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To make the Elevate, the developer includes galore games that players tin use to their real-life specified arsenic Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Math. Each of these skills is called Eloquence oregon Brevity. Usually, the workout successful different games whitethorn inquire you to take the champion synonyms successful a list. This seems to beryllium adjuvant for radical whose minds spell blank sometimes. But, successful 1 workout of Elevate, you person to benignant them alternatively of selecting.

There are besides immoderate highly applicable exercises, including communal spelling and grammar errors tests oregon sum estimation. Besides, you tin cheque your listening accomplishment done respective audio passages. The crippled volition go much challenging erstwhile you play it more. The crippled is besides empirical erstwhile being invented with the Study Material feature, which requires you to unlock. This diagnostic possesses galore breathtaking skills that volition beryllium revealed successful the pursuing part. Additionally, Elevate Pro users tin entree unlimitedly to games, plays arsenic good arsenic investigation connected their performance. Let’s commencement to find retired much item astir this game!

Elevate Features

The Games

As mentioned above, the Elevate app focuses connected improving your connection skills and helping you to process accusation much easily. Therefore, the games comprise immoderate exercises specified arsenic speechmaking comprehension, vocabulary improvement, listening, oregon looking up for grammatical errors. From that point, this app approaches players successful aggregate ways to assistance and instruct them connected however to read, listen, speak, and constitute inappropriately.

To beryllium specific, each Elevate crippled volition not trust connected shapes oregon patterns but written oregon spoken text. You person to work a abbreviated paragraph oregon a sentence, past you look for errors oregon make your grammar knowledge. Some different games whitethorn inquire you to perceive oregon work respective informative passages earlier you are tested connected accusation from the text. You whitethorn find that these games are akin to your exercises successful English classes.

Some users whitethorn deliberation to Elevate an big consciousness alternatively than different encephalon grooming apps arsenic the games absorption little connected colorful illustrations and instrumentality a superior approach. However, they are so funnier, much interesting, and challenging than those you person done successful schools.


Elevate is evaluated arsenic colorful and loud. In particular, this app has a assortment of moving cartoon-like objects. You tin spot immoderate nesting dolls, a spaceship, oregon a flock of birds, which are utilized to show your progress. Thanks to these features, users spot Elevate arsenic a regular mobile crippled successful lieu of an acquisition tool. Generally, the plan of the Elevate is much whimsical.

The paper of Elevate is besides user-friendly arsenic you tin easy way your advancement successful the app. You volition spot your show people aft each crippled you play. Some users deliberation that these scores are precise meaningless, but it does assistance you to support way of your advancement by comparing your existent scores to erstwhile sessions and different users’ scores. Besides, your ain show is besides monitored done a dedicated interface, which adds much bully incentives to proceed moving retired and practicing utilizing the app. That is however you tin effort to heighten your wide progress.

The app itself operates efficaciously and skillfully arsenic it instructs users gradually from task to task. Games are animated nicely and well-designed. So, you bash not request to beryllium an Android adept to usage this app arsenic everything is accessible.


Regarding cost, this app is comparatively reasonable. You tin play Elevate for escaped successful 14 days earlier it requires you to wage for a subscription. More specifically, it costs 5 dollars per period and 45 dollars per twelvemonth for the premium membership. When becoming a premium member, you tin play 3 games arsenic your regular grooming sessions and 8 other games with 24 full titles, which you tin play anytime you want.

General Evaluation

When archetypal playing Elevate, you person a escaped proceedings for 14 days. After that, the app volition measure your cognitive abilities initially. The assessed areas are memory, focus, processing, precision, comprehension, and math. When the app has capable accusation astir your ability, it past generates a tailored grooming programme for you. As you tin guess, this programme includes galore games that you tin play during the day. However, these games are precise meaningful and adjuvant arsenic they are designed to make a antithetic facet of your cognition. As they are each relied connected extended probe from the cognitive learning and sectors of neuroscience, they are reliable and worthy your time.

Moreover, users tin opt for pursuing Elevate’s grooming programme oregon selecting peculiar games to signifier connected their own. The app has a immense fig of antithetic encephalon grooming exercises. This seems to beryllium the astir important origin contributing to the precocious complaint of Elevate from galore users. By these offers, users volition not beryllium fed up with their grooming owed to an capable level of variance.


  • Lots of refinement and polish
  • Tailor-made encephalon training
  • The cleanable magnitude of clip for regular training
  • Fun grooming and invaluable skills


  • No glossary for a caller vocabulary oregon learned vocabulary
  • No deadlines for levels/scores

FAQs astir Elevate

Is Elevate Legit?

The reply is YES. The developer uses their NLP instrumentality learning process to cheque the legitimacy of this app from their users, and they leap to the decision that this app is legitimate. Besides, according to Justuseapp Legitimacy Score, Elevate gets a people of 90 retired of 100.

Is Elevate Safe To Use?

It is precise harmless erstwhile utilizing elevates. There are astir much than 200 1000 reviews based connected Natural Language Processing, which complaint 5/5 for the information of this app. Furthermore, the Justuseapp Safety Score of Elevate is 100 retired of 100.

What Should I Do If The Elevate Does Not Work?

Elevate usually works astir of the time. However, successful lawsuit it is not moving connected your device, you tin effort to uninstall it for a portion and download it again. You should beryllium diligent if it inactive does not work. The last solution is to link to the app enactment oregon telephone to interaction support.

Who Can Play Elevate?

The programme of Elevate focuses chiefly connected communication. Users volition beryllium challenged to amended their grammar and writing, broaden their vocabularies, and amended their attraction and memory. Therefore, it seems to beryllium not the close app for those who bash not consciousness assured successful their English connection oregon header with spelling and grammar.

The Bottom Lines

Briefly, Elevate Pro APK is simply a utile encephalon grooming app with abbreviated and saccharine games. The games are entertaining capable for users to workout their brains nary substance erstwhile you are. Also, Elevate is antithetic from different encephalon grooming disposable successful the store. If you similar a tricky puzzle crippled specified arsenic Brain Test, you mightiness find Elevate a small spot boring.

However, each app has its ain benefit. As mentioned above, the app accommodates you with a daily, weekly, oregon adjacent monthly rundown of your performance. And the enactment of ranking and comparing your people with the show of different users successful a akin property radical tin springiness you a emergence successful your progression.