Dig This MOD APK 1.1.47 (Unlimited Hints)

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Dig This is simply a 2D entertaining crippled with marbles. Your task is to make the champion way for the shot by digging tunnels. Of people you volition excavation with your finger. If the way is good, past you tin easy usher the shot to the goal. If the way is difficult, the shot volition beryllium hard to deed the hole, oregon gaffe disconnected the road. The crippled is simple, but inactive challenging. Try to make the champion way to assistance the marble scope the close goal. Mission crippled reminiscent of the elemental benignant of “Sand Balls”. The crippled has a batch of levels, and the crippled often has a instrumentality to lick the level successful the champion way. Game extremity tin beryllium astatine the velocity of objects, oregon entity collision. But you volition request a batch of thought to nutrient your champion ocular results.


Dig This emphasizes simplicity successful gameplay, but this successful crook creates the constituent of addiction. In fact, the gameplay is elemental but precise originative and unique. You volition person much than 1 effect per challenge. The crippled besides doesn’t request overmuch content, truthful it’s casual to recognize for everyone. The crippled is suitable for some children and adults. Besides, the existent carnal origin is emphasized extremely. You volition bask the impact, oregon leap of the marbles erstwhile encountering the elements of physics. The crippled has a batch of absorbing content, and astir 400 levels to situation each players. Variety and elemental gameplay similar “Sand Balls”. You acquisition from casual candy-like levels, to aggravated difficulty. All screens are designed with seriousness, and highly delicate. Games not lone unbend you, but besides promote logical and originative thinking. In bid to summation entertainment, the crippled besides creates galore caller features for players to explore. You volition beryllium delighted by the assortment of bombs and multicolored balls. They each make large experiences, and assistance you person much comfy moments. Another positive constituent of the crippled is its outstanding 3D graphics. The crippled uses agleam tones, and you bask the truthfulness of the stone, the marble, the tree. Of course, the crippled besides supports disposable solutions. If you person trouble, the hints volition assistance you done the signifier easily.


Dig This is similar “Sand Balls” erstwhile you volition brushwood galore challenges astir the ball. The crippled offers a assortment of challenges, and it tin beryllium divided into 2 levels. You unbend with amusive puzzle-style levels with nary difficulty. You deliberation tense with signifier levels. If you privation to implicit hard challenges, you request to travel up with the close strategy for cleanable speed, angle, bounce and luck. In short, you tin optionally situation “test your luck” oregon situation “use your brain”. Developers persist successful processing a large merchandise done galore factors specified arsenic caller interface, graphics, stableness and variety. Besides, the advertizing mode is bully capable for you to judge the free. Of course, immoderate players won’t judge it if the situation is excessively lucky. Realistic physics elements tin each walk the levels rather simply. But things are much hard if you privation a breakthrough. If you don’t mind, the “guidance” helps you get the champion presumption with respect to the due momentum and absorption of the marbles.


Dig It is reminiscent of summers and shovels. The crippled interface is bright, and you’ll person to excavation soil to get the marble to the finish. The crippled has absorbing levels for you to solve. The crippled has galore absorbing things for you to explore. Secrets and dangers nether the soil look successful each level. You pb your shot to the past spread done the champion plan. The crippled takes spot connected the beaches, and you look a sunny and sandy summer. The extremity of this crippled is precise elemental and fun, due to the fact that you lone request to find the champion path. The shot lone moves erstwhile determination is simply a bully path. You passageway successful the soil to make the champion absorption for the marble. You usage your digit to make the path. Of course, the soil covers galore things, and you find some bully and bad. The way to the past spread is not easy, you volition brushwood assorted obstacles, specified arsenic spikes, bombs, and galore different dangers. You besides find gems. Collect arsenic galore gems to unlock caller balls. Each shot volition supply an enjoyable experience, and assistance you summation information to implicit each levels. If you emotion “Sand Balls”, past you volition find a affirmative happening successful Dig This’s gameplay.

In short, Dig This is simply a amusive 2D puzzle game, and incredibly addictive gameplay. The extremity is simple, and you make a passageway to get the shot to the basket. You request to skillfully usage your fingers to make the champion tunnel. The crippled is impressed by realistic physics elements. You volition collide, and bounce with galore things to make the champion path. A batch of obstacles and fascinating operation effort are waiting for you successful Dig This.


Gameplay is casual to recognize and addictive.

Factors marque the attraction.

More than 400 antithetic breathtaking levels.

Solution enactment if you lose.


Many levels are unreasonably difficult.

Physical factors interfere successful immoderate cases.