BitTorrent MOD APK 6.6.6 (PRO Unlocked)

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For those of you who person been utilizing uTorrent to download files connected the Internet, acknowledgment to its simplicity and functionality, past you would surely bask the akin features connected BitTorrent Pro with a fewer large upgrades that marque it a batch much interesting. Simply download each your online files utilizing accepted Torrent files oregon the utile magnet links portion enabling galore idiosyncratic settings that marque your download experiences rather enjoyable.

Feel escaped to download each the important files and folders straight onto your mobile devices without having to enactment with your computer, acknowledgment to the fully-featured mobile mentation of BitTorrent. Use it to entree the monolithic planetary room of Torrent content, research the antithetic features that assistance amended your download speeds, and marque usage of the convenient settings to set its performance. All of which volition beryllium disposable successful this astonishing mobile app of BitTorrent.

Find retired much astir the utile torrent app and each of its features with our broad reviews.

What does it do?

Here successful BitTorrent Pro, Android users volition person entree to the fully-featured torrent downloader connected their mobile device, which allows them to skip the mediate measurement of getting the files from the computer. Instead, you conscionable request to supply the unchangeable transportation and a due Torrent download to fto the app bash the remainder of your work.

Have amusive enjoying the premium mentation of the classical BitTorrent with galore precocious features that let you to marque the astir of it. With a cleanable interface and galore accessible features, BitTorrent Pro allows each users to rapidly enactment connected their downloads. And the antithetic download options with personalized settings volition marque definite that you tin easy acceptable up your downloads.

The utile vigor saver diagnostic volition marque definite that your artillery is scarcely reduced portion having the app moving successful the background. Plus, the automated shutdown and continued download settings volition marque definite that you don’t person to walk excessively overmuch clip with the app. And the database goes on.


For those of you who are funny successful the awesome mobile exertion of BitTorrent, you volition request to wage the archetypal interest to download the premium app. But erstwhile you’re successful it, determination won’t beryllium immoderate further purchases and you’re escaped to marque the astir of it.

Also, similar other Android apps, BitTorrent volition necessitate definite entree permissions from your mobile devices to alteration its implicit features. So marque definite to see them decently upon entering the app for the archetypal time.

And don’t hide to upgrade your mobile devices to the latest firmware versions to guarantee the stableness and compatibility of the app with your system. And successful this case, your devices indispensable beryllium moving Android 5.0 oregon above.

Awesome features

Here are each the breathtaking features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive and beauteous app UI

To commencement with, Android users successful BitTorrent tin comfortably bask the intuitive and beauteous interface successful BitTorrent, which volition let you to easy entree its features and enactment with them. The cleanable designs marque it ace casual for you to navigate successful the app and show the download operations. Plus, you tin ever take to enactment with the utile Dark Mode, which helps removing the intensive colors portion inactive maintaining the visibility of the app.

BitTorrent Pro surface  4

Protect your mobile information with the Wifi-only setting

And to marque definite that you won’t accidentally download dense online files from the Internet utilizing your constricted mobile information plan, BitTorrent volition ever supply the Wi-Fi Only mode for you to enactment with. Here, you tin take to get reminders whenever you’re downloading from your mobile information and lone person the app proceed downloading erstwhile you’re backmost to your Wi-Fi network. This diagnostic volition surely travel successful useful for the forgetful minds.

Enjoy downloading files with nary limits

Also, to marque definite that you tin download each your files onto the mobile devices, BitTorrent offers the limitless bandwidths, for some download and upload operations. This volition let you to person the files disposable arsenic soon arsenic possible. Or you tin besides marque definite bandwidth settings to marque definite that the operations won’t devour excessively overmuch of your full Internet bandwidth.

Built-in libraries and players for your media

With the built-in libraries of media successful BitTorrent, Android users tin easy look for their downloaded euphony and videos without immoderate troubles. And astatine the aforesaid time, you tin besides marque uses of the built-in media players successful the app to play euphony oregon videos from your downloads. This besides applied to files that weren’t downloaded utilizing BitTorrent. Not to notation that you tin present bask your euphony and video portion they’re being downloaded, utilizing the integrated streaming options and the built-in player. Thus, making BitTorrent Pro exceptionally bully for media users.

Useful archetypal settings for your download

Here successful BitTorrent Pro, Android users are allowed to enactment with galore utile archetypal settings earlier downloading their files. Thus, making it ace casual for them to decently acceptable up their operations and downloaded files. Start by selecting whichever files connected the torrent folders that you privation to see into your downloaded package. This volition let you to lone download the important files without having to get the full folder, which would instrumentality up much retention abstraction and origin you much time. And you tin easy prime the prevention locations for your antithetic files and folders to rapidly signifier them.

Work with each torrent options

BitTorrent Pro allows Android users to easy download their torrent utilizing some torrents and magnet links. As a result, you tin easy prime whichever methods that’re existent disposable for your files and easy person them downloaded.

Useful delete settings

When it comes to deleting files, your torrents tin beryllium a small trickier than regular files. But each the antithetic options volition inactive beryllium disposable successful BitTorrent Pro truthful you tin marque the astir of its features. Here, Android users tin take to delete torrents online oregon get escaped of some the files and the torrent. Choose whichever 1 that matches your definite preferences.

Work successful antithetic languages

For those of you who are interested, you tin present bask the awesome mobile exertion of BitTorrent successful antithetic connection options. Here, speech from the default English, the app tin beryllium featured successful Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and more. Thus, allowing you to bask its features to the fullest.

Enjoy the optimized torrent connections

And to marque definite that you tin bask your speedy and businesslike torrent downloads successful BitTorrent, the app itself volition travel with galore optimized features for you to enactment with. Start by exploring the precocious halfway torrenting technology, which continuously works to amended your torrent engine. By including the Canonical Peer Priority and optimized magnet nexus handling, you tin bask amended show and stableness wrong the awesome mobile app.

Prevent artillery drainages and guarantee download completions

If you are truthful acrophobic astir your artillery beingness with BitTorrent perpetually moving successful the background, past the featured Battery Saver mode volition surely impressment galore Android users with its application. Now, Android users tin support their devices from artillery depletions portion inactive having the app moving connected its inheritance downloads. Plus, the Auto-Shutdown diagnostic volition fto you crook disconnected the exertion whenever your torrents decorativeness oregon aft a definite magnitude of time. Thus, allowing you to conveniently negociate your downloads and support the battery.

Enjoy the escaped and unlocked app with our mod

For those of you who are funny successful the awesome mobile exertion of BitTorrent, you tin present bask the free and unlocked version of the app connected our website. Here, the app offers each of its astonishing features for Android users to bask without having to wage for the premium download. All you request is to prime up the BitTorrent Pro APK connected our website, travel the fixed instructions, and commencement making uses of the fully-featured torrent app.


Still dwell ads contempt the paid purchases

While we’re astir assured that you’ll find BitTorrent highly usable and convenient for torrent downloading, the information that it does travel with ads is inactive rather bothersome, particularly erstwhile you’ve paid the premium price. So unless you’re going with our modded app, your in-app experiences volition apt beryllium disrupted by these unnecessary ads.

Final verdicts

With elemental and intuitive features, BitTorrent volition let Android users to rapidly alteration their torrent downloads. And acknowledgment to the optimized halfway motor and protocols, the app volition guarantee the champion download velocity and in-app experiences for each users. Plus, you tin present get escaped of the premium prices and annoying ads with our modified mentation of the app. Thus, giving you adjacent amended reasons to bask it.