Dumpster MOD APK 3.13.403.83eaf (Premium Unlocked)

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If you accidentally deleted your files connected the mobile devices without immoderate protections oregon precautions, past they’re astir apt gone by now, adjacent if you’re getting assistance from professionals. Also, if you’re looking for a record to effort and retrieve your files, past Dumpster premium isn’t going to assistance you either. Instead, if you’re trying to forestall this occupation from ever happening again, past Dumpster premium volition enactment amended and simpler than immoderate different app.

Here, the utile mobile app tin enactment arsenic your retention guard, which helps to support your important files from the sneaky eyes and forestall immoderate of your files from going missing. Simply usage it to backmost up your important Android apps, photos, videos, and different files without immoderate troubles, truthful you won’t ever suffer them successful the future.

Learn much astir this absorbing mobile instrumentality from Ballota and research each of its features with our broad reviews.

What does it do?

Here successful Dumpster premium, Android users tin bask moving with the utile mobile app, which let them to wholly support their retention with galore absorbing tools. Start by backing up your full retention with Dumpster, arsenic the app enables a recycle bin for each of your deleted files. This volition forestall your files from wholly being wiped disconnected the system, allowing you to cheque backmost oregon person them restored aboriginal on.

Make uses of the elemental and accessible features successful the app to effortlessly reconstruct your deleted files and apps. Quickly retrieve them astatine an lawsuit without immoderate hassles and imaginable information losses. Unlock the utile online backup truthful you tin support your important record connected unreality drives. Unlock the utile fastener surface with interactive tools and features.

Protect your storages with information features to forestall others from accessing your idiosyncratic data. Explore absorbing themes that marque the in-app experiences a batch much enjoyable. Enjoy the fully-featured app adjacent erstwhile you’re offline. The database goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you tin present bask the awesome mobile exertion for escaped from the Google Play Store, which allows you to freely prosecute yourself successful the interactive recycle bin app. But since it’s inactive a freemium app, determination volition beryllium definite ads and in-app purchases that you request to wage to unlock.

Also, to marque definite that the app tin relation decently connected your devices, you volition request to supply it with the required entree permissions. Pay attraction to the prompting petition upon entering the app for the archetypal clip and take to judge the required permissions. On the different hand, dissimilar galore different apps, Dumpster doesn’t necessitate your devices to person basal permissions.

Plus, to alteration the compatible and unchangeable app usages connected your mobile devices, it’s important to person your devices updated to the latest firmware versions.

Awesome features

Here are each the breathtaking features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive app UI with accessible features

To commencement with, Android users successful Dumpster tin present person amusive playing with the intuitive app UI successful Dumpster, which marque things ace casual for you to enactment with. Feel escaped to browse the antithetic menus and alteration the important features successful Dumpster to commencement protecting your files and app data. Make elemental changes and alteration progressive protections for your files.

Backup each important information connected your devices

Here successful Dumpster, Android users tin person themselves a utile recycle bin app connected the mobile platform, which allows them to efficaciously support and reconstruct their files. With the automatic backups upon deleting your files, the app lets you support your important information from being accidentally deleted, nary substance their record sizes. This volition forestall your files from being wholly mislaid aft your mistakes. Dumpster tin enactment with each record types connected your mobile devices and adjacent with app data. Thus, allowing you to marque the astir of its features and support your files to the fullest.

Easily reconstruct your files and data

For those of you who are interested, you tin present easy reconstruct your files and information successful Dumpster. With the recycle bin enactment enabled, each deleted apps and files volition participate the recycle bin alternatively of being deleted for good. Hence, you tin easy entree the recycle bin and prime whichever files that you privation to beryllium restored. With optimized algorithms, the app volition retrieve your files wrong seconds nary substance however ample they are.

Protect your information with entree codes

And to marque definite that you tin safeguard your important files, Dumpster besides features the utile password extortion option. Simply prime whichever photos, videos, oregon files that you privation to beryllium protected and alteration their respective passwords with the 4-digit secured entree codes.

Work with unreality storages

To marque it easier for Android users to unafraid their files, Dumpster volition alteration the utile backup enactment connected unreality drives. As a result, you tin support your important files online, alternatively of the carnal drive. Thus, making definite that you won’t accidentally delete them erstwhile cleaning the device’ storage.

Conveniently enactment with fastener surface widget

For those of you who are interested, you tin present enactment with the utile fastener surface widget successful Dumpster, which allows Android users to easy entree the app’s features without having to crook connected your phone. Make lawsuit changes to the devices’ fastener surface and bask moving with the interactive interface.

Beautiful themes and plan options

Here successful Dumpster, Android users volition person the enactment to customize the taxable settings connected their Dumpster recycle bin with galore beauteous options. Feel escaped to browse the built-in room with absorbing themes and stunning designs, which let them to afloat prosecute themselves successful the in-app experiences. Enjoy the beauteous designs portion besides protecting your important files with their disposable backups.

Enjoy the app with oregon without the Internet

Here successful Dumpster, Android users tin bask each the app’s features adjacent erstwhile you’re offline, with the objection of the online unreality drive. As a result, you tin inactive backup and reconstruct your files without having to entree the Internet.

Enjoy the escaped and unlocked app with our mod

For those of you who are interested, you tin present bask the escaped and unlocked exertion of Dumpster connected our website. Here, we person removed each unwanted ads and in-app purchases, which let you to marque the astir of its features without having to wage anything. Simply download the Dumpster Mod APK, travel the fixed instructions and you’re bully to go.

Final verdicts

Now, unneurotic with Dr.fone and DiskDigger Pro record recovery, Android users volition person different large retention instrumentality for their mobile devices with Dumpster. Feel escaped to usage it to actively support your important files with some secured passwords and convenient backup options. All of which volition marque definite that you won’t ever suffer your files, unless purposely. And acknowledgment to the escaped and unlocked mentation of the app connected our website, you’ll surely person much reasons to bask it.