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Welcome to the arena wherever you’ll acquisition epic amusive with the monolithic monster cars. Choose your eventual monster vehicles and instrumentality them into the epic battles wherever you’ll vie with the champion of players successful this astonishing crippled of Drive Ahead.

Explore the satellite of the conflict racers arsenic you hop connected each kinds of absorbing vehicles, from the off-road trucks, monster trucks, and adjacent garbage trucks to the unsocial tanks, BMX bikes, strollers, and truthful on. These absorbing rides and a full batch of absorbing stadiums volition marque the crippled a batch much enjoyable.

Find retired much astir this astonishing mobile crippled from Dodreams LTD with our reviews of Drive Ahead.


In the game, Android gamers volition find themselves exploring the epic funs arsenic they dive into the awesome monster motortruck arenas. Here, you’ll person to spell against each kinds of absorbing opponents and their unthinkable rides. Fight against the intimidating vehicles successful unbelievable battles. Make uses of the terrains and your car mechanics to efficaciously ascent connected apical of your enemies to triumph the matchups.

Feel escaped to take betwixt a assortment of antithetic vehicles successful the game, each featuring a definite acceptable of unsocial traits. And find yourself exploring the aggregate battlefields with astonishing and unthinkable setups. Get connected your thrust and present your champion performances to delight the crowds arsenic good arsenic to decision your opponents. The intuitive interaction controls and 2D side-scrolling presumption volition surely marque things a batch easier.

Explore and bask the in-depth gameplay arsenic you person entree to a assortment of absorbing car customizations. Unlock peculiar moves utilizing the intuitive controls, and instrumentality down your enemies with styles. Enjoy the crippled successful aggregate crippled modes and person amusive arsenic you cod your peculiar rewards.

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Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Simple straightforward and enjoyable gameplay

To commencement with, Android gamers successful Drive Ahead volition find themselves exploring the amusive and breathtaking gameplay without experiencing immoderate difficulties. Have it easy installed connected your strategy and commencement your car battling funs whenever you person the time. The casual and straightforward gameplay would marque things a batch easier. Not to notation that the intuitive tutorials and guides volition let you to afloat immerse successful your eventual driving experiences. Make uses of the elemental and comfy controls to efficaciously instrumentality down your opponents.

A assortment of absorbing rides to hop on

And for those of you who’re interested, the crippled besides introduces you a assortment of absorbing rides to hop on, each featuring its ain unsocial traits and abilities. Some tin sprout bullets retired of their body, immoderate diagnostic a chainsaw astatine the front, immoderate travel with a elephantine profile, immoderate tin beryllium highly tiny and swift, and galore more. Feel escaped to browse betwixt the antithetic rides arsenic you find yourself wholly hooked to the enjoyable gameplay.

Challenge your opponents successful unsocial and absorbing battlefields

Moreover, on with the assorted car options, gamers successful Drive Ahead besides find themselves exploring the amusive and breathtaking gameplay wherever they’re introduced to aggregate battlefields, each featuring its ain unsocial setups and elements. Explore the awesome rides arsenic you get utilized to the awesome level setups and marque uses of the surrounding environments to instrumentality down your enemies. Create diversions and lure your enemies to your traps to easy decision them. Each representation volition travel with its ain unsocial terrains that you tin instrumentality vantage of and usage it to decision your enemies.

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Multiple crippled modes to research successful Drive Ahead

To marque the crippled much interesting, gamers successful Drive Ahead volition besides person entree to a assortment of absorbing crippled modes. Discover the amusive and breathtaking gameplay arsenic you research the crippled to the fullest extends:

  • Rift Riders – Find yourself exploring the unsocial and exotic satellite of Rift Rider beingness with absorbing side-scrolling levels wherever you’ll person to spell against nasty and intimidating enemies. Complete a bid of absorbing levels arsenic you embark connected your eventual travel successful the unusual worlds. Discover the unsocial gameplay that’s wholly retired of this world.
  • Missions Stadiums – Explore and acquisition the awesome Drive Ahead gameplay wherever you’ll instrumentality connected a bid of breathtaking missions successful the stadium. Satisfy the fans arsenic you instrumentality connected your epic opponents and efficaciously decision them to determination connected to the adjacent missions. With escalating difficulties, you’re successful for a batch of amusive and thrilling levels arsenic you progress.
  • King of the Hill – And for those of you who’re interested, you tin ever instrumentality connected the eventual rides successful King of the Hill. Compete with a clump of endless opponents coming astatine you and decision them to enactment connected the elevation for arsenic agelong arsenic possible. And don’t hide the eventual rewards for the victor by mounting your ain records.

Enjoy the crippled with friends and online gamers

Moreover, gamers successful Drive Ahead are besides allowed to instrumentality their in-game completions online and bask the breathtaking multiplayer matchups. Starting with the offline gameplay wherever you’ll articulation friends and online gamers successful the breathtaking quick-fire multiplayer battles. Or articulation forces successful the epic co-op challenges wherever you’ll enactment unneurotic to decision the nasty enemies. And astir importantly, the awesome play Battle Arena tournaments volition surely involvement astir of you.

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Be progressive and cod your regular rewards

And to marque the crippled much rewarding, gamers successful Drive Ahead volition besides person entree to the absorbing prizes each clip they instrumentality to the game. Feel escaped to cod your regular rewards without having to bash anything. Moreover, with the stacking rewards, you tin expect to get immoderate unthinkable prizes astatine the extremity of the month. Plus, for immoderate further rewards, it’s besides imaginable for you to look for instant prizes by watching videos successful the game.

Free to play

With each those astonishing features, the crippled inactive manages to support the wholly escaped pricing, which is perfectly incredible. That being said, you tin easy person it downloaded and installed connected your mobile devices from the Google Play Store without having to wage anything.

Enjoy unlimited coins with our mod

And to fulfill your needs for absorbing customizations and car optimizations, but astir importantly, to bask the afloat unlocked gameplay, you mightiness privation to spell for our modified mentation of Drive Ahead instead. With this, you’ll beryllium capable to bask unlimited wealth for caller cars, caller stages, caller areas, and more. In addition, the ad-free gameplay volition besides marque the crippled a batch much enjoyable. And each it takes is for you to download the Drive Ahead Mod APK from our website instead.

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Visual and dependable quality


With elemental yet highly amusive graphics, Drive Ahead introduces Android gamers to the breathtaking car battles that you’ve ever wanted. Here, you’ll find yourself exploring the endless gameplay with aggregate setups. Hop connected your beauteous cars and bask the awesome gameplay with realistic physics. In addition, the undemanding graphics besides marque the crippled highly playable connected astir of your Android devices, which is decidedly a blast.


Together with astonishing ocular experiences, gamers successful Drive Ahead volition besides find themselves exploring the amusive and absorbing euphony successful the game. Enjoy the in-depth and enjoyable dependable effects passim the game. And dive into the endless and enjoyable soundtracks.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re funny successful racing gameplay, Drive Ahead should decidedly spice things up rather a batch arsenic it offers the unsocial and absorbing aspects that you seldom seen connected immoderate different titles. That being said, the awesome car battles, endless stances, thrilling adventures, and truthful on, each harvester to marque the crippled highly enjoyable.

And if you’re funny successful akin titles, past Crash of Cars and CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, should beryllium 2 worthy nominations among the different large mobile titles connected our website.