your mobile devices. Make uses of the intuitive interaction controls to unleash your close shots toward the enemies. Enjoy hilarious gameplay arsenic you instrumentality down the piglets and their antiaircraft establishments.

Enjoy the crippled done aggregate levels and challenges

For those of you who’re interested, Angry Birds 2 offers an full storyline and caller levels with galore disposable arcs for you to enjoy. Feel escaped to instrumentality connected the endless challenges and advancement done the breathtaking gameplay arsenic you research the satellite of Angry Birds 2. Have amusive with galore in-game levels and acquisition escalating difficulties successful each of them.

In addition, successful each arc, determination volition beryllium antithetic level setups and unsocial enemies for you to spell against. Feel escaped to marque uses of the disposable situation arsenic you efficaciously decision your enemies. Go against the nasty bosses that support connected getting stronger arsenic you advancement done the game. And of course, truthful bash the astonishing rewards that you tin prime up.

Angry Birds 2 screenshot 2

Take connected the awesome regular challenges and prime your rewards

To marque the crippled much interesting, Android gamers successful Angry Birds 2 volition besides find themselves having amusive with tons of regular rewards that are disposable whenever you instrumentality to the game. And with stacking mechanics, you tin person entree to astonishing prizes astatine the extremity of the month.

Not to notation that the awesome regular challenges volition besides connection unsocial in-game experiences for Android gamers to bask whenever they’re ready. Feel escaped to research the caller contented and person amusive with galore challenges successful varied difficulties arsenic you progress. Also, unlock peculiar rewards that you can’t get anyplace other for perfectly free.

Level up your birdy friends and unlock their eventual powers

As you instrumentality connected your Angry Birds 2 adventures, Android gamers are besides allowed to prime up galore of their aged favourite birds successful the erstwhile game, on with galore caller birds with astonishing powers. Feel escaped to person your astonishing vertebrate and their unsocial powers acceptable for their breathtaking adventures. In addition, you tin besides level up your birds with the disposable feathers and summation their capabilities during the fights. Take connected the eventual challenges, upgrades your susceptible birdy friends, and person the eventual flock acceptable for your aboriginal challenges.

Angry Birds 2 screenshot 3

Interact with the unsocial gameplay and unlock peculiar items

And on with the breathtaking puzzle battles and adventures, gamers successful Angry Birds 2 are besides allowed to interact with the breathtaking gameplay successful the Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp. Show him your crew’s eventual skills arsenic you unlock the precious coins to usage successful his awesome shops. Enjoy awesome in-game experiences with your purchased items and boosters. Make uses of the collected power-ups arsenic you marque your birdy friends adjacent much powerful.

Feel escaped to customize your birdy friends

In addition, for those of you who’re interested, Angry Birds 2 besides features galore absorbing customizations that they tin person with their birdy crews. That’s said, you tin springiness your squad unsocial manner tastes with silly and hilarious hats. Feel escaped to enactment immoderate outfits that you privation connected your birds and bask warring the piglets successful styles.

Have amusive with friends and online gamers from each implicit the world

Along with the breathtaking offline puzzle challenges and levels, gamers successful Angry Birds 2 are besides allowed to dive into their awesome online gameplay with astonishing experiences. That’s said, you tin commencement by having your Facebook relationship connected to the crippled and find retired each your friends who’re presently playing the game. Check connected their advancement and besides person your gameplay backed up with the online unreality drive.

In addition, arsenic you prosecute successful your epic online gameplay, Android gamers successful Angry Birds 2 volition besides person their chances to bask the awesome leaderboard challenges. Feel escaped to vie with friends and online gamers from each implicit the satellite for the eventual rubric of the champion Angry Birds 2 fighters with your eventual precocious scores successful each challenge.

Or alternatively, you tin articulation the breathtaking Arena and person amusive playing with others successful addictive affable battles. Take connected your friends oregon immoderate different online gamers to find retired who person amended skills. Plus, you tin besides articulation the breathtaking clan battles arsenic you instrumentality down the piglets and their naughty friends crossed the world.

Enjoy the crippled adjacent much with absorbing updates and events

And past but not least, for those of you who’re interested, Angry Birds 2 besides features the breathtaking in-game updates with galore promised features that you tin enjoy. In addition, with each caller update, determination volition besides beryllium breathtaking events that you tin bask and cod peculiar rewards. But beryllium quick, since the limited-time events volition not past forever, and truthful bash the awesome rewards.

Angry Birds 2 screenshot 4

Free to play

Despite each those astonishing features, the crippled is presently escaped for each Android gamers to bask connected their mobile devices. That being said, you tin easy person the crippled downloaded from the Google Play Store, without having to wage anything.

However, since it’s inactive a freemium title, ads and in-game purchases are mostly unavoidable. Hence, immoderate of you would find it rather annoying arsenic you dive yourself into the gameplay. And if that’s the case, past you mightiness privation to person our modified mentation of the crippled installed connected your devices.

Enjoy the afloat experiences with our mod

Speaking of which, for those of you who’re funny successful having the wholly unlocked gameplay with their Angry Birds 2 experiences, you tin present download and instal our modified mentation of the crippled instead. Feel escaped to person the Angry Birds 2 Mod APK installed from our website, travel the provided instructions and you’ll beryllium capable to bask the afloat unlocked gameplay of Angry Birds 2.

Visual and dependable quality


Fans of the classical Angry Birds gameplay volition find themselves having entree to the stunning ocular experiences successful their caller gameplay of puzzles. Here successful Angry Birds 2, the crippled offers almighty 2D graphics and intuitive side-scrolling experiences truthful you tin afloat immerse into the awesome gameplay. In addition, the well-optimized graphics besides guarantee creaseless and satisfying experiences with your Angry Birds 2 gameplay, nary substance what devices you’re using.


And unneurotic with the breathtaking visuals, Android gamers successful Angry Birds 2 volition besides person their chances to acquisition immersive audio that would marque the full acquisition a batch much enjoyable. That’s said, with relaxing soundtracks, responsive dependable effects, and prime audio, Angry Birds 2 offers astonishing mobile gaming experiences for immoderate of you who’re interested.

Final thoughts

The hardcore fans of the classical Angry Birds game and galore of its variations volition surely find this caller crippled of Angry Birds 2 other enjoyable arsenic the rubric offers astonishing gameplay and refreshing experiences. And with the wholly unlocked and escaped gameplay that you tin easy person from our mod, determination is nary crushed to crook down specified a large mobile gaming acquisition connected your Android devices.