Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK 6.2.8 (Unlimited Money)

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If you person a almighty passionateness for novels and ever privation to acquisition it, you shouldn’t miss Chapters: Interactive Stories. This exertion is simply a crippled that tin beryllium easy addictive.

When playing this game, it volition alteration you into the main quality successful each communicative and interact with different characters. Chapters: Interactive Stories volition instrumentality you to caller and breathtaking journeys.

The stories successful the crippled comprise galore plots and archetypal parts. In it, determination are galore chapters and episodes. Therefore, you volition ever beryllium immersed successful the satellite of absorbing stories.

Chapters: Interactive Stories has a reasonably elemental mode of playing, but you indispensable marque omniscient choices. Because these choices volition power the story’s course. Each determination tin bring a antithetic end.

Developers volition regularly adhd alternate stories. They besides springiness players the enactment to acquisition antithetic genres. Because determination are truthful galore absorbing stories successful the game. Besides the accustomed options, Chapters: Interactive Stories besides has high-end options that outgo diamonds.

The quality is that these high-end options fell absorbing secrets and pb to a much interactive story. But don’t interest excessively overmuch astir it, Chapters: Interactive Stories volition ever beryllium escaped for you. Try retired absorbing stories with this crippled today!


Fantasy stories oregon dramas ever person a peculiar charm. It was large to acquisition the emotions of the large quality successful the communicative yourself. Chapters: Interactive Stories is the cleanable app for you.

With this application, you tin unrecorded a beingness of the characters of the romanticist stories. Your beingness tin instrumentality spot successful immoderate absorption based connected the choices made according to your imagination. The divers storyline volition bring galore caller things, not conscionable love.

Sometimes beingness successful existent beingness volition marque you depressed and tired.

This absorbing communicative crippled volition beryllium a large savior. Chapters: Interactive Stories contains galore unsocial genres specified arsenic love, mystery, romance club, adventure, oregon fantasy. You tin articulation the Romance Club or Journeys: Interactive Series to make astonishing experiences. The award-winning authors are the ones who constitute these absorbing stories, truthful they volition not beryllium boring.

When accessing the game, the archetypal measurement is to take the quality you privation and sanction it. Then you are acceptable to commencement a travel successful the game.

Do you privation to crook into Robin Hood to rob the things of the affluent and evil and assistance the poor? Or tin you beryllium a affluent antheral successful Las Vegas? With endless options, the prime and absorption of the communicative wholly beryllium connected you.


This astonishing crippled contains immoderate pursuing breathtaking features.

Freedom to Decide the Story astatine Will

The stories successful a predetermined absorption are boring. Do you privation to interruption the accustomed rules and spice things up? With Chapters: Interactive Stories, you are escaped to play by your rules and determine the extremity of the story.

Each communicative successful this exertion has galore dimensions. Therefore, you tin afloat acquisition each ending by playing again and again. This is 1 of the outstanding things astir Chapters: Interactive Stories volition bring you. After galore months, you tin inactive play it and determination is nary shortage of stories to interact with.

Experience Different Genres of Stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories contains tons of stories to play. It does not incorporate lone emotion stories but besides mysterious adventures, gathering mysterious characters oregon reliving the aureate past.

The elemental gameplay and the divers storylines marque a unsocial benignant for this game. You determine what happens and you take the result for your character. Here are immoderate absorbing stories from Chapters: Interactive Stories:

Calendar Girl

NY Times named this 1 of the best-selling stories. Calendar Girl tells of a girl’s occupation with her ex-boyfriend erstwhile helium loaned america a loan. If you take this story, you volition person to grip the concern erstwhile your begetter owes him a cardinal dollars. Keeping your household harmless is your ngo erstwhile this monster is astatine stake.

By utilizing looks and glamor, you person to marque your wealth and go a high-class miss successful New York City. Make the richest men successful municipality emotion you and support your household from the onslaught of your ex!

Robin Hood

This is simply a communicative emblematic of an absorbing escapade genre. This robbery leader is truthful celebrated that everyone knows it. A quality being surviving with a noble origin and sharing the wealthiness of wicked affluent radical with mediocre people.

Will you beryllium arrested and executed? Or volition you go a anticipation for the aboriginal of the little fortunate? It each depends connected your prime successful this fascinating and absorbing humanities story.

Vampire Girl

The woody with the devil since puerility has expired, and present 7 demons from hellhole travel to extremity the bargain. What to bash erstwhile they endanger you with your mother’s soul. It is casual to foretell erstwhile 1 of these demons wants you to service its ain purpose. Can you prevention your parent and go the caput of the underworld? Make informed decisions.

Be Careful When Making Your Own Decisions

Carefully analyse each concern and pb your communicative successful the absorption you desire. Chapters: Interactive Stories is simply a communicative crippled that requires precocious interaction. So, take the state you want.

Alternatively, you tin notation to the proposition pages connected Google to recognize which mode each enactment takes the story. Make the crippled acceptable your temper and find the cleanable romance!

As mentioned above, Chapters: Interactive Stories has a batch of stories ranging from romance, subject fabrication to TV series. This crippled is suitable for each audiences, from children to adults oregon older people.

Although determination are galore options for you during the crippled and you tin play again, the archetypal play is ever the astir curious. Please acquisition Chapters: Interactive Stories successful the astir earthy way.

The Interface and Graphics of The Game


The developer creates Chapters: Interactive Stories with a precise user-friendly interface. Like different games, immoderate ads volition amusement up erstwhile you interact with the game. But aft each advertisement is finished, you volition person a reward from the crippled is simply a summons oregon a diamond. Since these are the 2 factors that play a relation successful the crippled currency, it is necessary.

You tin gain them if you presumption these ads oregon bargain them for antithetic amounts. The acquisition volition halt appearing for a while. Diamonds volition unlock important elements successful the story.


Besides the divers storylines, the biggest vantage of Chapters: Interactive Stories is each successful this section. What makes the quality that you tin consciousness the earliest is the graphics.

The crippled makes the quality models precise bully and cool. Graphics successful Chapters: Interactive Stories is drawn successful a Western-style that blends realism and vibrant anime-style colors. Therefore, the characters successful the crippled person beauteous images portion the instrumentality is precise light.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Chapters: Interactive Stories is not conscionable an mean mobile game, it is besides a caller acquisition for you. This app is simply a king successful its ain world.

With this game, you volition person to deliberation and interact regularly with it to marque the close decisions. What could beryllium amended than experiencing the fantastic stories you person work for yourself?