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Fans of the epic movies from the 1970s should get acceptable for their adjacent adventure. Join #DRIVE successful the astir breathtaking and realistic driving experiences connected mobile platforms. Find retired everything you request to cognize astir this astonishing crippled with our reviews.


The crippled was inspired by the epic rides successful the legendary movies of the 70s, with tons of driving and thoroughfare actions. Players volition beryllium playing arsenic a motortruck operator who considers driving arsenic his quality and the cars are the homes.

Step connected your cars, take your destinations, and conscionable deed the roadworthy arsenic you cruise done the iconic sceneries of the United States from the erstwhile century. But marque definite you abide by the laws and regulations portion you’re connected the roads.

Try not to deed connected thing arsenic you bask the amusive and excitement of driving alone. But if you do, beryllium definite to hole for what comes aft that.



Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled presently supports:

Experience realistic physics successful this astonishing racing game

With #DRIVE, players are introduced to a wholly caller racing mechanic, which relies a batch connected your skills and feels for controlling your cars. With realistic physics, you’ll request to beryllium connected galore real-life knowing erstwhile riding connected your truck. For example, you’ll request to see the value of the car and the momentum erstwhile making your turns, particularly erstwhile you’re traveling astatine precocious speed.

Simple and intuitive controls

To marque the crippled arsenic affable arsenic possible, players successful #DRIVE person entree to elemental and intuitive controls. While you’ll lone person to attraction astir the directions astatine which you’re heading to, determination are besides dozens of relating factors that request to considerations. These combined to marque the controls successful #DRIVE some elemental and hard astatine the aforesaid time. A diagnostic that not galore racing games retired determination tin deliver.

In addition, players are besides introduced to assorted tutorials and guides passim your journey, which marque the crippled highly intuitive and enjoyable. Especially during the opening stages erstwhile you don’t person excessively galore experiences.


Lose the cops arsenic they pursuit aft you

One of the astir breathtaking features successful #DRIVE is erstwhile you person to crank up your velocity and get escaped of the annoying cops that are chasing aft you. Make uses of the terrains, boosts, and different vehicles connected the roadworthy to make obstacles and halt them from catching you. Don’t fto it hap if you don’t privation to suffer your wealth and in-game progresses.

Collect invaluable goods and resources arsenic you go

As you question connected the road, determination are 2 things that’ll necessitate your attention, which are substance and gold. Try to cod arsenic galore golds arsenic imaginable to gain yourself assorted boosts arsenic you question connected the road. In addition, players indispensable attraction astir your state tank, marque definite you springiness it capable substance each track. Or else, you’ll not beryllium capable to advancement and indispensable halt wherever you are.

Pick up assorted boosts and power-ups

To marque your thrust a batch much breathtaking and competitive, you are allowed to prime up assorted boosts and power-ups for your vehicles passim your trip. Choose the close ones and cod them arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable to let you to spell faster arsenic good arsenic making your car much resilient.

That being said, you tin person different vehicles and obstacles successful beforehand of you being shoveled disconnected the roadworthy with the snowfall shovel, oregon velocity up your car to the utmost with the velocity boosts. Nonetheless, you’ll person a batch of amusive with #DRIVE.


Avoid obstacles arsenic you go

While you tin ever cod boosts and buffs to assistance you with your riding, gamers successful #DRIVE indispensable ever woody with the obstacles that get successful their way. Make definite you’re prepared for the unprepared arsenic they travel astatine you. Avoid obstacles arsenic you spell and marque definite you’re not affected by them.

Choose your favourite cars among dozens

For those who’re fans of the movies from the precocious 20th, #DRIVE would surely fulfill you arsenic it provides each car you would privation to person successful your collection. Travel successful styles arsenic you hop successful the astir celebrated cars backmost successful the aged days.

Pretend to beryllium a bull and thrust connected your Sneaky Beak ’69, catching transgression crossed the towns. Or beryllium a autobus operator and hop connected the classical bus, transport your customers to their desired destinations.

Race connected assorted maps and terrains

Here successful #DRIVE, players are introduced to a full caller riding experience, successful which driving isn’t conscionable astir racing. It’s astir enjoying the infinitesimal arsenic you cruise done the beauteous sceneries each implicit the country.

And to marque it happens, #DRIVE allows gamers to thrust their ways done assorted maps and terrains crossed the country. With antithetic maps, you’ll besides bask antithetic racing experiences.

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play, which is rather astonishing considering its astonishing features. Now, Android gamers tin bask a cleanable riding experience, successful which they tin hide astir each the things that situation them and conscionable bask the moment.

Get your #DRIVE for escaped by going to Apkdone, download and instal it arsenic you’re escaped to bask each the features.

Visual and dependable quality


The crippled features elemental and mesmerizing graphics that would instrumentality you to antithetic places each implicit the country. Enjoy driving astatine its champion arsenic you are impressed with the beauteous natures and environments. In addition, the crippled provides smooths and continuous gameplay, successful which players are not disturbed by lags oregon stutters.


With peaceful euphony and dependable effects, #DRIVE volition instrumentality you done galore antithetic surprises. Enjoy this driving crippled arsenic you’re introduced to impressed audio experiences.

Download #DRIVE MOD latest 2.2.4 Android APK

For those who ever bask the breathtaking sensations of driving on the endless roads and respect the quality arsenic it is, #DRIVE is surely a large rubric to enjoy.