DIY Fashion Star MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlocked)

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Have you ever wanted to DIY your apparel with trendy styles, colorful patterns, and marque them look fabulous? DIY Fashion Star – Design Hacks Clothing Game is simply a cleanable crippled for you! After the occurrence of Rich Girl Mall – Shopping Game, Dream Wedding Planner, Cheerleader Dance Off – Squad of Champions, which are published by Coco Play by Tab Tale, the institution has created a marque caller crippled astir DIY and fashion.
You volition person the accidental to amusement the satellite your astounding DIY skills and get originative with amusive and divers DIY projects. Your unlimited ideas volition crook ordinary, boring apparel into high-fashioned, luxurious outfits that nary 1 tin adjacent deliberation of. If determination is simply a plain, unlovely dress, conscionable reshape it, decorate it, and marque it your way! Compete with different DIYers, marque it to the apical and gain peculiar prizes. Find retired much on your travel successful creating DIY masterpieces.


Gamers volition go a young DIYer who is useful successful creating astonishing clothes. As you play, followers volition petition thing for you to DIY. Run your transmission and the last merchandise volition beryllium uploaded successful videos to YouTube and done the platform, you volition gain likes and much followers.
DIY Fashion Star volition pb gamers to a full caller satellite with unlimited manner sources to DIY apparel and vie with different players done assorted competitions. The higher the spot they get, the much awarding prize they tin collect.


Simple and easy understandable gameplay

The conception of the crippled is not familiar, but players volition find themselves attached to it acknowledgment to the calm, uncomplicated gameplay. Players volition spot wide instructions for each facet of the game. Specific requests from fans volition assistance players make masterpieces, negociate their ain DIY channel, and summation a immense instrumentality base.

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A assortment of options to plan and play with

T-shirts, dresses, pants, and galore much with colorful patterns and designs volition ne'er bore you connected your escapade to go a celebrated DIYer. Followers volition inquire you to DIY a portion of covering with requirements that request to beryllium met.
You volition beryllium capable to chopped boring apparel into trendy styles, splash connected immoderate colors, and enactment connected immoderate cute stickers oregon patterns to marque them chicer. Use your camera to instrumentality pictures, past adhd them to your DIY creations. If your drawings look incredibly artsy oregon you privation to diagnostic your feline connected your creations, drawback them and enactment them connected your DIYs. After that, you tin adjacent deterioration your products and look stunning successful them.
However, you volition privation to wage attraction to the requests due to the fact that if followers bash not similar them, you volition suffer immoderate likes.

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Become a celebrated DIYer connected YouTube

As you decorativeness requests from your followers, you volition marque it a video and upload it to YouTube. Watch your DIY go trendy, get a batch of affirmative feedbacks, and gain likes. The much videos you upload, the much celebrated you become.

Show the satellite your unsocial DIYs done competitions

As you gradually make much astonishing outfits, you tin formal them successful antithetic competitions to gain much likes. Style them with antithetic constitution looks and hairstyles, immoderate accessories to person much bonuses.
There are 3 antithetic contests for you to enactment in: Selfie DIY, #SOLO Post your champion selfie, and Social media: Take a bully representation #OOTD contest. Wear your ain DIY, enactment immoderate constitution on, alteration your hairstyle to acceptable the outfit, and gain up to 30% bonus. After that, you tin instrumentality immoderate selfies with it and amusement it to the world. You tin besides use filters to your picture, adhd immoderate cute stickers, and ticker different contestants and fans beryllium amazed by your DIYs. Takedown your opponents by attaining the astir likes successful each competition. Vote for others to get inspiration and gain much likes.

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Enjoy the crippled much with In-App Purchases

For those of you who are interested, you tin unlock the afloat mentation of the crippled with each items, formal DIY and hairsbreadth salon, nary much worries astir annoying, pop-up ads astatine a just price. Feel escaped to acquisition it and play with your creativity.

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Players volition beryllium fascinated with the stunning and splendid 3D graphics of the game. At a archetypal glance, you whitethorn deliberation that the graphics look rather elemental but that is the diagnostic that stands out. The details, the colors and everything other look conscionable cleanable together. Even though it is designed successful 3D style, the crippled loads rapidly and smoothly. With changeless updates and fixing from the developer, you tin research the DIY satellite and bash not person to interest astir bugs, lags, oregon stutters.

Sound and Music

DIY Fashion Star has a scope of brushed dependable effects and melodic soundtracks playing successful the inheritance portion players tin bask the game. After a tiring time astatine schoolhouse oregon astatine work, players volition find themselves relaxed and comfy with immoderate fun, cheerful melodies.


If you play the crippled without immoderate payment, you volition find it rather bothersome due to the fact that of the ads. Players volition person to ticker ads to unlock immoderate items for free. Some requests from your followers tin beryllium hard to decorativeness with locked clothes, decorations, colors, … Furthermore, a fewer absorbing features tin lone beryllium discovered and opened if you are consenting to acquisition them.


If you are a instrumentality of Fashion Stylist oregon Rich Girl Mall oregon possibly are conscionable funny successful fashion, DIY Fashion Star MOD APK volition person your attraction for a agelong time. Use your one-of-a-kind ideas to plan the champion DIY creations and get connected apical of the ranking list. Besides the information that players person to wage for immoderate features to marque the crippled adjacent much interesting, adjacent if you play it for a agelong time, the crippled is inactive addictive and runs smoothly. With a precocious complaint connected Google Play, DIY Fashion Star is the cleanable crippled for you to destress aft a hard, stressful day.