Dragon City MOD APK 12.8.2 (One hit)

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You emotion dragons and find yourself wholly enchanted by these astonishing creatures? Then you would decidedly bask this astonishing dragon simulation crippled from Social Point. Choose betwixt aggregate taxon of dragons to rise and train. Become the top dragon trainer successful the satellite of Dragon City.

The crippled lets you power an full floating land wherever you’ll find yourself having entree to the flying and almighty dragons. Collect the rarest species, bid your dragons to your will, springiness them their favourite dainty and crook them into the astir magnificent creatures.

Join different online gamers from each implicit the satellite arsenic you make your ain alliance. Battle against different dragon maestro and confederation to gain your glories. Collect aggregate loots from doing missions, challenges, and truthful on.

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The crippled introduces gamers to the astonishing dragon simulation acquisition wherever they could bask aggregate gameplay with their beloved dragons. Here, you’ll instrumentality power of an full floating land wherever your dragons unrecorded successful their ain habitats. Make definite you physique antithetic areas truthful that each dragon tin find a suitable spot for it.

In addition, you’ll besides request to springiness foods and definite goods to enactment and rise your dragons. And you tin bash that by having farms and accumulation buildings. Your dragons besides request to beryllium trained truthful they could situation others successful battles. So it’s besides indispensable that you person a grooming ground. Discover each kinds of simulation enactment arsenic you bask Dragon City.

With aggregate dragons from antithetic taxon and habitats, you’ll beryllium introduced to the astonishing satellite of dragons. Not to notation that each of them comes with unsocial powers which see the earthy elements, you indispensable besides physique a suitable squad creation to triumph the battles with your magnificent creatures. Power them up by feeding until they turn up, breed caller species, and galore more.

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Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Complete the Dragon Book and go the fable successful Dragon City

Your eventual extremity successful the crippled is to go the archetypal idiosyncratic to implicit the Dragon Book. With implicit 1000 antithetic dragon breeds and an expanding fig of recently discovered ones, it’ll beryllium an highly pugnacious situation for immoderate Dragon Master.

That being said, you should commencement by increasing and expanding your Dragon City first. Give your Dragon caller habitats truthful the caller taxon tin settee in. With caller species, travel caller chances of having palmy breeds betwixt your dragons. Hence, you tin person caller dragons connected your Dragon City.

In addition, you’ll besides person to instrumentality attraction of their immense demands successful nutrient supplies arsenic good arsenic different goods. So it’s recommended that you person your land wholly upgraded earlier having caller dragons connected it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t beryllium capable to rise them properly.

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Discover caller dragons each week

On apical of that, the crippled besides introduces caller dragons each week to marque the satellite of dragons successful Dragon City adjacent much diverse. That being said, you tin person entree with the caller breeds done aggregate occasions, specified arsenic breeding events, caller evolutions, unlocking peculiar habitats, and truthful on.

Customize your dragons with aggregate skins

Groom your dragons a small spot truthful they tin look adjacent cooler. Thus, making your land an charismatic determination for visitors. Give your dragons aggregate Dragon Skins truthful they tin alteration their looks arsenic good arsenic gaining peculiar effects portion battling. Make definite you bash good connected peculiar events truthful you tin unlock these awesome skins.

Enjoy the addictive gameplay some online and offline

You tin walk your clip exploring the satellite of Dragon City successful the offline missions. Spend clip to travel done each the astonishing locations successful Dragon City and implicit each kinds of antithetic Dragon Quests to gain your prizes.

On apical of that, you tin adjacent situation different Dragon Masters successful the breathtaking PvP Arenas. Here, you tin instrumentality your strongest dragons to the tests against that of your opponents. Have them conflict it retired successful an epic brawl to find retired who is the strongest. Compete with the champion and ascent the leaderboards for astonishing fame and fortunes.

Learn astir each taxon of dragons astatine the Tree of Life

In addition, gamers successful Dragon City tin larn astir antithetic dragons, adjacent the ones that they don’t person done the Tree of Life. Here, you tin summon each kinds of dragons with varied sizes, powers, and levels to trial their skills against 1 and another. Choose for yourself the champion dragons that you should person successful your team. But remember, it’s lone a trial and you indispensable cod the dragon yourself successful bid to acquisition their powers.

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Power up your dragons with unthinkable orbs

An effectual mode to heighten your dragons’ powerfulness is to springiness them the astonishing Orbs. This is rather effectual if your dragons person evolved to their latest signifier and can’t summation their powerfulness immoderate soon. Just springiness your dragon definite Orbs that lucifer their earthy elements and you’ll spot your dragons doing highly good during battles.

Discover the precocious gameplay successful Dragon City

And on with the main gameplay, gamers successful Dragon City are besides introduced to the legendary crippled modes of Ancient World and Guardian Dragons. But first, you’ll person to go a almighty and well-known Dragon Master earlier you tin articulation others successful this epic challenges.

Join millions of online gamers successful galore breathtaking activities

The crippled besides features breathtaking activates which you tin get progressive whenever you privation and with whoever you privation successful the online satellite of Dragon City. That being said, gamers tin articulation oregon make their ain Alliances with different online gamers.

Find yourself freely pass with them, commercialized orbs truthful you tin cod utile ones for your dragons. And astir importantly, you tin enactment successful the Alliance Gift Events and cod fantastic Alliance Chests that would unfastened up astonishing loots.

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Enjoy the cross-platform gameplay

And past but not least, gamers successful Dragon City are besides allowed to bask their favourite mobile crippled connected their PC oregon laptop. Thus, you tin instrumentality your dragons anyplace with you arsenic you immerse yourself successful this breathtaking cross-platform gameplay.

Free to play

Despite each the astonishing features, the crippled is inactive escaped for Android gamers to bask connected their devices. That being said, you tin easy person the crippled installed connected your devices without having to wage anything. However, the in-app purchases could somewhat dilatory you down.

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Visual and dependable quality


The crippled features beauteous dragons that are highly well-designed. Each dragon person its ain unsocial looks and evolutions that volition delight you. On apical of that, the surrounding environments successful the floating island, marque its highly realistic. It’s similar you’re really surviving your dream. Not to notation that the astonishing conflict effects betwixt these astonishing creatures volition decidedly fulfill you.


With almighty and immersive dependable experiences, Dragon City introduces gamers to a full caller level of immersion. The astonishing dependable effects with large dynamic and accuracy marque everything highly existent and intuitive.

Download Dragon City Mod latest 12.8.2 Android APK

Gamers successful Dragon City volition find themselves enjoying this astonishing dragon simulation experience. With countless dragons to discover, a monolithic maps to travel, and millions of online friends who stock the aforesaid interest, you’ll person plentifulness of amusive with this game.