European War 4: Napoleon MOD APK 1.4.38 (Unlimited Money)

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Growing up, my friends and I utilized to play a batch of strategy games. Back successful the 2010s, we utilized to person a gaming leafage for each types of games, and if I americium not wrong, each azygous crippled from the strategy class was connected the apical database for months. Most of the strategical games revolve astir a humanities period, and the main absorption is to decision the enemy.

In 2014, a crippled rubric acceptable successful the Napoleonic epoch was introduced to the public, which was named “European warfare 4: Napoleon”. The crippled takes spot during the 18th and 19th centuries, and its representation consists of countries from Europe, America, and Mediterranean Africa. It is simply a crook by turn-based strategy warfare game, which means each subordinate volition instrumentality his/her crook to marque a determination and guarantee that the determination volition warrant him/her the astir benefit.


“European warfare 4: Napoleon” allows america to sojourn and larn astir the conflicts acceptable successful America and Europe. Players tin power and pb the armies of immoderate state they wish, specified arsenic France, Spain, oregon Britain, and each broadside has its ain troops and peculiar units.

The crippled is beauteous elemental to recognize with a hex-based strategical benignant game. Each subordinate volition instrumentality their crook to play, and each they person to bash is property the desired soldiers and take the dot wherever they privation them to go. The mode units determination is affected by the hexes’ terrain, and sometimes players are allowed to physique caller subject units that tin beryllium captured.

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The gameplay is straightforward

There are successful full six campaigns and 2 of which are unlocked from the start. In the archetypal two, players tin play arsenic either France oregon the confederation warring against France. Furthermore, each run takes spot successful antithetic locations successful the satellite truthful that players volition not consciousness repeated.

As I person mentioned above, during the battle, players instrumentality turns to marque a determination truthful that they volition get the astir benefits retired of the battle. When the players’ crook is completed, they volition property a fastener to spell to the adjacent crook (although it is simply a spot tiny and hard to see). They volition person to negociate and support the system arsenic good arsenic the subject of their chosen country. To decision the enemies, players tin take to physique towns, seaports, armories, and galore more. As galore buildings are constructed, it is indispensable that players person strategical plans to support and sphere them wholly intact.

By capturing onshore and cities, players person the quality to nutrient resources: food, money, and instrumentality parts. Farmland and farm-related volition springiness you food, which is expended by subject units per turn, wealth and parts tin beryllium utilized to bargain and upgrade units arsenic good arsenic cities oregon make fortifications. Collecting resources volition support your system thriving, giving you the accidental to physique a beardown service and combat against the opponents.

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Units and generals

Units are created successful cities and tin beryllium sorted into 3 types: artillery, cavalry, and infantry. The artillery portion tin onslaught from distance, it is bully astatine discourtesy but atrocious astatine defense. The cavalry is successful the mediate and tin determination 2 spaces. The infantry is inexpensive and large astatine defense.

The much upgraded your cities, the amended units you tin build. Moreover, if you privation for unchangeable and well-built units, you tin walk golden to get troops (life) for them. There is much to larn astir the combat system: units tin freely determination and past attack, but aft finishing to attack, they cannot determination (besides the engagement of immoderate definite generals).

Another important diagnostic is that generals tin beryllium equipped to units, giving them combat bonuses and surrounding units with smaller bonuses. There are implicit 200 existent generals of the time, each of them has antithetic skills and improvements to the army. Generals are an indispensable portion of the combat, and without the pb of the generals, the units volition autumn apart, truthful retrieve to support your generals harmless erstwhile they are debased connected energy.

Going into combats

The combat happens slowly, determination are not galore actions happening and thing peculiar going on. Since the crippled does not instrumentality spot successful real-time, it is important for players to program strategies earlier beginning. Only aft completing a move, tin players cognize what their hostile volition do.

During the game, players tin flank the force divisions and support theirs. Flanking a part means attacking it from 2 other sides. By doing so, the morale of the part is reduced, and the force volition suffer much vigor successful the adjacent attack.

When the players’ units are connected 2 sides of their hexes, covering 4 oregon much retired of the six spaces around, they volition summation triumph and vice versa.

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Conquest mode and run mode

In conquest mode, you tin take immoderate state you similar from the game, decision each of your enemies, and instrumentality implicit the full map. There are choices from antithetic warfare scenarios and antithetic periods of clip for you to select. Games successful conquest mode tin spell connected for hours, it tin get tiring and boring, but you tin prevention your advancement and travel backmost erstwhile you person freshened up yourself. In run mode, players volition person to implicit the objectives wrong a definite fig of turns.

Winning conquest mode wrong 65 rounds volition let you to regularisation Europe oregon situation Asia. Players tin get Austrian, British, French, Russian, and Ottoman princesses, but each twelvemonth comes with antithetic ones. The aforesaid happening happens erstwhile you determine to situation Asia, you volition get Chinese and Japanese princesses.

Unlimited Money

Many players person suggested different fellows prevention up arsenic galore wealth arsenic they tin truthful that utile items tin beryllium purchased to easy triumph the combats. Nevertheless, with European War 4: Napoleon Mod APK, players are fixed unlimited wealth that let them to bargain immoderate they privation without immoderate hesitation.



“European War 4: Napoleon” is designed simply similar the strategy benignant crippled that we person seen done a lot. The colors and backgrounds bash not basal retired but inactive pull the players’ attention.


While playing, gamers tin bask the heroic soundtracks with dependable effects from horses running, generals moving and eliminating enemies, cannons shooting, etc.


Without a heavy look into the game, you tin hardly find retired the fascinating parts successful “European War 4: Napoleon”. If you are a instrumentality of strategy games, this crippled rubric volition support your attraction for a agelong time. “European War 4: Napoleon” is specified an addictive crippled that volition beryllium worthy of your time.