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Dumb Ways To Draw is simply a 2D puzzle-adventure crippled with comic lines. Your task is to usage a pencil to make absorbing lines, and past sketch is the way to success. The crippled is built from the satellite of Dumb Way To Die, and the lines are groundbreaking. The crippled has galore favourite and celebrated Beans, for illustration Numpty, Numskull, Botch … You volition person galore absorbing moments with cute characters successful your ain way.


Dumb Ways To Draw is elemental successful content, and you lone request to usage the close lines. The crippled has an absorbing storyline, and you’re acceptable for a full caller adventure. Of course, Beans (like Numpty) request your help, and you request to bash a batch of things to get Beans to safety. The crippled is simply a novelty for those who are acquainted with “Dumb Way To Die”, due to the fact that you person to usage flexible fingers successful galore wholly caller levels. The crippled has a batch of absorbing puzzles, and you request to bash a batch of things to make large entertainment. The pitfalls are not that simple, and you request to bash a batch of things to prevention Bean successful beforehand of immoderate unsafe situations. The different item of the crippled is Real Physics. You person galore ways to interact with the satellite astatine large, and monstrous ideas volition ever beryllium used. The crippled besides offers a batch of products, you tin flooded the situation to gain galore shiny pencils. Thanks to further items, you easy prevention Beans successful the unusual traps. Sometimes, don’t beryllium acrophobic to indulge successful blessed decease moments, and your ain sillyness. The crippled besides offers galore fashionable languages, truthful it is suitable for galore antithetic countries.

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Dumb Ways Draw not lone brings cognition astir existent life, but besides entertaining moments. The gameplay is reminiscent of different drafting games similar Where Is my Avocado, Love Balls oregon Draw Lines. Your ngo is to make a harmless way to assistance Park determination safely to the destination. Time is limited, and everything starts arsenic soon arsenic you gully the archetypal line. Your quality is ever moving quickly, and you request to beryllium precise successful each stroke. Of course, you don’t person to beryllium an creator to flooded challenges. The crippled has easy-to-understand instructions, and your task is conscionable to effort to gully a elemental enactment with your digit connected the screen. The crippled ever has galore options to lick the problem. You tin gully galore strokes, but you volition get little points due to the fact that of the ample magnitude of strokes. Ideally, if you tin lick a puzzle with a consecutive line, that’s ever the optimal approach. However, the crippled is not that simple, and you request to prevention arsenic galore brushwood strokes arsenic possible. Each level of play volition person 3 stars for success. If you lick the level with 1 oregon 2 lines of drawing, past you volition get maximum stars. The crippled has much than 100 antithetic levels. Each level has challenges, arsenic good arsenic absorbing barriers that marque the crippled harder and harder. The crippled provides immoderate absorbing items specified arsenic cloud, honey, train, … In addition, you tin usage the eraser instrumentality to region immoderate indispensable elements. Every determination creates an power connected the character. The 2D graphics of the crippled are a plus, truthful suitable for young children. You bask galore cute brushwood strokes too amusive puzzles. The crippled introduces acquainted characters from Dumb Ways to Die, arsenic good arsenic introduces caller characters similar Loopy, Moose, and Yeti. The duration of the levels is highly abbreviated (about 5 seconds), truthful you request to bash a batch of things to implicit immoderate of the levels.

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Dumb Ways To Draw is not new, but has absorbing contented done challenges. You request to bash a batch of things to assistance those anserine Beans done death. Every incorrect enactment causes Dau to autumn into the trap, and of people Bean volition die. You request to gully the close signifier oregon enactment to assistance Bean get done each obstacles. Try to get to your destination safely, though determination are ever pitfalls to wait. Each level of play requires reflection and calculation to successfully pass. You request absorption and bully strategy to triumph the maximum star. Rewards aft each crippled surface volition assistance you ain more.

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In short, Dumb Ways To Draw is an absorbing puzzle game, and suitable for galore people. The crippled uses lines to lick puzzles. The crippled offers a batch of caller items, and absorbing characters. You usage the rewards aft each crippled screen, to unlock galore caller brushes with beauteous effects (such arsenic crayons, unreality pens, bid pens, chromatic pens). The much effectual you gully retired the line, the much stars you get. The crippled adopts existent physics mechanics, and you bask comic decease moments. Dumb Ways To Draw is not boring due to the fact that of absorbing decease experiences, arsenic good arsenic a unsocial inventory.

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  • Simple gameplay with brushstrokes.
  • Many absorbing deaths, utile knowledge
  • Diverse puzzles successful levels.
  • Real physics mechanics with galore unsocial schemes.
  • Use bonus stars to unlock much unsocial items.


  • Many solutions are not realistic.
  • The crippled has nary depth.