DNS Changer MOD APK 1289u (Pro Unlocked)

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DNS stands for Domain Name System. “DNS is simply a hierarchical and decentralized naming strategy for computers, services, oregon different resources connected to the Internet oregon a backstage network. It associates assorted accusation with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities.”, punctuation Wikipedia. If you are a mean user, changing DNS is precise hard. But due to the fact that of immoderate reasons, you privation to alteration DNS. DNS Changer is an app which tin assistance you to bash that. The app’s afloat sanction DNS Changer | Mobile Data & WiFi | IPv4 & IPv6. Now let’s research DNS Changer successful bid to cognize much benefits that the app volition bring for you.

A elemental app UI

DNS Changer is 1 of the apps that has been built and developed by BGNmobi. BGNmobi is simply a developer successful Bursa, Turkey. They supply the starring apps for users successful the satellite that marque the user’s mobile net acquisition smarter, faster and safer. DNS Changer is lone disposable connected Google Play. So you lone tin instal the app connected mobile devices that tally connected Android Operating System. DNS Changer is besides supported connected tablets. And the app is wholly escaped to download.

Besides, the interface of the app is simple. Therefore, you tin usage DNS Changer easy without encountering immoderate difficulty. Moreover, achromatic inheritance volition assistance you spot amended successful the daytime. In addition, determination are 2 versions successful DNS Changer truthful that you tin select. The escaped mentation and the paid version. With the paid version, you tin usage a fewer features that won’t beryllium successful the escaped version. But nary substance which mentation you choose, some are arsenic beneficial. So don’t interest astir information and privateness erstwhile you usage the escaped version.

Why bash we request to alteration DNS?

There are a batch of reasons that we volition alteration DNS. For example, enactment unafraid connected nationalist Wi-Fi; entree websites & apps portion abroad; bask the champion nett browsing performance; acquisition online gaming better; beryllium casual 1 pat to link – nary registration, login oregon password required. Besides, you privation to research freely connected your favourite sites and apps without confirming oregon entering your information. Browse privately not to prevention the information. Or immoderate websites volition prohibition immoderate users from a definite state from accessing them. But you privation to ticker streaming libraries.

In addition, if you person a high-speed Internet transportation but announcement that your web browsing velocity isn’t each that it’s cracked up to be, past your occupation whitethorn prevarication successful the DNS. You tin find the fastest routes for your information packers to instrumentality erstwhile traveling the Internet by optimizing your device’s DNS records. This won’t summation your download/ upload speed, but successful immoderate cases, it tin effect successful rather a noticeable betterment successful web browsing time. Sometimes, you tin person immoderate occupation portion trying to usage the Internet from your device. At times, these problems tin beryllium caused by your provider’s DNS settings due to the fact that your ISP whitethorn not ever person the champion DNS server speeds. Moreover, your default DNS server besides tin straight impact however accelerated you’ll beryllium capable to link to a website. So, choosing the fastest server according to your determination volition assistance velocity up browsing.

How DNS Changer work

With Net Optimizer, you tin find the fastest DNS server and link to it with conscionable 1 touch. So, your browsing velocity and gaming acquisition (ping and latency) tin beryllium improved. Besides, trial results showed a 132.1 percent betterment from utilizing Google’s DNS servers implicit utilizing the banal DNS servers, but successful existent satellite usage, it mightiness not beryllium precisely that overmuch faster. However, this tiny accommodation tin marque you consciousness similar you person a blazing transportation to the Internet.

In addition, with DNS Speed Test feature, you tin find and link the fastest DNS server based connected your determination & network. At the aforesaid time, it besides helps you to amended web surfing velocity with faster effect time. Moreover, DNS Changer besides volition hole lag, trim latency (ping time) connected online games to bring a amended gaming acquisition for you. So you whitethorn request to alteration DNS to acquisition surfing the web better. Let’s amended your web transportation with DNS Speed Test of DNS Changer.

The main features successful DNS Changer

Each app volition person its ain features. And DNS Changer besides has 9 main features. The archetypal diagnostic is No basal required. With this feature, DNS Changer tin enactment without root. DNS Changer doesn’t devour immoderate strategy resources (RAM/ CPU/ Battery etc.). These 2 features volition marque your instrumentality tally much quickly. DNS Speed Test diagnostic is the 3rd diagnostic successful the app. Find the fastest DNS server for your connection. Wi-Fi / Mobile Data Network Connection (2G/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G) enactment – this diagnostic allows you to usage the app whenever you privation without worrying astir the Internet connection.

Besides, the 5th diagnostic is optional IPv4 (Internet Protocol mentation 4) & IPv6 (Internet Protocol mentation 6) DNS support. Improving online gaming acquisition is the sixth diagnostic successful DNS Changer. In addition, the app volition usage preconfigured DNS lists. This volition bring a wide presumption for you. Furthermore, you tin usage immoderate customized IPv4 oregon IPv6 DNS server that you want. In particular, DNS Changer is ever updated for the latest Android versions. This volition assistance you to ever usage the newest features and acquisition the app better. This is besides the past diagnostic of the app.

Because of the features above, DNS Changer has had 10 cardinal installs connected Google Play, though the app is the world’s archetypal DNS Changer for Android. Besides, DNS Changer besides has go the astir trusted app for Android. In addition, DNS Changer is the easiest mode that you alteration your DNS and trial the velocity of DNS servers. The DNS Changer alteration is your device’s DNS address, not affecting your transportation velocity successful immoderate way. So, it is faster than a regular VPN. Let’s instal DNS Changer for your Android devices present and effort it yourself.