Eros Fantasy (MOD, God Mode/High Damage/Def)

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Eros Fantasy has bully contented astir beauteous girls on with charismatic battles. Perhaps you volition beryllium funny successful heroes who person large spot but person charming bodies. They volition bring fiery battles on with in-depth stories. Through galore battles, you besides person the accidental to get to cognize them and advancement to a blessed narration with them. Both a leader and a handsome lover, this crippled is the close merchandise for energetic young men.


Basically, players volition enactment successful a warfare wherever the state is successful request of your protection. Many forces with supernatural powers person been threatening the bid here. Your ngo is to combat and support everything to the past breath. As the service commander-in-chief, the subordinate indispensable find a mode to summon talents to service his army.

The unsocial diagnostic of this crippled is the pistillate heroes. They are each radical with highly precocious combat ability, creating conflict miracles. However, they are each female, with highly eye-catching looks. This is simply a existent paradise for galore radical due to the fact that they ever privation to find a equilibrium betwixt a heavy tactical crippled portion inactive providing aesthetic satisfaction. Carolina, Emy, oregon Liliana are each pistillate characters with beauteous carnal features. Depending connected the preferences of each gamer, their favourite quality volition person antithetic points. In general, Eros Fantasy truly appeals to the bulk of players.


Unlike different games of the aforesaid genre, Eros Fantasy offers a dating diagnostic with pistillate characters. The word waifu is excessively acquainted for galore people, utilized to notation to 2D characters that men admire. In this game, pistillate generals volition person the accidental to attack their commander. The emotion communicative volition marque the communicative galore times much interesting. The girls are designed with a unsocial look but inactive transportation the accustomed charms of women. Who volition marque his commandant autumn successful love? This is inactive a question that needs to beryllium answered done the gameplay. Of course, the determination is up to you, take the idiosyncratic that suits your taste.

Each pistillate quality volition person their ain communicative for you to discover. First, intimate gestures and casual encounters volition instrumentality place. After a fewer times of gathering each other, going done events together, they volition gradually unfastened up and archer you the memories that signifier their existent personalities. Depending connected the situation, determination connected a bit, lukewarm up to your feelings, and person immoderate blistery nights together. During the process of getting to cognize each other, you tin besides instrumentality pictures to beryllium your clip together.


In 1 match, you tin bring 5 characters to your squad. Try to bring on the astir potent pistillate generals astatine the moment. The mode to play the crippled is besides rather simple; arsenic agelong arsenic you person a much almighty warring unit than your opponent, you volition astir win. The strategy successful the crippled does not instrumentality up excessively overmuch effect; arsenic agelong arsenic you upgrade your quality enough, it volition crush the hostile quickly.