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Racing fans, get acceptable for your biggest escapade ever successful CSR Racing 2. Join the adjacent section of the satellite champion racing crippled arsenic you prosecute successful realistic and authentic racing experiences. Hop connected the astir desirable vehicles and interruption each barriers of speeds arsenic you situation your opponents successful epic thoroughfare races. Find retired each you request to cognize astir this astonishing racing game with our reviews.


The latest installment of the world-famous racing crippled features improved graphics and gameplay that would surely fulfill adjacent the astir skeptical racing gamers. Join players from each implicit the satellite arsenic you prosecute successful epic races betwixt supercars. Cruise done the astir fashionable locations and person amusive successful varied racing tracks. In addition, you’ll besides summation entree to almighty cars arsenic good arsenic unthinkable tuning features. Enjoy racing with bots, online players, and adjacent connected your ain with galore breathtaking crippled modes successful CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 2


Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Pick your favourite supercars and instrumentality them into the existent races

In the latest racing crippled from Natural Motion Games, players volition person their chances to prime up immoderate of the champion supercars that’re presently disposable connected the market. Sit down their wheels and consciousness the powers of the motor arsenic you lightly pat connected the pedal. Here the motor screaming and consciousness the Adrenaline pumping successful your blood.

With implicit 200 officially licensed cars from fashionable brands similar Ferrari McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche, and truthful on, you’ll person nary occupation uncovering your imagination cars. What’s near to bash is to deed the thoroughfare and fto the races begin.

CSR Racing 2

Have you ever been dreaming astir getting connected the aged legends, beryllium down their wheels, and bask the sensations? I conjecture we each person that imagination backmost successful the aged days erstwhile we’re inactive young. Well, this is your accidental to marque that imagination travel true. With CSR Racing 2, players volition summation entree to dozens of the legendary cars, from the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole, to the Aston Martin DB5, and truthful on.

Choose your imagination cars and bring them backmost to the thoroughfare arsenic you prosecute successful epic racing actions. Perform awesome tuning connected your cars and springiness them caller upgrades. Show to the satellite that there’re inactive large potentials successful the aged legends. Win your races with the aged cars and fulfill your puerility dreams.

Gain entree to a wide assortment of antithetic customizations

Speaking of which, to marque your vehicles much capable, drivers are introduced to awesome upgrade features. Pick your favourite cars and instrumentality them to your store to acceptable effort retired aggregate tuning options. Change your engine, exhaust, wheels, and much to adhd much foodstuff to the cars. You tin adjacent enactment connected the Nitro vessel for unthinkable velocity boosts.

CSR Racing 2

On the different hand, your cars would besides necessitate immoderate customizations to marque them look much awesome arsenic you articulation others successful the underground races. Pick a caller paint, decals, rims, oregon adjacent changing the interior of your cars to marque them much badass. Let item the races with your appearances.

Simple and intuitive interaction controls

And to let gamers to bask their races without immoderate problems, CSR Racing 2 features a elemental and intuitive interaction controls system. Using the cleanable and elemental interaction commands and gestures, you tin easy usher your cars done the crowded roads, get past obstacles, instrumentality down your opponents, oregon adjacent crook connected the Nitro boost. Sit down the instrumentality and bask authentic racing experiences with comfy controls

Enjoy the azygous subordinate racing mode arsenic you assertion our dominance implicit the underground world

It’s clip for you to articulation different racers successful the city’s astir celebrated nighttime events. Prepare for the epic thoroughfare races arsenic you spell against the champion racers from each corners of the city. Start your travel arsenic a novice racer and dilatory enactment your mode up to the ranks. Gain your reputations arsenic you instrumentality down cops and enemies successful thrilling thoroughfare races. Collect cashes and rewards to get caller parts for your cars. Increase your triumph complaint with upgraded vehicles. One day, you’ll predominate the full underground world

CSR Racing 2

Challenge online racers successful epic battles for the leaderboards

On the different hand, if you’re truthful assured successful your skills, the crippled besides introduces the online races wherever you’ll look disconnected the with champion racers from each implicit the world. Prepare your cars and enactment successful epic races with the world-class thoroughfare racers successful the biggest racing event. Win against your opponents arsenic you assertion the apical presumption connected the leaderboards. Be the champions and gain yourselves invaluable prizes.

Thrilling and breathtaking real-time thoroughfare racing

Experience realistic 3D racing gameplay arsenic you situation your opponents successful this fast-paced multiplayer racing game. Hop connected your favourite cars and immerse successful epic racing experiences wherever your timing and controls volition beryllium decisive. Boost your Adrenaline to the bounds arsenic you interruption the velocity barriers with almighty Nitro boosts.

Explore the AR racing mode for the archetypal time

Moreover, you tin adjacent amusement your supercars with your friends and the online CSR Racing assemblage with your AR photos. Stand adjacent to your in-game vehicles successful a mixed virtual and world experiences similar ne'er before.

Complete achievements and challenges to gain invaluable buffs

For those who’re looking for different ways to bask their games, CSR Racing 2 besides offers varied achievements and challenges that you tin enactment in. Complete hard challenges and gain yourself invaluable buffs and loots. Unlock epic cars arsenic you flooded your challenges.

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play truthful that each Android idiosyncratic could person it installed connected their devices. Just entree the Google Play Store and look for the game. Download and instal wrong minutes arsenic you commencement enjoying this unthinkable thoroughfare racing title.

Unlock each contented with our mods

Get acceptable for your eventual racing experiences arsenic you’re present escaped to marque each kinds of in-app acquisition that you privation with our mod mentation of the game. Unlock each of your cars potentials by giving them the champion upgrades and tunning.

All it takes for you to marque it hap is by downloading our CSR Racing 2 MOD APK. Install it connected your Android devices and get acceptable to get your caput blown away.

Visual and dependable quality


By utilizing the awesome next-gen graphics, the creators of CSR Racing 2 person delivered unthinkable gameplay with their beauteous cars, realistic ocular effects, and interactive environments. Enjoy enhanced racing experiences with the latest racing crippled from Natural Motion Games. Plus, you’ll besides person the options to code down the graphics prime if you privation to, allowing for creaseless and satisfying gameplay connected low-end devices.


With realistic and close audio experiences, CSR Racing 2 introduces gamers to authentic thoroughfare racing games wherever you’ll beryllium exposed to each the aspects of the races. The brainsick crowd, screaming engines, and intensive euphony volition marque it astir intolerable to get your hands disconnected the wheels erstwhile you’re successful the races of CSR Racing.

How To Install CSR Racing 2 APK with OBB Data File

  1. APK instal it connected your device.
  2. Extract the OBB record to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2. Ensure that the OBB record (main.2594.com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2.obb) and the Patch OBB File (patch.2504.com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2.obb) sits wrong the com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2 folder.
  3. Start the crippled again. Enjoy!

Download CSR Racing 2 Mod latest 3.6.1 Android APK

Beautiful graphics, creaseless gameplay, satisfying audio experiences, and intuitive controls, racing games couldn’t get amended than this. That being said, CSR Racing 2 is, without a doubt, 1 of the best thoroughfare racing games that you could get your hands connected astatine the moment. And the information that it’s a escaped to play rubric makes the crippled adjacent much appealing to Android gamers. Now, too the Need for Speed oregon Asphalt games, you’ll person different large rubric to enjoy.