ARC Launcher MOD APK 48.0 (Premium Unlocked)

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ARC Launcher poster

If you emotion Marvel movies and the leader Iron Man, past you volition emotion modern devices with beauteous interfaces. If you person a telephone similar Iron Man’s device, past you should download “Arc Launcher”.

Arc Launcher is an app astir Personalization. The exertion volition bring modernity to your smartphone similar Iron Man. The exertion is simply a large launcher for Android, and the exertion has the indispensable functions and convenience for anyone. The exertion supports much than 49 languages ​​worldwide. In addition, the exertion besides provides galore functions specified arsenic the quality to fell applications, artillery redeeming mode, and customize the interface according to your requirements. Furthermore, the app does not incorporate immoderate atrocious ads.

Arc Launcher is simply a large prime if you emotion Launcher apps. The exertion enhances the phone’s show and creates a batch of customization due to the fact that of the absorbing interface. The app makes a batch of chill things connected your location screen.

Arc Launcher is casual to use, fast, and secure.

One of the apical Android launchers

Arc Launcher is 1 of the apical launcher apps connected the Android platform. The app is simply a large merchandise from AppTech Launcher Studios Inc. The exertion brings a modern and “cool” look to your smartphone. The exertion provides a modern interface done galore modern and fanciful inheritance images. The app has a unsocial layout of widgets. The exertion turns your smartphone into a large merchandise of Iron Man.

Arc Launcher provides galore escaped 3D/2D Themes. The app has each the indispensable customizations for your Android phone. The app has fashionable themes similar Sci-Fi and Futuristic. The app makes your smartphone look similar a merchandise from a Sci-Fi movie. In addition, the exertion has large features to prevention your clip daily.

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Support galore modern skins similar sci-fi movies

Arc Launcher not lone impresses with its beauteous interfaces, but the exertion besides has peculiar features. The app has galore astonishing themes similar unrecorded themes, premium themes, and pre-made themes. In addition, the exertion has high-quality wallpapers, DIY, and galore different absorbing images.

Arc Launcher creates attraction done 3D & 2D Hi-Tech themes. The App has tons of Exclusive Themes similar the awesome Iron Robot theme; Galaxy connected Fire taxable with Planet connected occurrence and floating beingness feeling; Ant-Man Marvel theme; Tron Techy exertion theme; premium golden theme; Black Royal theme; neon taxable and galore much unsocial themes.

Arc Launcher offers galore exclusive HD wallpapers. All images are selected and merged with the colour theme. The exertion introduces galore absorbing icons, which you tin customize to your liking. In particular, the exertion supports the main surface modulation from 2D to 3D. In addition, you tin marque your themes according to your idiosyncratic preferences. You tin take from the disposable themes, oregon you tin take your colors. If you similar a break, past you tin make a random theme.

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Arc Launcher supports a built-in euphony subordinate – a utile diagnostic for euphony lovers. The app’s euphony subordinate tin power immoderate euphony app successful the arc launcher. In addition, the app provides close quality and upwind updates, and the contented supports much than 23 fashionable languages ​​and countries. The exertion has an analog / integer timepiece widget, truthful users tin spot the clip astir accurately.

Arc Launcher is compatible with Icon Packs disposable connected google store. The app has a Performance Center, and users tin cognize each astir telephone stats easy & quickly. In addition, the exertion has a “Notes” feature, and you tin rapidly jot down indispensable accusation connected your phone.

Arc Launcher provides precocious security. The app has an Applocker feature, and you person the enactment of unlocking your telephone with a fingerprint oregon pin code. In addition, you tin fell important folders/documents done the app’s inbuilt “hide” feature.

Arc Launcher improves the user’s speechmaking experience. The exertion allows users to work the accusation successful portrait, landscape, and pagination views. In addition, you tin rapidly hunt each your apps and contacts.

Interesting effects of the application

Besides the outstanding interface and large widgets, Arc Launcher besides has absorbing effects. The app has an unread notification badge, truthful the idiosyncratic is alert of the required notification. In addition, the app has a built-in colour effect flashlight and futuristic dependable effects.

Arc Launcher supports implicit 100 fashionable languages ​​in the world. The exertion helps to optimize the battery, and you tin usage the exertion for a agelong time. The app has a “One Tap Boost” feature, and you tin boost your phone’s ram with a elemental “Ram Clean” button. In addition, the exertion besides introduces antithetic fonts. You tin take your favourite font to make awesome texts.

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Owning AI Voice Assistant feature

Arc Launcher is not lone a large launcher successful presumption of interface, but the exertion besides features AI Voice Assistant. If you usage the app, past you tin power everything with your words. You tin usage dependable to bash galore things specified as: alteration the wallpaper; Change theme; representation enhancement. Also, you tin usage code to unfastened Youtube, Contacts, and motorboat Apps.

You tin besides usage code to adhd Contacts, Calculator connected the location surface of your phone. You tin make directories and galore different commands done speech.

Arc Launcher introduces “smart folders”. You tin make your categories from the 20 disposable categories. The app presents galore types of categories similar caller apps, business, communication, entertainment, games, kids, lifestyle, personalization, shopping, social, and galore more.

Alternatively, you tin get the “Microsoft Launcher” app to get a batch of chill looks connected your Android device. Microsoft Launcher is highly customizable. Users tin presumption calendars, task lists and usage galore different utilities from the application.


Arc Launcher is 1 of the champion launchers of 2021. Arc Launcher presents escaped 3D/2D themes (sci-fi and futuristic) and charismatic features. You tin make an astonishing interface similar IronMan’s smartphone. The exertion brings galore conveniences to the location surface specified arsenic fast, stylish, easy, safe, and secure. In addition, the app has large features that boost telephone show and prevention users time.

In short, Arc Launcher has the pursuing advantages: bully show connected low-end devices; Modern interface. However, the exertion inactive has crashes and font errors.

Download “Arc Launcher” for a modern look similar Iron Man’s phone!