Cut the Rope MOD APK 3.32.0 (SuperPower/Hints)

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Cut the Rope poster

Cut the Rope is an entertaining 2D game, and you’ll travel Om Nom successful a legendary puzzle adventure. The crippled besides features different works, similar the cartoon “Om Nom Stories” and different large entertaining videos. The contented begins astir a mysterious package, and you assistance the small monster inside. You effort to driblet the CANDYs into the bluish monster’s mouth. You besides cod golden stars, observe hidden prizes, and unlock breathtaking caller levels successful the game. Fun physics-based gameplay, and award-winning addictive gameplay specified as: BAFTA Award, Pocket Gamer Award GDC Awards, … Get acceptable to conquer 17 boxes with 425 breathtaking levels. Amazing originative physics gameplay, with tons of beauteous characters. Although the 2D graphics are simple, the images are crisp and highly cute.


Cut the Rope is astir the cute Green Frog, and the frog loves to devour saccharine candies. The crippled is celebrated each implicit the satellite and is loved by a batch of people. The player’s task is rather simple. You find ways to chopped the ropes truthful that the candy tin autumn successful the close presumption of the frog Om Nom. The crippled has highly eye-catching graphics, vivid dependable and much than 100 antithetic levels for you to freely amusement disconnected your puzzle skills. The crippled emphasizes puzzle-solving, and has a precise realistic physics foundation. The crippled is produced by Russian developer ZeptoLab. Up to now, the crippled has released galore antithetic parts specified as: Cut the Rope: Experiments (2011), Cut the Rope: Time Travel (2013) and Cut the Rope 2 (2013).

Cut the Rope features addictive gameplay. Your task is to enactment the saccharine candy into Om Nom’s large rima – a tiny greenish monster. Besides, you indispensable cod arsenic galore stars arsenic possible. The crippled has achieved much than respective 100 cardinal downloads globally. If you privation to bring candies to Om Nom, past you request to chopped disconnected the ropes by swiping implicit them. In addition, the crippled has a batch of different objects specified arsenic airbags, bubbles, magic hats, lanterns, … The crippled is not easy, and you request to enactment the candy done the obstacles, and travel Om Nom’s mouth. Each level volition person obstacles oregon enactment items. You request to bash everything to execute a effect of 0 to 3 stars depending connected the score, and the clip it takes to implicit the level. After a while, you usage the wealth to bargain “Super powers” to marque controlling the candy easier. The crippled besides has different absorbing thing, which is the 18 hidden pictures of Om Nom.


Cut the Rope is simply a puzzle genre arcade game. All are based connected existent physics, and the crippled is produced by Russian developer ZeptoLab. The crippled includes galore different parts specified as: Cut the Rope: Experiments (2011), Cut the Rope: Time Travel (2013) and Cut the Rope 2 (2013). Your task is to assistance enactment the candy successful Om Nom’s rima – a tiny greenish monster, and you indispensable cod arsenic galore stars arsenic possible. The crippled has achieved much than respective 100 cardinal downloads. The crippled is entertaining, but it is highly challenging. The lone task of the subordinate is to gain a batch of stars, and assistance the greenish frog Om Nom with candies. The crippled has elemental gameplay, but the situation is highly difficult, and the trouble increases with time. Try to get the candy that could autumn into Om Nom’s mouth. However, the subordinate indispensable besides gain the astir stars to people precocious scores. The crippled is based connected realistic physics principles, truthful the gameplay volition not beryllium limited. Players request thinking, imagination, and the quality to harvester movements to succeed. The crippled has amusive graphics, vivid dependable and Om Nom kute character. The crippled besides has the quality to inhibit players, and you indispensable ever effort to win.

Cut the Rope groups levels into “boxes” oregon “level packs”. Almost each container contains caller obstacles and items to situation players. The caller “boxes” are regularly updated done the updated function, truthful players ever person a large experience. The crippled received galore affirmative reviews from experts. The crippled is cosmopolitan for everything, and is conscionable arsenic addictive arsenic Angry Birds. The crippled has bully puzzles, and you person plentifulness of interaction power experience, cute and personality. The crippled is fresh, challenging, and entertaining.


Cut the Rope has rather elemental gameplay. The basal task of the subordinate is to usage immoderate means to bring the candies to the presumption of the frog Om Nom. You usage your digit to descent crossed the surface to make drag, descent to chopped the ties. You activate the objects successful the level, oregon interruption the shot to escaped the candy. You look countless obstacles and obstacles. The candy’s travel to the frog’s rima is not going to beryllium casual astatine all. In addition, you request to cod stars successful the crippled screen. The crippled has 3 stars randomly appearing successful the crippled screen, and you indispensable bring the candy to the belly of the gluttonous Om Nom. In summation to the challenging gameplay, the crippled besides has cartoon clips astir the highly beauteous Om Nom frog. The videos volition beryllium large entertainment, and afloat of amusive for you aft challenging and stressful challenges. The dependable of the crippled is accelerated and playful, creating a consciousness of relaxation, and highly entertaining entertainment. You volition perceive a delightful “ting ting” dependable erstwhile the frog Om Nom is fed. Graphics person agleam tones, images are designed highly funny. Om Nom frog is designed to beryllium elemental and has a cute and mischievous look. The crippled besides has effects erstwhile you execute actions specified arsenic cutting strings, breaking bubbles, oregon creating lightning flashes.

In short, Cut the Rope is simply a large prime for your spare time. The crippled has puzzles that are not excessively difficult, but besides has large challenges. The crippled volition assistance you bid your reasoning quality effectively. If you emotion puzzle reasoning games, get acceptable for an breathtaking escapade with the frog Om Nom.


  • Complete 17 boxes with 425 antithetic situation levels.
  • Simple gameplay, realistic physics, originative solutions.
  • Adventure with beauteous characters.
  • Cute, crisp 2D graphics.
  • Enjoy the animated bid “Om Nom Stories”


  • Not overmuch customization interface with Om Nom.
  • The crippled is excessively simple.