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The champion of tower-defense games has returned with its latest installment, the Bloons TD 5. Join the adorable monkeys successful their conflict against the invading evil Bloons. Make definite you prime and conception the operation wisely to antagonistic each onslaught from the Bloons. Find retired each astir the crippled with our review.


The crippled takes america to the fictional lands of Bloons TD wherever you’ll beryllium playing arsenic a radical of monkeys who’re trying to support their location from the disturbing Bloon creatures. There volition beryllium antithetic types of towers that you tin conception to repel the attacking Bloons.

After each of your mission, you’ll beryllium reward with invaluable prizes that tin beryllium utilized to upgrade your towers and enlistee a caller subordinate to your group. Do your champion to assistance the mediocre wealth support their homes.

Bloons TD 5


3 antithetic crippled modes

The crippled features 3 antithetic crippled modes which you tin power each erstwhile successful a portion to guarantee a refreshing experience. Go connected the accepted crippled mode to trial your skills, oregon effort the endless mode to spot however acold you tin go. On the different hand, you tin effort the clip onslaught mode to spot however speedy your reflexes are.

Varied difficulties

The modular trouble of the crippled is acceptable to mean truthful that it is suitable for astir players. However, if you deliberation it’s excessively hard playing astatine this level, you tin driblet down the difficulties to the Easy level which volition beryllium overmuch much simple. On apical of that, if you’re an experienced Bloon TD subordinate and privation to trial your skills successful much hard gameplay, you tin effort to measurement up your crippled to the Hard difficulty.

21 almighty towers with their ain unsocial powers

To assistance players customize their operation setups, the crippled provides up to 21 antithetic towers with their unsocial powers with each of them being effectual against definite enemies. Hence, depending connected the tracks and the types of Bloons that you’ll beryllium dealing with, you tin make a tenable setup earlier starting the game.

Bloons TD 5

Two upgrade path

On apical of that, each operation has 2 antithetic upgrade way which is simply a amended firing velocity and a amended health. Depending connected the types of monsters that you’re dealing with, you tin take to upgrade definite way first. In additions, you tin take to summation the magnitude of your starting wealth which allows you to conception much towers astatine the opening of the game.

Over 50 playable tracks

With implicit 50 playable tracks, you volition ne'er find the crippled boring. As with each unlocked track, you’ll person entree to antithetic play styles that marque the crippled highly exciting. Moreover, upon completing each track, you’ll besides unlock the escaped play mode aft each track. You tin take to process to the adjacent way oregon walk clip determination to cod invaluable items.

Support multiplayer

The crippled besides features an breathtaking multiplayer mode which allows for 2 players to articulation successful a co-op Bloon TD battle. You’ll request to enactment good with your teammates to summation the last triumph and support your precious monkey.

Bloons TD 5

Family theme

In additions, with a family-friendly theme, the crippled is disposable for children of each ages. Hence, it would beryllium a bully thought to walk clip playing with your household members. It would beryllium truthful overmuch amusive than conscionable playing the crippled alone.

Useful agents

During your journey, you tin take to acquisition utile agents to assistance you successful your battles. They’ll supply highly adjuvant boosts to marque your missions a batch easier. There are presently 10 antithetic agents disposable successful the game, each with their ain powerfulness and specialty.

Complete peculiar missions to summation invaluable prizes

And if you privation to summation entree to invaluable prizes, the crippled besides introduces their ain 10 peculiar missions which is, of course, truly difficult. However, erstwhile you’ve finished them, the prizes volition beryllium worthy each your efforts.

Over 250 missions

Aside from the peculiar missions, determination are besides much than 250 mean missions for you to bask successful Bloons TD. And though the prizes are not comparable to the peculiar ones, they’re inactive comparatively valuable, particularly erstwhile you archetypal commencement playing. In additions, if you marque it to the last ones, the prizes tin beryllium highly rewarding.

Bloons TD 5

New monsters

Aside from the aged monsters that appeared successful the aged games successful the series, the developer has besides introduced caller ones to their latest installment. You’ll person to woody with the tougher and much resilient foes of Camos, Regrower Bloons, and ZOMG. However, with caller and upgradable weapons, you’ll surely beryllium capable to decision them.

Completely free

Despite its breathtaking features, the crippled is presently listed arsenic a paid mentation connected Google Play, which means that not each Android users are susceptible of purchasing it. However, since you’ve already a large instrumentality of the franchise, it would beryllium a shame if we don’t supply you a escaped mentation of the game.

All you request to bash is entree our website and look for the Btd5 mod apk. Then download and instal the record connected your Android devices to commencement playing.

With our Bloons TD 5 mod version, you tin person entree to each the unlockable features successful a purchased game. On apical of that, we’ve already filled your coffer with limitless currency for purchasing and upgrading items. Please enjoy!

Bloons TD 5


As mentioned before, though this is simply a warring game, it inactive has comparatively affable gameplay. The explosions and collisions are featured with a cartoony creation style, making this a children-friendly title. Hence you and your household tin bask the crippled successful the multiplayer mode.

The monkey looks adorable and lively, it’s similar they’re existent monkeys. We adjacent spot them doing monkey worldly similar scratch each other’s back, eating bananas, doing goofy things, and truthful on.

In additions, acknowledgment to the elemental graphics, the crippled tin beryllium played connected immoderate Android instrumentality with aged hardware. Hence, everyone tin play it.


Aside from the realistic dependable effects from the monkey, the Bloons, and the fighting, the developer besides added beauteous and peaceful soundtracks pursuing the in-game progress. The euphony is highly soothing and would beryllium a bully mode to support your children occupied with peaceful thoughts. As for adults, you tin ever bask relaxing and amusive gameplay with Bloons TD 5.

Final thoughts

From each the awesome features and gameplay that it has to offer, Bloons TD 5 is undoubtedly 1 of the champion Tower-Defense crippled retired there. Make definite you person it installed connected your Android devices to person prime clip wherever ever you go.

Download Bloons TD 5 Mod latest 3.34 Android APK

Any Android devices that usage Android 2.3.3 and up are capable to download and instal this game. You tin commencement by going to and look for the keyword “Bloons TD 5 APK” successful the games category.