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Enjoy the world-famous cartoon bid Family Guy successful a marque caller adventure. Join your favourite characters specified arsenic Peter, Lois, Meg, Christ, Stewie Griffin, Brian, Quagmire, Joe, Steve, and galore others successful this simulation game. Explore an highly interactive crippled wherever you’ll summation implicit entree to each the people, building, and much successful Quahog. Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled connected your mobile devices with our reviews.


The crippled begins with the cartoon amusement is being cancelled again and the citizens of Quahog are getting annoyed. And calm down the situations, Fox has assembled the citizens successful an effort to explicate the situations to them.

Turns out, each these problems is due to the fact that that Ernie the Giant Chicken is liable for the caller incidents. And successful an enactment of heroism, Peter has challenged him for a duel. And arsenic a effect of the brawl, astir of Quahog was destroyed.

In this game, you’ll travel Peter’s travel to reunites with his family, friends, and the radical of Quahog. Complete varied missions and get progressive successful breathtaking gameplay, bask the crippled arsenic you assistance your favourite characters rebuilding their location town. And successful the meantime, get acceptable for immoderate hilarious gameplay.

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Let’s instrumentality a look astatine each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Collect each your favourite characters

Here successful Family Guy The Quest for Stuff, players volition person their opportunities to play arsenic their favourite characters. Spend clip to assistance Peter implicit his quests and you’ll summation entree to galore different characters successful the bid similar Lois, Brian, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Joe, Bonny, Steve, Quagmire, and truthful on. Choose your favourite characters and implicit a assortment of antithetic gameplay. Get progressive successful galore exhilarating activities successful the game.

Send them successful epic quests

First, you tin person your characters to execute galore unusual and comic quests that you’ll astir apt won’t spot connected immoderate different Android title. Have Peter dancing similar a brainsick striper, Quagmire execute incredibly soiled magic tricks, Lois enactment successful a boxing match, Joe dancing with his jelly legs, and truthful on. Get acceptable to acquisition immoderate superior laughs and rewarding prizes.

Dress up your characters to however you similar it

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In addition, the crippled besides allows you to formal up your characters with hundreds of antithetic clothes. Have your favourite characters formal similar maniacs. Feel escaped to instrumentality a look astatine the Mermaid Peter, Bikini Quagmire, Boxer Lois, Terminator Stewie, Bully Meg, and truthful on. The amusive ne'er stops arsenic agelong arsenic you’re inactive successful the game.

Build and instrumentality attraction of your ain Quahog

And to assistance the municipality aft the brawl betwixt Peter and the Giant Chicken, gamers volition beryllium introduced to an in-depth municipality builder gameplay wherever you’ll springiness it your champion to instrumentality the municipality to its ceremonial glory, oregon benignant of.

Complete missions and unlock caller areas connected the maps arsenic good arsenic reconstruct the destroyed buildings. There volition besides beryllium a constructing diagnostic truthful you tin respire caller beingness successful Quahog. Explore antithetic gameplay arsenic you unlock caller areas and bask caller gameplay.

Take attraction of your municipality from unthinkable enemies specified arsenic pirates, Ernie the Giant Chicken, and adjacent alien invasions from outer space.

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Decorate your towns with varied themes

Moreover, you tin besides summation entree to the implicit decorating features. Pick a taxable for your municipality and springiness it on-theme decorations with each kinds of antithetic buildings, facilities, and adjacent the mode radical dress. Give your municipality thing caller and unsocial to marque it stands retired from the others.

Collect hundreds of exclusive in-game animations

For the die-hard fans of the celebrated series, Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is besides a large accidental for you to observe the absorbing pieces of animations that you’ve ne'er seen connected the cartoon amusement before. Have the chances to ticker unsocial contents that are lone exclusive to this game.

Experience wholly caller jokes from the writers of Family Guy

In additions, the crippled volition besides present Android gamers to galore breathtaking stories that’re written by the archetypal writers of the Family Guy bid themselves. Experience hilarious situations arsenic you advancement successful this astonishing game.

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Play the crippled successful your favourite languages

And for the archetypal time, you’ll person your chances to acquisition Family Guy the Quest for Stuff successful your preferred languages. The crippled presently supports French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and more. With much languages being updates successful the future, you’ll this crippled overmuch much relatable.

Free to play

Surprise! The crippled is presently escaped for each Android users to download and instal connected their mobile without immoderate charges. That being said, you’ll person the opportunities to bask each the in-game contents for free. Still, your advancement volition beryllium dilatory downed unless you’re consenting to wage for the in-app purchases. This mightiness origin immoderate gamers to consciousness somewhat bothered.

Enjoy unlimited gameplay with our mods

And if you find the in-app purchases and ads a small annoying, you’re besides allowed to research the implicit gameplay with our mod version. Just request to download our Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Mod APK record connected your devices and travel our instructions to person it successfully installed. Gain entree to unlimited gameplay arsenic good arsenic each the wealth successful the satellite that you want. Rebuilding Quahog volition beryllium overmuch easier and little taxing.

Visual and dependable quality


You’ll find the crippled looking precisely similar your favourite Quahog with the akin creation styles. All your characters are accurately designed to marque them consciousness similar they’ve conscionable walked retired of the cartoon series. On apical of that, the beauteous and exotic costumes would surely marque you consciousness interested.


For the archetypal time, gamers volition person their chances to research an authentic Family Guy crippled with officially voiced characters. Hence, you tin find your favourite characters similar Peter, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, Joe, Steve, and much dependable conscionable similar their cartoon characters.

On apical of that, during definite events, you tin adjacent person immoderate celebs visiting your town. And of course, they’re besides voiced.

Download Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Mod latest 3.5.2 Android APK

Fans of Family Guy would surely find this crippled absorbing arsenic it introduces gamer to a full caller satellite wherever they could interact with each national of Quahog. Join Peter Griffin, his family, and friends successful a hilarious journey. Plus, you tin summation entree to the afloat gameplay without having to wage thing with our mods.