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Pick up your guns and let’s articulation different shooters successful this addictive and epic shooting situation wherever you’ll person the accidental to instrumentality down aggregate zombies with your astonishing shooting skills. Enjoy the epic 3D shooter and get progressive to breathtaking shooting challenges.

Find yourself warring broadside by broadside with millions of online gamers each implicit the satellite arsenic you assistance each different combat against the ever-spawning zombies to forestall them from taking implicit the world. Fight for the people, combat for your survival, and ever enactment alerted successful this thrilling and aggravated shooter.

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The crippled takes spot successful the twelvemonth of 2040 wherever the devastating World War II person struck mankind. Lives connected the satellite were wholly changed owed to the unpredictable standard of the war. Terror and fearfulness filled the lands arsenic radical fly their homes conscionable to enactment safe. Countries commencement sending demolition firearms into 1 and another’s territories. The fights escalated, particularly successful the borders betwixt countries.

And arsenic a result, the countries’ frontiers person go truthful chaotic that nary galore could ever acceptable ft successful the dormant zone. But small bash they know, from the rage of war, a unsafe microorganism was released successful the adjacent frontier of their countries. They rapidly devour the past survivors successful the onshore and support expanding into the mainland.

To forestall a full annihilation of mankind, humanity has agreed to combat the zombies. However, volition they beryllium capable to obstruction disconnected the almighty and nasty zombies’ attacks? It’s up to you to decide. Join millions of online gamers, instrumentality up arms, and articulation each different successful epic zombie shooting challenges. The destiny of humanity rests connected your hands.


Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Survive the apocalypse arsenic you look successful epic shooting challenges

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Find yourself successful this eventual shooting situation wherever you person nary enactment different than winning. Lose and the full satellite shall beryllium annihilated by the zombies. Pick up your guns and hole yourself earlier monolithic waves of zombies swarm astatine you. Take them down with your almighty weapons and close shooting skills. Be highly effectual and alerted each the clip truthful you whitethorn triumph against the nasty zombies.

Different zombies with unsocial powers to trial your capabilities

The crippled introduces gamers to an in-depth zombie strategy wherever you’ll person to look disconnected against each benignant of zombies. Face against aggregate types of zombies that travel successful each shapes and sizes. Each of them has unsocial powers and abilities that indispensable beryllium dealt with successful definite approaches.

As you get to the higher levels, you’ll find yourself facing with adjacent tougher zombies who’re adjacent much earnestly infected with the viruses. Challenge a assortment of zombies arsenic you thrust them retired of the protected lands.

And astir importantly, you’ll besides find yourself facing with the elephantine bosses who person immersive powers that nary zombies tin match. Make definite well-prepared truthful you tin basal steadfast successful beforehand of their assaults.

Dead Target screenshot 4

Enjoy almighty weapons with unsocial powers

To woody with the nasty zombies, gamers successful Dead Target volition find themselves having entree to aggregate weapons which each featuring unsocial stats and powers. Their varied usages volition marque them rather utile erstwhile dealing with antithetic enemies.

Find yourself picking up each kinds of weapons with antithetic ranges and occurrence powers, specified arsenic battle rifles, sniping rifles, rocket launcher, and truthful on. On apical of that, you’re besides allowed to marque uses of the upgrade options and alteration your weapons wholly however you privation it. Learn however to usage and customize each limb wholly and you tin go the master.

Dead Target screenshot 1

Awesome boosts that tin wholly alteration the tide of the battle

Along with almighty weapons, gamers are besides introduced to aggregate buffs successful the crippled that could earnestly amended your capabilities. Pick up from thing arsenic elemental arsenic to heighten your damages, your accuracy, oregon firing rate, to astonishing boosts that tin adjacent alteration the tide of the battle, particularly erstwhile you’re warring alongside your teammates.

Take connected aggregate challenges to instrumentality down the zombies and gain awesome rewards

In bid to cod the utile and astonishing items successful the game, players successful Dead Target tin enactment successful addictive quests. Pick up your favourite weapons and instrumentality connected epic challenges. Takedown aggregate monsters to gain experiences arsenic good arsenic summation your rank. Unlock chill items and weapons truthful you tin beforehand successful your journey. Also, the crippled features immoderate of the weirdest and astir absorbing achievements that you tin implicit to gain yourself epic loots.

Dead Target screenshot 2

A assortment of antithetic maps with wholly unsocial gameplay

The crippled introduces gamers to the absorbing maps which diagnostic wholly unsocial gameplay. Here, you tin find yourself taking connected the zombies successful choky buildings, ample battlefield, oregon being surrounded by hundreds of them.

Make uses of the terrain and take the close approaches to woody with the zombies. Target them with precise shots from your monolithic arsenal. Unlock almighty rockets and usage them to nonstop the hideous zombies flying.

Play the crippled without the Internet connection

The crippled tin beryllium easy played connected your mobile devices without the request for Internet connection, which is rather interesting. That being said, you tin bask the crippled wholly offline and bask its portability to the max. And whenever you reconnect to the internet, your advancement volition beryllium automatically saved online.

Challenge online gamers successful aggravated leaderboard shooter matches

And of course, the crippled besides features the breathtaking online gameplay wherever gamers tin articulation each different successful the epic zombie shooting challenges. Help each different arsenic you support the Earth from being consumed by the zombies.

Or situation different online gamers from each implicit the satellite successful the leaderboard shooter games. Have your statistic compared to 1 and different to determine who tin beryllium successful the hallway of fame. Find retired your friends who are besides playing the crippled by having your societal relationship connected. Share your progresses to them and consciousness arrogant bragging astir it.

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play connected Google Play Store, truthful you tin easy person it installed connected your mobile devices. And portion it does travel with in-app purchases, you won’t apt to find them bothering if you’re dedicated enough. With aggregate rewards, you’ll find yourself matching the paid gamers evenly.

Unlock unlimited entree with our mod

However, if you don’t person clip for the insignificant quests, it would beryllium a amended prime to person our Dead Target Mod APK installed connected your mobile devices. That being said, we person unlocked the crippled to the max truthful that you tin easy entree each of its features, acquisition thing you privation without having to pay, bask the ad-free gameplay, and truthful on. Just download our APK record and instal it pursuing our instruction.

Visual and dependable quality


The crippled features comparatively awesome graphics for a mobile game. You’ll find yourself experiencing the console-graded zombie shooting successful this astonishing crippled close connected your mobile devices. Firing epic shoots astatine the enemies portion enjoying the almighty ocular effects. Experience realistic humor and lighting effects similar ne'er before.

And astir importantly, for the low-end devices, Dead Target besides features the utile adjustable graphics option. Hence, you tin easy code down the graphics prime to lucifer with your devices’ hardware and person smoother gameplay.


Combined with the almighty and impactful shooting effects, Dead Target introduces gamers to 1 of the astir immersive shooting crippled that ever-present successful the mobile platform.

Download Dead Target Mod latest 4.73.0 Android APK

Fans of the classical zombie shooting games volition surely find this crippled interesting. Find yourself taking connected the zombies successful this addictive challenge.