EasyCut – Video Editor & Maker APK (Android App)

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Want to edit videos photos connected your telephone astatine anytime and anywhere? EasyCut Video Editor is your champion choice.

EasyCut Video Editor is easy, escaped and almighty video editing, photograph editing, showcut, and collage app that allows you to edit, merge, modify videos, images, vlogs, status, and adjacent movies connected your telephone anytime, anywhere. EasyCut is casual to use, you tin marque a fantastic video successful 30 seconds. With music, effects, filters, stickers, motion, subtitles and different built-in features, EasyCut video exertion tin bash what CapCut, InShot, ShowCut and different mobile apps cannot do. Powerful arsenic it is, EasyCut tin conscionable each your needs for video editing, photograph editing, and making collage.

Save your wealth with EasyCut! EasyCut video exertion is simply a escaped app, you tin usage it to edit arsenic galore videos arsenic you want, with unlimited length, and export unlimited fig of videos. EasyCut video exertion is similar iMovie oregon Premiere connected your compartment phone, but it’s FREE and truly casual to learn.

⭐️Key Features:

🎬Easy editing, elemental and fun
Trim, crop, oregon divided video to the magnitude you need. Simply put videos, audio, and photos with resistance and drop. Make your video popular with EasyCut video trimmer & cutter whether you’re a nonrecreational video exertion oregon a beginner.

🌉Edit photos similar a pro
EasyCut provides you a escaped & accelerated photograph editing tool. You tin crook your photograph into a existent portion of creation with conscionable a fewer clicks. Easy to marque your clubhouse illustration photo.

📷Efficient collage tool
Make a beauteous collage with 1-9 images successful conscionable a fewer clicks, with adjustable gaps, corners, and inheritance colors!

🎆Trending video effects and filters
EasyCut video exertion shaper has selected the astir fashionable filters from Instagram. It besides offers immense magnitude of video modulation effects that volition support your videos lasting out.

🎵Add music
With EasyCut Video Editor and its immense built-in euphony library, adding euphony oregon voice-overs to your video is overmuch easier than before. No much annoying euphony searches and you tin besides extract inheritance euphony from your favourite videos.

🌈Color grading
Enhance and set the color, exposure, saturation, opposition of your video, and bring your video to beingness with a useful colour correction & colour grading feature. EasyCut video exertion makes it precise casual to marque your videos much vibrant and appealing.

🌃Crop and alteration background.
EasyCut video exertion and video shaper tin adhd borders, backgrounds and adjacent modify facet ratios for your videos. Whatever societal media you’d similar to station your video on, EasyCut tin ever take the champion ratio for you!

🔠Customize titles and graphics
Access built-in animated graphics specified arsenic titles, stickers, and overlays. A assortment of substance fonts and stickers are waiting for you to discover. Change the color, size, font, and much to marque them yours.

🎞Compress videos
EasyCut Video Editor tin assistance you compress oregon ample videos that instrumentality up a batch of abstraction successful your telephone and prevention your telephone space. This besides makes it easier for you to stock the videos with your friends!

🏃‍♀️Video velocity control
Speed up, dilatory down, and rewind. With conscionable a fewer clicks connected the video maker, you tin velocity up your video successful a comic mode oregon dilatory down your video for those peculiar moments.

🌅Export Full HD video
Once you’ve done creating a video, EasyCut video exertion allows you to export it successful afloat HD format and easy show it connected immoderate of your favourite SNS, including YouTube, Instagram, Chingari, Roposo, Likee, and etc.

Email support: [email protected]

Please consciousness escaped to interaction america if you request immoderate further information.

EasyCut Video Editor makes video & photograph editing easier than ever. With conscionable a fewer clicks, you tin trim and edit videos, showcut, set transitions, oregon adhd chill effects and substance to your video and photo. Come and make the cleanable video you’ll emotion to share. Download EasyCut Video Editor present and commencement editing videos & photos arsenic casual arsenic the pros!