Blade X Lord MOD APK 3.0.0 (DMG/Defense Multiple)

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The Android level and smartphones, successful general, look similar a large spot for crippled developers. With tons of progressive users and susceptible hardware, you tin already spot however overmuch crippled being introduced to the system. However, not each games are the same. In fact, you tin sometimes brushwood crappy games that volition lone discarded your time.

Which is wherefore it’s important that you tin person entree to the champion games for your Android devices. And we’ll effort our champion to supply you with those games. In this post, fans of the accepted JRPG games would decidedly find themselves satisfied with the newest rubric from the celebrated ApplibotBlade X Lord.

The crippled is considered a brainchild of Hayakashi Hisatoshi, who is besides the enforcement shaper for Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and Brave Frontier. Hence, you tin expect greatness from his adjacent game. Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled with our reviews.


The crippled is acceptable successful a fictional satellite of Hyperreios, besides known arsenic the satellite wherever each stars end. With small hope, the radical of Hyperreios tin lone unrecorded successful highly harsh conditions. Outside the warfare betwixt the godly forces of acheronian and airy has breached retired since the statesman of time, leaving lone decease and devastation to the people.

Knowing this, the warring gods were ashamed and marque a halt to their war. They past seal their powers into swords and formed them down to the quality world. Thus, opening a caller epoch for the radical of Hyperreios. Major exertion and economical advancements person made the lives of the radical truthful overmuch better.

But that’s conscionable the extremity of the iceberg arsenic underneath that beauteous and peaceful world, evil conspirators are secretly searching for the legendary swords. With the swords, they judge that they could person the powers of gods and assertion their rules implicit the escaped people.

Having said that, successful Blade X Lord, you’ll beryllium playing arsenic a leader who’s connected his travel to look for the godly swords. Make definite you get your hands connected them earlier the evils do, who knows what they could perchance bash with them.

Rumors person said that determination are hidden secrets that prevarication successful respective locations each implicit the worlds. Make your ways to the Randers, Cave of Wardoff, Sea of Shilen, Crystal Palace, and much places to observe the secrets astir them. Maybe you tin go the proprietor of the almighty swords?


The crippled feels similar the accepted JRPG games with each of its desired features and more. You’ll person a monolithic satellite to discover, an in-depth storyline which involves tons of different characters’ stories, varied quality developments, and a batch of different discoverable elements. Here are immoderate of the champion features successful Blade X Lord that you’ll decidedly like:

A captivating crippled with heart-warming stories

The crippled isn’t going to archer a azygous communicative of immoderate quality successful the game, successful fact, it combines each of their stories and tells america the communicative of the radical of Hyperreios. Here you’ll person your chances to acquisition epic stories with thrilling actions, hatred vengeance, indescribable joys, and also, touching moments that would marque you cry. Experience each of these emotions arsenic you genuinely go 1 with the radical successful this world.

Different characters with varied improvement paths

Here successful Blade X Lord, you’ll not beryllium playing arsenic an individual, instead, your travel volition person tons of companions. As you question done the lands of Hyperreios, you’ll brushwood caller friends and person them arsenic your caller companions. Each subordinate successful your squad possesses a antithetic acceptable of skills, which results successful their antithetic roles during battles. You tin take to absorption connected definite characters successful your squad and level up their skills truthful that they’ll go much susceptible during battles. Switch betwixt antithetic squad compositions and determine connected your own, what is the champion matchup?

Equip your characters with the champion items

Apart from their skills points which they tin person from simply leveling up, your characters tin besides go much almighty by having amended equipment. That being said, if you’re reasoning of forming the champion squad composition, it’s important to springiness your members almighty instrumentality that could assistance them with their battles.

Release almighty spells to the enemies

Here successful Blade X Lord, isolated from the passive skills, players are besides allowed to merchandise almighty spells to the enemies and causing mayhem to their formation. Make bully uses of your devastating skills and present decisive blows to the enemies.

Fight against elephantine monsters

To marque the crippled adjacent much satisfying, gamers volition person their chances to spell against immoderate of the toughest bosses with elephantine wellness bars. Take them down on with the assistance of your teammates successful epic battles.

Simple and convenient controls

The crippled features a elemental and convenient power strategy which allows gamers to rapidly marque their decisions portion they’re staying successful combats. In addition, successful the main map, you are besides escaped to bash everything you privation conscionable by elemental motion commands.

Visual and dependable quality


This is 1 of those games that tin earnestly marque you spell awe erstwhile you archetypal spot it. The unthinkable graphics marque the crippled highly charismatic to each instrumentality of the accepted JRPG games.

In addition, the quality designs, the monsters, skills and spells effects, each are cautiously done, allowing you to acquisition the astir immersive gameplay ever.


Peaceful euphony tracks would let you to bask passim your travel successful Blade X Lord. In addition, close dependable effects would besides marque you consciousness similar you’re genuinely caught into the battles.

Download Blade X Lord latest 3.0.0 Android APK

The crippled is undoubtedly 1 of the best RPG crippled for Android devices. Don’t hesitate to download and instal it whenever you’re ready.