Bloons TD Battles 6.13.1 (MOD Unlimited Everything)

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Bloons TD Battles

Welcome to the satellite of the evil Bloons creatures, present you’ll beryllium playing arsenic a radical of monkeys who’re trying to support their location from the invading balloon monsters (or Bloons arsenic they are often referred). Get yourself immerse successful the astir breathtaking tower-defense games with intuitive power and addictive control. Find retired each astir the crippled successful our review.

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Bloons TD Battles


The crippled features comparatively caller gameplay which consists of head-to-head battles betwixt Bloons players. Aside from playing against the invading Bloons, you tin besides articulation others successful a 1 connected 1 conflict to spot who’s the amended player.

Build your monkey squad to rival others successful the satellite of Bloons TD Battles, vie with each different successful battles and tournaments to spot who has the champion skills.


Bloons TD Battles is designed for some online and section multiplayer. Like the erstwhile version, determination volition beryllium a batch of antithetic tracks for you to enjoy. In additions, you’ll person entree to almighty upgrades to boost your team’s powerfulness for aboriginal battles against different players. Here are the awesome features that would decidedly involvement you.

Unique head-to-head battles

With comparatively caller gameplay wherever players tin spell head-to-head against each different alternatively of pursuing the accepted crippled modes wherever you tin lone combat against the programmed Bloons. With Bloons TD Battles, players tin bask thrilling and intensive matches with existent people, this makes the games overmuch much exciting.

Bloons TD Battles

Online multiplayer

You tin trial your skills with players from each implicit the satellite successful antithetic crippled modes. Give it each you’ve got to spot who’s a amended Bloons destroyer. All you request is simply a unchangeable net transportation and an Android instrumentality to beryllium capable to spell against the champion Bloons players from each implicit the world

New conflict tracks

The crippled features up to 27 customizable tracks for head-to-head battles. Each has its ain elements of advantages and difficulties, marque definite you prime your towers wisely to summation the precocious hand. On apical of that, you besides request to negociate your money effectual during the lucifer to guarantee your last victory.

Powerful monkey towers with peculiar powers

Like the different Bloons games, you’ll besides person entree to antithetic towers, each with their ain unsocial powers and specialties. During an online match, it’s captious to person a decent postulation of antithetic towers. This would springiness you a large vantage against your enemies, allowing for a decisive last victory. Hence, marque definite you tin antagonistic your opponent’s Bloons with the close towers. In additions, the in-game towers are besides upgradable with 8 antithetic powerfulness upgrades. It would beryllium a bully thought to powerfulness up your operation earlier going successful an online battle.

Bloons TD Battles

Exciting crippled modes

In Bloons TD Battles, determination are 4 antithetic crippled modes for players to enjoy. The astir fashionable mode is astir apt the Assault Mode wherever you volition bid your beardown armies of Bloons to onslaught other’s base. But if you’re a dependable Bloons player, the Defensive Mode would beryllium much suitable for you, arsenic each you request to bash is negociate a beardown defence that could repel immoderate Bloons onslaught from different players.

And if you’re up to thing riskier, you tin effort connected the Battle Arena Mode wherever players spell against each different successful an all-out bet. Put each your hard-earn medallions connected the array unneurotic with your opponent’s to spot who is the last winner.

In additions, successful this game, you’ll besides person entree to the caller Card Battles Mode wherever you’ll beryllium playing operation and Bloons cards to triumph against different players.

New monkey operation boost

Aside from the aged operation boosts that look successful the erstwhile mentation of the game, successful Bloons TD Battles, the developers person added galore caller monkey operation boosts. These boosts tin person important effects connected the playfield, hence, they tin beryllium the decisive factors successful giving you the victory.

Bloons TD Battles

Awesome Bloons upgrades

Aside from the mean operation upgrades, players besides person entree to Bloons upgrades which let them to powerfulness up their Bloons minions. Hence, they tin person a amended accidental of capturing their enemy’s bases successful the Assault Mode.

Private customized matches with friends

And if you’re bushed of playing with players whose faces you don’t know, you tin acceptable up backstage matches to trial your skills with your friends. By connecting to your Facebook account, you tin ever inquire your friends to articulation you successful an breathtaking head-to-head Bloons battle.

Rewarding achievements

Completing missions and warring online opponents aren’t the lone ways to get yourself invaluable loots, you tin besides implicit challenges to gain yourself awesome achievements that tin greatly heighten your squad’s power.

Bloons TD Battles

Give your Bloons your ain signature symbol

And to amusement your power, you tin adhd your ain signature awesome to each and each of your Bloons. Upon finishing the game, your Bloons would amusement up their triumph marks arsenic a motion of superiority against your opponents.

Completely free

One of the champion things astir the crippled is that it is wholly escaped to play. You tin easy find the crippled successful the Google Play Store and instal it with nary charges astatine all. Although the crippled contains immoderate in-app purchases, you tin inactive marque up to them by spending much clip doing quests and challenges each day.

Exciting mods

But if you’re looking for much accessible gameplay, you tin effort downloading our Bloons TD battles mode APK connected our website and instal it connected your Android devices. It’s wholly escaped arsenic good arsenic supply you an unlimited magnitude of wealth to spend. Hence, you tin rapidly stitchery up the almighty upgrades for your head-to-head battles.


The crippled features the affable creation benignant of a Bloons crippled which is family-friendly. Hence, you tin bask the endless Bloons battles with your children successful a household night. In additions, the graphic is besides light, making the crippled highly accessible adjacent for an aged Android device. You’ll seldom announcement immoderate lags and the transitions betwixt antithetic scenes are highly smooth.


Bloons TD Battles diagnostic awesome soundtracks that acceptable perfectly with the in-game actions. You tin truly consciousness the tempo of your crippled conscionable by listening to the music. On the different hand, the dependable effects are besides top-notch with realistic detonation and monkey screams.

Final thoughts

With unthinkable gameplay and an breathtaking online multiplayer, you’ll surely person a bully clip playing the game.

Download Bloons TD Battles MOD latest 6.13.1 Android APK

Any Android devices that usage Android 4.0.3 and up are capable to download and instal this game. You tin commencement by going to and look for the keyword “Bloons TD Battles Mod APK” successful the games category.