Fallout Shelter MOD APK 1.14.13 (Unlimited Money)

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When the warfare outbreaks, fewer tin past the fearfulness and devastation of atomic weapons. That being said, your mean shelters won’t beryllium capable to support you from the almighty atomic blast. We’ll request thing with amended protections for the people. Thus the underground bases are calved and rapidly go the saviours for each humanity. Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled from Bethesda Softworks LLC with our reviews.


The crippled takes spot successful a parallel Earth successful which the on-going atomic wars person torn retired the precise surfaces of the Earth. Nothing was capable to past the harsh information truthful radical commencement gathering underground shelters. Hence, quality commencement to unrecorded nether the extortion of their coagulated underground bases.

However, with time, the resources dilatory depleted which makes it nary longer peaceful successful the underground world. To woody with this, galore are sent connected the surfaces to look for resources. However, with atomic wars, astir of the surfaces were wiped out. Mutated monsters scatter each implicit the faces looking for the pray. Life has ne'er been truthful difficult.

In this game, players volition play arsenic the eventual commandant of your underground base. It’s your work to springiness the radical the indispensable resources arsenic good arsenic protecting them from attacks and disasters. Manage the full underground assemblage successful this unthinkable simulation game.

And astatine the aforesaid time, you person to grow your basal to marque country for much constructions. Collect capable resources to physique your eventual defences. Contact with the extracurricular satellite and look for different underground bases. Come up with a solution for your future.

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Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Create your ain underground vault

Being a dutiful leader, it’s your occupation to springiness the radical successful your underground basal a brighter future. Start by processing your vault with caller technologies. Have dwellers connected the surfaces to cod resources arsenic good arsenic supervising the areas.

Connect with scattering dwellers astir the bases and person them gathered astatine your base. Attract caller radical for a larger workforce. Expand your basal and person the workers conception caller facilities. Upgrade your vaults and supply each the required services to dwellers. Make definite they’re blessed and consenting to enactment for a amended future.

Engage with your dwellers the champion you can

The crippled besides introduces in-depth simulation gameplay wherever you tin prosecute with each and each idiosyncratic connected the base. First, you tin get to cognize each dweller by talking and interact with them. Find retired what are their weaknesses, beardown points, and interests, past delegate them to their perfect jobs.

Supervise their works and marque definite they implicit what you told them to. Collect resources and supply the radical with each the services that they require. Build a blessed and satisfying assemblage wherever each the dwellers are successful the close spot and person each their needs fulfilled.

In addition, you tin marque your dwellers much susceptible successful what they’re doing by giving them the close tools and equipment. Provide suitable grooming to make their indispensable skills truthful that they whitethorn execute better.

Fallout Shelter screenshot

Make uses of your crafting capabilities

And successful a satellite wherever resources are costly stuff, it would beryllium a bully thought to recycle the random junks that you find. That being said, you tin research the crafting features successful Fallout Shelter and crook the worthless junks successful your inventory into utile earthy materials oregon upgradable parts.

You tin heighten your crafting abilities by investing successful varied researches truthful that your idiosyncratic tin use amended technologies connected the crafting.

Explore the breathtaking customize options

The crippled adjacent goes arsenic acold arsenic allowing gamers to marque varied customizations connected their dwellers. That being said, you tin easy customize however the radical successful your basal look. Give them caller haircuts by visiting the barbershop often. Or formal them up with caller apparel that you’ve collected from the shop. In facts, you tin adjacent customize however your rooms look by giving them caller themes.

Fallout Shelter screenshot

Expand and beforehand your underground base

Now you’ve person had your basal up and running, it’s clip to crook it into a prosperous utopia. Start by having aggregate workers, each with their ain unsocial and utile acceptable of skills. You tin pull much idiosyncratic to your basal by having your Radio Room constructed.

Using the Radio Room, you tin interaction the dwellers that are scattering each astir the surfaces. They are hopeless for a harmless vault truthful they’ll beryllium much than consenting to articulation your vault. Just marque definite that you get the close 1 with the utile skills.

Plus, don’t overflow your basal with unproductive workers. Your resources won’t beryllium capable to prolong them.

Explore the supra surfaces

Speaking of which, if your resources are low, it’s indispensable for you to nonstop explorers to the surfaces up above. Have them question connected the surfaces to look for indispensable resources similar food, water, fuel, and more. In addition, if it’s your fortunate day, your scouting portion mightiness adjacent tally into invaluable loots that consists of weapons and essentials equipment. But marque definite they’re well-equipped with bully protections and almighty weapons to woody with the dangers that’re ever present.

Fallout Shelter screenshot

Be the commandant and support your vault

And contempt everyone’s believes, it’s not ever harmless to enactment nether the vault. Sometimes, the basal volition necessitate your extortion to past the disasters. That being said, successful the harsh satellite of Fallout Shelter, determination are chances that your vault mightiness beryllium attacked by the others. Make definite you’re well-prepared successful bid to support your assets.

Nonetheless, your vault mightiness tally into unwanted accidents which mightiness origin varied problems similar powerfulness failures, fires, and truthful on. Prepare yourself for each antithetic situations and springiness the close responses.

Fallout Shelter screenshot

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play for each Android users. Hence, you tin easy person it installed connected your Android devices. However, you mightiness find the in-app purchases and ads a small spot annoying. If that’s the case, you mightiness privation to instrumentality a look astatine our mod version.

Unlock unlimited gameplay with our mods

Speaking of which, our mods version offers unlimited wealth for gamers truthful that they tin rapidly conception their imagination vault without having to walk existent cash. Moreover, our crippled is besides ad-free truthful you won’t beryllium bothered by the disturbing ads.

To person the crippled installed connected your devices, conscionable download our Fallout Shelter Mod APK record connected our website. Follow our acquisition to successfully instal it connected your mobile devices.

Visual and dependable quality


Fallout Shelter comes with comparatively elemental graphics which marque it suitable adjacent for the debased extremity devices. However, that doesn’t mean the crippled comes with mediocre graphics. In contrary, you’ll find the close ocular effects rather intuitive arsenic they present each the aspects of the beingness nether ground.

Moreover, each characters are well-designed volition distinctive traits truthful that nary 1 tin look similar the other. Hence, you tin easy interact with definite characters successful your basal and adjacent marque them your bully friends.


With almighty and impactful music, Fallout Shelter allows gamers to genuinely immerse into the breathtaking escapade of the post-apocalyptic survivors. Explore each the aspects of their lives arsenic you immerse yourself into the truthful audio experiences.

How To Install Fallout Shelter APK with OBB information file

  1. APK instal it connected your device.
  2. Extract the OBB record to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.bethsoft.falloutshelter. Ensure that the OBB record (main.89.com.bethsoft.falloutshelter.obb) sits wrong the com.bethsoft.falloutshelter folder.
  3. Start the crippled again. Enjoy!

Download Fallout Shelter Mod latest 1.14.13 Android APK

For galore Android gamers, Fallout Shelter is decidedly 1 of the champion simulation crippled with the post-apocalyptic theme. Here you’ll person each the aspects of beingness successful the mislaid aboriginal introduced to you. Engage successful galore unsocial activities that you could ne'er deliberation of. Not to notation that our mod mentation of the crippled volition treble the amusive for you.