BitLife – Life Simulator (MOD, Bitizenship/God Mode)

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BitLife – Life Simulator (MOD APK, Bitizenship/God Mode) is simply a beingness simulator with interactive choices for players to physique a beingness from young to aged successful galore antithetic directions.

Live the beingness you privation with BitLife – Life Simulator. There are times erstwhile you privation to unrecorded otherwise from your existent beingness but person not dared to try. Don’t worry; you tin acquisition it for yourself to spot however the beingness you’ve ever dreamed of truly is. BitLife is simply a unsocial simulation game, helping you to person authentic experiences of beingness that you person ne'er had the accidental to touch.


It is truly what makes the occurrence of BitLife – Life Simulator. At the commencement of the game, you volition beryllium fixed a prime of “A Random Life” oregon “A Specific Life.” Accordingly, you tin take the state you were calved in, household status, gender,… Those choices will, of course, importantly impact your future. For example, if you were calved successful the US, it volition beryllium precise antithetic successful Vietnam, from civilization to economical issues, work, marriage…

Decisions successful each property impact the future. When you were young, you decided to survey hard, work a batch of books; then, erstwhile you turn up, you volition person the accidental to find a occupation with a higher income. Or radical who spell to the gym volition person overmuch amended wellness than those who take a leisurely life. Of course, determination volition beryllium unexpected luck oregon disaster, which you can’t hole for, but it won’t beryllium much.


In BitLife – Life Simulator, you person the close to take immoderate profession, from a concern person, bureau worker, artist, farmer, … oregon adjacent a cause addict, a wanted criminal. Depending connected each person’s wishes, each are worthy of the experience. But the constituent present is that you person to effort for the occupation you choose. For example, arsenic a singer, you person to walk clip learning vocals; arsenic an entrepreneur, you person to cognize however to invest,… No substance what your household concern is, occurrence indispensable truly beryllium built by you.

But don’t interest excessively overmuch astir this, due to the fact that you person the close to unrecorded galore antithetic lives. Your fig of lives is unlimited. So if you’re truly stuck, take a caller quality and commencement over. However, effort to beryllium the astir liable for the quality you make and bring it to the extremity of your beingness to trial past choices. That truly helps you a batch successful your existent life.


You volition unrecorded beingness from commencement to death. You volition besides eat, live, study, play sports, get married, work, and adjacent die. So your prime of beingness is besides assessed done evident criteria of happiness, carnal health, intelligence health, economy, and appearance. Use these 5 indicators to modulate your life.

Whatever your job, beryllium definite to equilibrium these 5 metrics. For example, if you walk excessively overmuch clip astatine work, the economical scale volition beryllium high, but the wellness scale volition beryllium evil. This leads to a bid of diseases that volition come; you volition adjacent dice astatine a precise young age. Or if you absorption excessively overmuch connected quality but neglect making money, your beingness volition beryllium tough; poorness volition come, household beingness volition beryllium successful trouble. Eventually, your quality volition look highly bad.


Good luck oregon atrocious luck volition travel to you astatine immoderate clip that you cannot anticipate. It sometimes makes your character’s beingness alteration faster than the mode your ex turned around. Just imagine, erstwhile you spent your full younker studying and trying, astatine the opening of success, an incurable illness came, and you died inexplicably. It’s truly ridiculous, but that’s portion of the beingness that BitLife – Life Simulator wants to convey to you.


It’s an absorbing item and appeals to galore players. With that said, you tin perfectly take a beingness of indulgence. You person the close to find a person successful your teens, adjacent further if you tin spend to seduce them. If you don’t person capable knowledge, you tin go a genitor close astatine schoolhouse age. One-night stands, cause use, oregon gambling… are each things you tin enactment successful if it’s ineligible successful your country.


Although it is simply a game, BitLife – Life Simulator volition bring you galore experiences and invaluable lessons. You tin analyse the decisions you marque erstwhile you’re young and spot however it affects your future. Or effort to acquisition immoderate assemblage (Entrepreneur, teacher, singer, … ), spell done its difficulties and achievements, to spot if you are truly suitable. Of course, not each are existent to reality, but it volition undoubtedly assistance you a batch successful your life.