Dragon Mania Legends 6.5.0k Mod Apk

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Description of Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends 6.5.0k Mod Apk:

Welcome to Dragolandia, a concealed land wherever hundreds of Dragons unrecorded and galore adventures support happening. Do you person what it takes to go a Dragon Trainer?
Experience a dragon phantasy city. Create a squad of legendary dragons successful a magic world, breed and bid them to maestro their powers successful battles done antithetic islands and worlds.
Dragon Mania Legends is simply a dragon simulator crippled for the family. Build a dragon city, merge and cod antithetic dragon breeds and cod antithetic dragon pets. Battle and clash against different monsters successful this carnal phantasy experience.

Experience battles with fantastic animals & dragon legends

Play antithetic mini-games with your magic pets: provender them, cuddle them and attraction for them to person other golden and bonuses to powerfulness up your team. Send your dragons to the schoolhouse of magic to unlock antithetic abilities and skills.
Create and customize your phantasy metropolis islands with buildings and decorations. Exclusive dragons and limited-time events are updated periodically.

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Start your favored dragon collection

Dragons request emotion excessively – effort antithetic combinations to unlock caller species, hatch your cute babe dragons, and find retired what hatches.
Never tally retired of fantastic dragon friends, with hundreds of unsocial species. You tin breed, upgrade and make caller and uncommon dragons. Master each the powers and elements.

Many ongoing online adventures: Escape to a magic world

Take your favored dragons connected a travel crossed our carnal phantasy land. Reach higher leagues, levels and further islands with DML magic.
Take backmost your colony from the Vikings and physique a location for your dragons. Collect caller creatures and make your ain story.
Seasonal events, caller content, and weapons and peculiar quests. Make each dragon a warring leader fable successful this monster-training simulation!

Level up your dragons and grow your collection

Missions are important to upgrade your dragon collection. Play and spell done antithetic levels, islands and worlds. Complete missions. Go done magic portals and cod uncommon monsters and merge dragons.
Improve your creatures’ warring skills with each caller conflict to reclaim the onshore from the atrocious Vikings! Collect enchantment materials, and merge antithetic breeds and elements to marque them stronger. Prepare your squad and clash against your opponents’ monsters successful the Arena. Become the champion dragon trainer and cod conflict prizes and weapons.

Fight for dragonkind

Take your dragons to the Academy to amended their warring skills and thatch them peculiar monster attacks and tactics successful this magic carnal service simulator.
Train your dragon pets to fight, level up their powers, thatch them caller skills astatine the dragon school, and rise them to go legendary warriors. Evolve dragons into carnal heroes, and brace the powers and elements that bash champion successful battle.

The powerfulness of dragon clan alliances

In Dragon Mania Legends, you tin marque friends, sojourn their favored islands, and speech gifts. Connect with different dragons, grow your powers and usage the Clan online chat to devise the champion squad strategy, oregon conscionable sermon what you person been up to with your favored animals.

Now, Download this caller mentation crippled Dragon Mania Legends 6.5.0k Mod Apk to your Android instrumentality from beneath fixed links and enjoy.