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Art of War: Legions is simply a amusive strategy crippled with galore spectacular battles. In this version, it differs from the Gear Games Art of War games specified arsenic Art of War 3 oregon Art of War 3: Global Conflict that you person played before. You are the commandant who leads tiny legions, accepts challenges astatine antithetic levels, and does not hide to person bonuses from the bonus missions. It is your service and you person afloat power to fortify them.

Art of War: Legions has 3 types of troops including service tanks (high HP), buildings (catapults and ballista shooters), and military-type DPS (attack). There are 3 large lines successful the conflict formation, including the beforehand line, the mediate row, and the backmost row.

Art of War: Legions besides features idle function. If you exit the game, the service continues to combat the force to gain coins and gems. Every conflict successful the Art of War: Legions is exciting. Try to beryllium an outstanding commandant and person fun. It volition unlock the outstanding bonus missions erstwhile you scope level 14. Players tin get gems by completing those missions. But beryllium aware, immoderate quests are precise difficult.

We regularly update the crippled to bring a amended acquisition to everyone. The developer is ever trying to amended your gaming acquisition and marque the crippled much interesting.

General Information

Art of War: Legions is simply a amusive tactical playground with an extended magnitude of spectacular battles. You volition play arsenic the commandant to pb the legions of tiny soldiers to instrumentality portion successful the warfare against the force and support the kingdom. Join the Art of War: Legions, players tin customize their squad to fight, bring each subject units connected the battlefield, and adhd a leader to pb them successful the battle.

In particular, the Art of War Legions besides has idle activities. If you permission the game, the service continues to face the enemy, earning coins and gems for you to cod erstwhile you return. In presumption of crippled modes, Art of War: Legions features battle, adventure, event, and PVP stages. Accept challenges successful antithetic levels and bash not hide to judge the bonuses from the bonus missions.

In this game, you person full discretion to power your army. The battles successful Art of War: Legions are the dances of war. Try to beryllium a glorious commandant and person fun. It volition unlock the 3rd bounty missions erstwhile you scope level 14. The subordinate tin get gems by completing each of those missions. But beryllium precise cautious due to the fact that immoderate quests are difficult.

How to Install Art of War: Legions?

The installation and gameplay of Art of War: Legions is not arsenic hard arsenic you think. You conscionable request to travel the step-by-step instructions beneath to guarantee success. You volition beryllium highly excited aft playing Art of War connected your phone.

Coming to the crippled Art of War, players indispensable pb a tiny service to conflict with excitement. However, immoderate missions necessitate you to person a tenable Art of War strategy to beforehand the strengths and weaknesses of each unit.

  • Step 1: Start the browser connected your Android oregon iOS device. Access the nexus to download and instal the crippled Art of War corresponding to the operating system.
  • Step 2: Run the crippled Art of War aft palmy installation. You tin spot that the superior interface of the crippled is comparatively elemental and eye-catching. To play the Art of War game, property the yellowish Battle button.
  • Step 3: As mentioned above, the Art of War has comparatively elemental gameplay. You conscionable request to put your troops decently to walk each level with the slightest magnitude of damage. Newcomers tin besides play good aft pursuing the system’s instructions.

You request not power anything, conscionable ticker the tiny warriors plaything their bow and arrow to destruct the enemy. If you win, you volition get gold. Otherwise, you indispensable play the level again. Gold is often utilized to bargain the adjacent tier of Art of War recruiting cards.

The probability of getting it is little erstwhile utilizing Gems. If you battalion a batch of money, the complaint of prima generals’ spawns is higher. During the battle, you tin telephone for much troops by clicking straight connected the screen. It displays the fig of further summons successful the lower-left country of the screen. Every fewer seconds, you tin telephone 1 much unit.

Just similar that, you put troops to combat done each signifier and person much Gold coins. You tin usage them to enlistee high-level units to triumph much stages. Hopefully, aft this tutorial connected however to play the crippled Art of War, you tin maximize their spot and flooded the astir challenges.

Special Features

Interesting Gameplay

War is an endless taxable and the wars successful Art of War: Legions are arsenic endless. Your task erstwhile coming to the crippled is to physique a almighty service to support the state and onslaught your force forces. There are countless levels of battle. On each level, you request to take and put your armies reasonably to onslaught and destruct each the enemies.

In Art of War: Legions, determination are implicit 30 antithetic troops including humans, goblins, witches, oregon demons. Every 10 levels of gameplay, you volition unlock much caller units.

You tin upgrade groups of troops successful the aforesaid service to get a brace of troops astatine a higher level. The upgrade is based connected the rule that each 2 groups of troops of the aforesaid benignant level 1 volition signifier 1 radical of that level 2. Two groups of troops of the aforesaid benignant level 2 volition signifier 1 radical of troops of the aforesaid benignant level 3.

We volition basal the pursuing levels connected the aforesaid rule that upgrading. In immoderate battle, you tin spot up to 49 troops connected the field. The tract successful the crippled is 7×7 tiles with each service corresponding to 1 quadrate connected the field.

It is inevitable successful immoderate service that if determination are troops, determination indispensable beryllium a wide to bid that army. In Art of War: Legions, determination are implicit 30 generals from galore races. And it is similar soldiers.

Each wide successful the crippled volition person his peculiar skills that summation the spot of the service of soldiers. They besides person their violative skills with singular strength. You tin upgrade the levels of generals. So, they tin summation health, strength, and level of skills. Upgrading requires the usage of pieces of the hero. You request to cod to bash this.

Many Game Modes

In the Art of War: Legions, determination are 3 antithetic crippled modes. First, it divides the crossing mode into antithetic levels. After 10 levels, you tin get chests and a accidental to unlock caller armies successful the game. At each level of play astatine immoderate level, you volition request to put and bid your armies to onslaught and triumph against the waiting enemy. The rewards from the flight mode volition beryllium bonus chests and golden coins.

The bonus ngo mode is the crippled mode with a definite fig of gates successful each mission. It is usually from 5 to 10 doors successful a mission. In the gates, successful this mode, you volition nary longer combat connected a consecutive playing field. Sometimes, determination volition beryllium terrain that forces your service to determination to onslaught the enemy. However, the reward for this mode is besides precise attractive. It is an extended magnitude of golden coins on with gems utilized to upgrade and store successful the game.

Expedition mode is simply a precise peculiar crippled mode. This time, you volition not usage your troops to onslaught your opponent. Your ngo successful this mode is to seizure each the force castles to triumph the final. You volition request to stitchery troops successful your cities. Then, usage the fig of troops you ain to overwhelm and instrumentality implicit bare fortresses and force cities.

Also, successful the superior interface of the game, determination volition beryllium a thorax hanging. Whether you play oregon offline, you tin get tiny amounts of golden coins and gems. In Art of War: Legions, players tin instrumentality portion successful a ranking mode with points calculated based connected the fig of cups that each subordinate owns.

Initially, each subordinate volition ain 1000 trophies and request to combat with different players to summation their fertile connected the leaderboard. For each radical of definite ranks, players volition person antithetic rewards aft each summation.

Sound and Graphics

Art of War: Legions has a melodious and soothing crippled euphony to summation relaxation for the game. Sound effects are the astir salient of the Art of War: Legions. The crippled has large conflict dependable effects. Players tin perceive cheers, screams, oregon advancing weapons colliding.

Also, the dependable effects astatine the opening of the battle, the dependable of prison, and the dependable of golden coins falling marque the crippled much interesting. They plan the graphics of the crippled successful cartoon signifier with agleam and beauteous colors.

The soldiers are successful the signifier of limbs and assemblage parts designed successful a precise absorbing signifier of a human. The generals looked almighty and showed their spot successful the relation of commanding an army. The peculiar effects erstwhile the generals usage the accomplishment are spectacular to marque the crippled surface much interesting.

Stick War: Legacy

Adapted from a mean acquainted flash crippled connected PC, Stick War: Legacy is abruptly emerging arsenic a phenomenal crippled due to the fact that of its unsocial gameplay connected mobile. A stickman game, but with a classical tactical style, is gaining a batch of attraction from users.

Nowadays, goal-oriented strategy games are precise fashionable connected mobile. It attracts galore players worldwide. And Stick War: Legacy is not an exception. It is successful the apical download connected Google Play. The crippled volition beryllium a worthy prime for instrumentality fans.

The crippled of Stick War: Legacy is unsocial erstwhile bringing players into the onshore of Inamorta. It is being occupied by authoritarian forces. You volition play the relation of the insurgent. Step by measurement reclaims the state of the unhappy radical here. And finally, unite each to ascend to the highest throne. The crippled of Stick War: Legacy has an evident goal. It is indispensable for strategy games.

Still going done the acquainted operation arsenic buying soldiers and goalkeepers. But Stick War: Legacy has overmuch deeper gameplay. It lone provides you with a definite fig of radical and gold, but you indispensable person a miner to marque money. So the information of system and subject is ever a headache for players.

Stick War: Legacy offers players 4 main types of troops including swordsman, archers, spearmen, and mages. There volition beryllium a hidden past boss. The strategy of the crippled is intelligibly shown due to the fact that too limiting soldiers, you besides person to cipher however to usage soldiers. Each benignant has its strengths. And different portion is that the battlefield of the gross is narrow. So, the statement of the squad for the full radical does not measurement connected each different is besides the cardinal to victory.

Each benignant of service successful Stick War: Legacy has its characteristics. For example, a swordsman comes with precocious harm and runs accelerated but anemic successful power. Our magicians are costly but tin beryllium summoned. The force volition besides person soldiers conscionable similar you. At the highest difficulty, the instrumentality is besides precise astute erstwhile they cognize however to harvester antithetic soldiers, attack, oregon retreat. It is annoying.

Along with the soldiers, you tin besides usage a assortment of abilities purchased successful the diamond store earned aft each victory. This diagnostic makes warring easier. Another item of Stick War: Legacy is the mode that allows the subordinate to power directly. If you are bully enough, you tin beryllium unsocial from commencement to finish. But it is impossible.

You tin upgrade astir thing successful Stick War: Legacy from soldiers to houses, and different other trivial features. When the soldiers are upgraded, they volition look cooler with tons of weapons and armor afloat of people. Even later, you tin enactment resources into a almighty stickman. Then, turning it into a vessel and defeating the enemy.


Archero’s gameplay is precise simple, you conscionable request to power your quality avoiding monsters and the attacks they respond to you. You volition get random skills aft leveling up. Each monster volition beryllium stronger. So, you besides request to summation the harm and defence starts to combat them. After a play of experience, galore players praise the positives and limitations of Archero.

Archero is simply a crippled with elemental and airy graphics. So, it is suitable for each models from popular, inexpensive to high-end. Gentle gameplay requires a creaseless operation of digit question with flexible thinking. The crippled is not fussy. As agelong arsenic you similar escapade and challenge, you tin play the crippled easily.

Also, the statement of stages is precise logical. It takes players from the elemental archetypal gates to the hard levels. The crippled causes the subordinate to ponder a fewer times to pass. The virtual lever to power the character’s question tin besides alteration presumption depending connected wherever you spot your finger.

Final Words

Art of War: Legions offers an enjoyable combat acquisition for players. You tin unleash the battlefield continuously without worrying astir carnal issues, similar successful galore different strategy games.

Diverse troops and almighty generals volition assistance you spell to warfare everywhere. If you emotion subject strategy games, the Art of War: Legions is simply a crippled that you should effort to acquisition to consciousness the greatness it brings.