Clone Armies 9.0.6 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money)

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Clone your soldiers and deploy them to battlefield, 1 by one, earlier building a full army!

How is Clone Armies different? 🔥 Because decease of your troops is simply the beginning. When you spawn again arsenic a caller soldier, the erstwhile unit volition spawn arsenic good and it volition transcript your actions from the erstwhile circular – you physique your service measurement by step. Soldier by soldier.

Clone yourself, fight, dice and repeat!

🔹 Clone Armies is service crippled which combines cautious tactical readying and strategy with axenic shooting action.

🔹 Customize your basal and limb it with antithetic types of subject equipment. Do you similar sniper oregon commando for stealth approach, tempest the force successful rambo benignant oregon determine to use much modern warfare troops, specified arsenic guided missiles oregon cyborg? It’s up to you, the cartoon battlefield is yours.

🔹 Build and upgrade your service of cartoon soldiers to conquer the force basal and implicit script run – past leap to the 1v1 multiplayer oregon upcoming solo/co-op play challenges. Collect rewards for your singleplayer and multiplayer victories and unlock adjacent stronger units and basal layouts to play with.

🔹Design your service of clone troops with galore astir 30 antithetic subject troops, ranging from minigun wielding worker to jetpack, tank, jeep, helicopter, rocket launcher and overmuch more.

🔹Use your skills to ascent the leaderboard successful 1v1 multiplayer mode
or upcoming solo/co-op challenges to gain invaluable rewards.




• Original gameplay mechanics of cloning, combining strategy and enactment successful unprecedented way.

• Duel successful multiplayer matches and ascent the leaderboard to assertion prizes.

• Chest lootbox capsules to unlock rewards, cod almighty caller clones and instrumentality and upgrade existing ones.

• Easy and elemental controls.

• Various units (sniper, tank, jetpack, helicopter, cyborg…) and subject instrumentality with antithetic stats and abilities.

• Scenario run with aggregate missions incerasing successful difficulty, from casual ones to the astir challenging.

• Challenging bossfights.

• Multiple crippled modes + peculiar Sandbox mode to make unlimited clones successful a never-ending map.

• Customizable basal to defend.

• Regular updates.

This is not your mundane service crippled with soldiers mindlessly shooting astatine each other. Try it for yourself!




Clone Armies is escaped to download and play, however, immoderate crippled items tin besides beryllium purchased for existent money. If you bash not privation to usage this feature, delight acceptable up password extortion for purchases successful the settings of your Google Play Store app.




We are perpetually moving hard connected making the Clone Armies crippled amended and much entertaining for you. We request your changeless enactment to get going. Please consciousness escaped to email america oregon articulation our Discord server for queries/suggestions/problems oregon if you conscionable privation to accidental hello. We would emotion to perceive from you. If you person enjoyed immoderate diagnostic of the Clone Armies game, please, bash not hide to complaint us.