Bazooka Boy MOD APK 1.8.6 (Unlimited Money)

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Bazooka Boy poster

Blast your mode done enemies and challenges up of you successful a 3D enactment crippled with almighty weapons! Bazooka Boy ne'er lets you down from the archetypal stages. Your occupation is to cod caller guns and maestro their idiosyncratic qualities. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Give it a spell and commencement wiping retired the atrocious guys blocking the mode to win! The crippled fits each Android devices, and with its addictive levels upon levels, you won’t ever get bored.

General information

Getting published by Supersonic Studios Ltd, Bazooka Boy is besides disposable for nonstop downloads from Google Play Store. Throughout the game, you person to walk antithetic levels of superb contented and barriers. These are wherever you brushwood flying foes and fun-looking boys.

Don’t panic! Let’s stroke up the bases and destruct their buildings. More interestingly, the crippled offers you a accidental to beryllium thing you privation – Well, I mean antithetic characters. You’ll emotion that feature, which enables you to adjacent alteration from an assassin into a Batman. Or however astir becoming a vampire for a bloody Halloween holiday. Trust me, it’s uncommon to find a unsocial crippled conscionable similar Bazooka Boy.

It’s worthy referring that Bazooka Boy has much than +̀500,000 installs connected Google Play Store. This concern lone demonstrates that thousands of users successful assorted parts of the satellite take to play the game. Go to download the crippled to your Andriod device, you surely emotion Bazooka Boy for astir parts. Besides, enactment that the crippled is rated 12+ positive mean unit successful the game.

The players person gotten into 400 levels, which is satisfying capable for each escapade lovers. However, you indispensable wage to get escaped of the ads. It mostly costs $3 to region each of them. The remaining contented present is that you inactive support watching ads.

After proceeding to the adjacent level, the players gain much cash, but it becomes useless aft that. In different words, there’s nary wealth unless you ticker the ads. What if the players privation to unlock much peculiar skins? Shall they usage currency to marque that happen? Nope, you request to presumption ads to unlock them all. No doubt, Bazooka Boy is simply a coagulated and amusive crippled everyone would emotion to effort it once.

One happening that makes this crippled overmuch amended than different classical shooting genres is the anticipation of upgrading the weapons oregon adding your favourite armors. After purchasing these, your wealth sometimes piles up. Like Drawmaster, a bow and arrow shooting crippled that demands the gamers to purpose the people and deed the bull’s oculus each level, Bazooka Boy needs you to sprout your mode to the last victory.

Overall assessments

What an entertaining crippled to walk the time, we urge you to crook connected the airplane mode truthful that you tin play it without an ad. But a fewer radical hatred the information that they’re sometimes stuck connected a level since their quality automatically dies erstwhile the level begins and they can’t bash thing astir it astatine all. So it’s benignant of buggy, which has gotten them done immoderate dull moments.

Not lone that, but you besides spot nary peculiar bonus oregon definite vantage to finishing a level with a weaponry and 3 bombs. In this situation, it would beryllium large to person a higher people benignant happening here. It’s existent the caller update fixed a fewer irritating bugs, but present the bunker weaponry becomes invisible. Honestly, Bazooka Boy is simply a bully game, but it inactive owns immoderate issues it needs to repair.

Besides, the in-game levels thin to repetition erstwhile you surpass 100, and immoderate players person already past 800. Other than this, the crippled remains an endless magnitude of fun. Also, it offers gamers a large assortment of limb choices to make. You usually person ad-free challenges erstwhile reaching level 437.

Sadly, 1 oregon 2 players admit that astatine this level, though they sprout the reddish feline with each kinds of guns, it’s intolerable to spell done the level. They adjacent emailed to inquire for assistance but with nary reply. The gamers extremity up waiting and starting implicit the crippled astatine the aforesaid time.


The astir astonishing happening astir the crippled is simply a clump of weapons you tin usage to destruct the foes successful the game. There are grenade, shotgun, Bazooka, Cluster, Burst,  and galore much types of weapons available. Each weapon features superb qualities that are waiting for you to explore.

Come to download Bazooka Boy to enactment your mode done respective levels and acquisition this 3D shooting battle.

As you basal astatine level 70, you tin ain antithetic guns, but erstwhile the crippled begins repeating itself, past you volition spot ads aft passing level 100. At this moment, the players tin lone acquisition guns and aft you’ve got each of them, you won’t person thing other to purchase. Therefore, the shooters person to physique up wealth for further upgrades.

After collecting the instrumentality you want, utilize it to marque your opponents alert portion you’re eliminating their bases and houses. What’s absorbing is that the shooter has endless possibilities and demolition to scope the victory. Many levels are disposable for you to complete, truthful instrumentality the clip to acquisition them all.

Sure enough, Bazooka Boy is simply a worth-to-try situation game, and you would emotion to effort each country the crippled offers. It doesn’t conscionable dwell of outstanding physics but besides the realistic detonation effects that marque each level the astir unsocial among different games of the aforesaid genre.

In sum, Bazooka Boy delivers a bully mode to “kill” astatine times, particularly erstwhile you get to travel crossed the small figures that look funny. Everything looks large but erstwhile you halt astatine level 437, the crippled glitches and won’t fto you determination forwards. The crippled educates you to get the close limb for each mission. Despite immoderate repeats, it’s inactive fun.


The Android crippled brings good-looking graphics to each subordinate from the beginning. Not to notation the flashy detonation effects, Bazooka Boy owns the astonishing physics making each level much peculiar than ever.

This strategy crippled is much of a clip passer! It looks elemental capable for anybody but don’t underestimate it. Based connected which limb you take to use, it helps your strategy a lot. Foes volition dice from the detonation and illness of antithetic buildings. Only palmy actions connected the battlefield alteration you to get caller grenade launchers, clothes,  and accessories.

Playing it gives you accent alleviation and lets you walk the clip comfortably. It volition beryllium amended if much features and challenges are added to the game. To marque it nicer, a Pro mentation of the crippled should beryllium made wherever you wage $6 to usage the household sharing feature.

Final words

Bazooka Boy is a badass explosive enactment crippled you tin play connected your smartphone. Not lone having puzzle elements, but the crippled itself besides allows the main characters to termination enemies with the bazooka and galore different weapons.

For hundreds of levels, you indispensable destruct each of the reddish guys by shooting them up and destroying their bases. New bug fixes, improvements, and adjacent spooky skins are disposable each successful the caller version. Waste nary clip but springiness it a spell now!