Badoo MOD APK 5.249.0 (All Unlocked)

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Badoo is an online dating app that was launched successful 2006. Similar to different online dating services, this app focuses connected creating a speedy and straightforward situation for singles to articulation and conscionable each other. According to statistics, determination are astir 60 cardinal progressive users per period and astir 300 1000 caller sign-ups per day. Until 2019, Badoo is disposable crossed 190 countries with 47 languages and attracts supra 410 million, genuinely making this app worldwide.

With the availability of website and app platforms, users tin usage Badoo interchangeably by 1 account. Thanks to the easy-to-use design, everything volition beryllium close astatine your fingertips, and you volition person an relationship successful conscionable 10 minutes. This seems to beryllium the main publication to the precocious fig of installs by youngsters astir the world.

Overall, Badoo Mod Apk is the latest app developed by Badoo corp for IOS and Android. Besides, it is recommended for those who are inactive uncovering their beingness spouse by galore users. So, let’s spot what features Badoo has and however to usage it!

Badoo Sign Up

The signing up process astatine Badoo is not tricky. Firstly, you capable your idiosyncratic accusation successful specified arsenic archetypal name, gender, birthday, city, and what you are opting for (dates, chat, friendship). The app besides requires you to upload your photo, but you tin skip it until the process finishes later. After that, determination is an relationship verify nexus sent to your email.

When you verify your email, you tin statesman to usage Badoo. As you tin spot successful immoderate different dating apps, you person to bash the property trial successful the registration to find matches. But Badoo does not request that accusation truthful that it volition instrumentality you straight to your illustration dashboard.

Keep successful caput that you tin conscionable bask each the advantages of the Badoo relationship erstwhile your email is verified, arsenic it is the archetypal measurement erstwhile signing up. On the different hand, you tin usage your telephone oregon link Badoo with a societal media relationship to corroborate your identity. To spot whether you go a verified subordinate oregon not, determination volition beryllium a bluish checkmark nether your illustration picture.

Badoo allows each idiosyncratic to spot profiles with each different without blurred pictures. Therefore, you mightiness not bash immoderate peculiar tasks, including acquisition coins, play a game, oregon boost your popularity, if you bash not upload astatine slightest a picture. In the verification process, you indispensable instrumentality a photograph of yourself successful the airs that Badoo gives you successful the illustration representation previously. Then, you are permitted to taxable your photograph to the Badoo team, and the impermanent lock-down is removed.

It is evident that the photograph verification process is truthful strict that Badoo tin marque definite information for each members. And successful lawsuit you bash not walk it, you volition beryllium evidently locked retired of this dating app.

Badoo Features


  • Developer: Badoo
  • Category: Social
  • Released: 17th December 2010
  • Updated: 10th August 2020
  • Current Version: 5.203.1
  • Requirements: 5.0

Straightforward Contact Making

Badoo Encounters

The Encounters allows you to hunt for matches easy and quickly. By showing matches 1 by one, you tin spot the user’s indispensable information, including name, age, shared interests, with a illustration representation successful each entry. If you are funny successful that user, you property the bosom icon. By contrast, take the X icon if you bash not similar it. This diagnostic is comparatively akin to the relation of swiping close oregon near successful the Tinder app.

Besides, you tin usage the filter to benignant retired lone girls oregon guys oregon adjacent lucifer the property scope you need. If you are a thorough person, you tin presumption and stock different user’s profiles done the links successful the precocious country of your close hand.

People Nearby

This seems to the superior hunt relation of Badoo arsenic it enables you to look for different members. To minimize your results erstwhile searching, you tin usage the filter specified arsenic location, gender, a region distant from you, oregon adjacent take those who are precocious online. So, it is not conscionable astir uncovering 1 who is adjacent to your spot arsenic you inactive find retired members whose presumption is private.


You bash not person to go premium to usage this relation but uploading your photograph is the information precedent. However, you tin nonstop lone 2 messages to users who person not matched yet. After the counterparts reply to your 2 messages, you tin nonstop much to inquire them for dates.

To not miss immoderate message, you tin acceptable up to get notifications and emails erstwhile you person a caller message. For those who you are particularly funny in, let’s prevention their illustration connected the favourite list. Conversely, you tin artifact members saying inappropriate things truthful that they cannot interaction you later.

Among a batch of dating online app nowadays, messaging is genuinely an indispensable feature. Some radical whitethorn consciousness unregulated oregon unsafe, but is the purpose of utilizing Badoo is to find your aboriginal partner? So, determination is nary crushed wherefore this relation is inconvenient.

Organized and Simple Design

The plan of the Badoo app is precise modern and pleasing to your eyes. To beryllium much specific, you tin rapidly find dates oregon hookups, and different features are besides arranged logically. In this way, looking for friends, flings, oregon chatmates volition beryllium imaginable anytime and anywhere. Besides, the app functionality is user-friendly and intuitive.

Generally, Badoo enactment much effort into the mobile mentation than successful the desktop one. There volition beryllium a assortment of features and things to research successful the app truthful that you tin marque caller friends arsenic galore arsenic imaginable connected the go.

Special Features

Badoo Mod Apk has immoderate unsocial features and games which are truly interesting. However, determination is inactive a shortcoming. It is said that this app lone caters to those who look for hookups oregon casual dates. In different words, astir members based connected quality to take without looking astatine viewpoints, interests, oregon personality.

  • Profile Score: Other users tin complaint your photos. Your illustration becomes much disposable erstwhile you get a higher score.
  • Visits: You tin cheque who viewed your illustration with this feature

Games Feature

  • Gifts: You tin bargain gifts for different members by your credits and usage emojis to pull them arsenic well.
  • Lookalikes: Badoo volition determine who you lookalike similar by utilizing your photo. If you are funny successful a circumstantial member, you usage the lookalikes diagnostic to spot others with the aforesaid characteristics.

Comparison Between Free Services and Fee-Based Services

Let’s spot what the differences betwixt utilizing for the escaped and paying interest erstwhile participating successful Badoo.

Free Version

  • Using hunt filters
  • Basic messaging including messaging premium members
  • Verifying your profile
  • Seeing who has visited your profile
  • Use of ‘Lookalikes’ hunt function

Premium Version

  • Browsing subordinate profiles anonymously
  • Being a featured member
  • Highlighting your messages
  • Viewing who adhd you connected the favorites list
  • Sending Crush alerts
  • Activating stickers
  • Giving gifts
  • Being the archetypal idiosyncratic to chat with caller members

As you tin spot above, the halfway features of Badoo for escaped work is sufficiently advantageous. But you tin bask much merits erstwhile signing up for premium membership. You tin entree thing from premium rank for 1 time oregon a lifetime. Compared to different providers, Badoo’s terms is inactive average.

Credits are considered arsenic Badoo’s in-service currency and are utilized to bargain immoderate perks.

  • Your illustration often turns up successful Encounters
  • Increases your Encounters quota
  • Notify different members erstwhile you are online
  • Increases your chat quota to 5
  • Your photograph is showing up successful the tab of the featured users

Additionally, you tin acceptable up to refill your credits automatically erstwhile they are beneath a definite amount.

General Evaluation


  • There is small spam.
  • Easy relation to find radical nearby.
  • Three-step verification requirements.
  • Extensive and basal work includes chatting, contacting members, and uploading photos.


  • The basics cannot entree illustration information.
  • This app is not fashionable successful North America.

Downloading and Installing Badoo Instruction

It is effortless to download arsenic good arsenic instal the Badoo. Firstly, you download the apk file. Then, you travel to Settings connected your instrumentality and click Security. Afterward, take Unknown Sources earlier moving to the download record folder. Here, you volition spot the apk record and click Install. It mightiness instrumentality a portion to instal this record connected your device, truthful you request to beryllium patient. This is besides the last measurement successful the installing process, which means that you tin freely entree the app erstwhile the process finishes.

FAQs About Badoo

What Can I Do If There Is Someone Violating the Badoo Terms & Conditions?

In this case, you tin straight study violators to the Badoo team. More specifically, you volition capable retired the Feedback leafage by providing examples of maltreatment actions oregon violations that different users did. From that, Badoo has capable grounds to fig retired the problem. Otherwise, you tin travel to the illustration of those users and find the Report Abuse option. Then, you person to benignant a elaborate ailment earlier submitting it.

Can I Unregister My Profile from Badoo?

Yes, you tin unregister yourself from Badoo successful the Settings section. Here, you volition spot Delete Profile and take that one. After clicking, Badoo retains your relationship for astir 30 days. This play allows you to see and reactivate the relationship successful lawsuit of changing your mind. As you tin guess, aft 30 days, your Badoo relationship volition beryllium deleted permanently.

What Is the Function of The Crush Feature connected Badoo?

It is benignant of sending the idiosyncratic you are funny successful a sign. In different words, different users volition cognize however overmuch you similar them. To bash this function, successful Encounters, you click adjacent to his/her photo, and Badoo allows you to nonstop Crushes to a batch of users by utilizing Credits. After sending a crush, the counterparts tin cheque your illustration immediately. Eventually, you retrieve that you tin undo your enactment erstwhile you sent a Crush.

How Can I Know Profiles connected Badoo Are Real?

As mentioned above, determination is simply a bluish checkmark beneath the illustration photograph of each user. You tin consciousness unafraid erstwhile you spot this mark, which confirms that this illustration is verified. Badoo is 1 of the online dating apps that person analyzable photograph verification, but it is inactive apt that fake profiles tin ace the platform. To guarantee the information of pistillate users, you should inquire for a selfie photograph from your chatting partner.

What Is Included successful Badoo Gifts?

Gifts usually are icons bought done credits. They are comparatively akin to the existent gifts. For example, you tin bargain angiosperm stickers, which is equivalent to springiness your counterparts flowers. Honestly, these gifts are utilized to drawback the attraction of different users.

Can I Find Out Someone Likes Me connected The Badoo?

You tin spell to the Liked You folder to spot radical voting. Yes, for you erstwhile they spot you successful Encounters. However, this relation is conscionable disposable for the Premium account.

How Can I Get the Badoo Secret Awards?

You tin get awards by having the astir speech oregon achieving the highest people with your profile. Secret awards are usually hidden arsenic they are idiosyncratic badges each idiosyncratic tin obtain. Therefore, they volition not look until you tin get immoderate achievement.

The Final Sayings

Overall, Badoo Mod APK gets a precise precocious wide people for lawsuit satisfaction, worth for the price, easiness of usage oregon safety, and anti-scam. It is recommended to statesman with a escaped relationship alternatively of jumping into premium rank consecutive away. With galore unsocial features, Badoo is doing truthful good with the utmost efficiency. Although this app seems to beryllium not due for those looking for a beingness partner, it is inactive worthy your clip if you are searching for a casual and amusive relationship.