FLIP – Focus Timer for Study MOD APK 1.20.2 (Premium)

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For those of you who’re having a hard clip trying to absorption connected their studies, you tin marque afloat uses of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study to amended your survey experiences with the app. Here, you tin easy entree the mobile exertion and marque afloat uses of its features to let you to further absorption connected your studies. Learn to negociate your clip arsenic good arsenic to power your telephone addictions successful FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, which is considerably 1 of the champion productivity apps for mobile users, speech from the celebrated Flipd.

Feel escaped to observe galore absorbing features successful the app, which volition let you afloat absorption your attentions successful the lesion, alternatively of galore different distractions that you mightiness person on the way. Have amusive joining different mobile users successful their eventual quests to region distractions and get the astir retired of their studies. Get motivated to commencement learning whenever you needed, and more.

Find retired much astir this awesome mobile exertion of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study with our implicit reviews.

What does it do?

The app was designed to assistance students and officers to prosecute themselves successful whichever tasks that they’re moving connected alternatively of getting sidetracked by their phones. And this is precisely what you’ll get by utilizing FLIP – Focus Timer for Study. The awesome mobile exertion volition marque it imaginable for Android users to get escaped of each the distractions from immoderate of their mobile apps, by simply putting your telephone upside down. Hence, the sanction FLIP is perfectly understandable.

Throughout your productive uses of the awesome mobile application, Android users tin find themselves picking up aggregate features and functions that could travel successful handy. Feel escaped to amended your absorption level and the quality to negociate clip with FLIP – Focus Timer for Study. Keep way of your advancement by measuring your focused clip passim the time and get your ain reports to further cipher your improvements.


For those of you who’re funny successful this awesome mobile exertion of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, you tin instantly person the app installed connected your Android devices without having to wage for anything. However, since the app does person ads and in-app purchases, you’ll request to unlock each of those with existent wealth if you privation to further bask the mobile application.

In addition, since it’ll meddle rather a batch connected your phone’s operations to marque definite that definite apps are blocked and inactivated during your clip of the FLIP, mobile users volition request to supply the app with galore required entree permissions.

And astatine the aforesaid time, marque definite that you’re moving FLIP – Focus Timer for Study connected your firmware mentation 4.4 oregon above. This volition let the mobile app to afloat relation connected your Android devices, without moving into immoderate compatibility issues.

Awesome features

Here are each the breathtaking features that the app has to offer:

Simple and intuitive flip timer

To commencement with, Android users successful FLIP – Focus Timer for Study volition find themselves instantly making uses of the accessible flip timer. All it takes is for you to prime your absorption sessions and flip down the telephone to alteration the clip measurement. This volition isolate you from each the imaginable distractions from your mobile devices, allowing you to wholly absorption connected your studies. The close clip measurements volition marque definite that you tin get the champion results from utilizing FLIP – Focus Timer for Study.

Measure and amended your absorption level

And passim the in-app experiences, FLIP – Focus Timer for Study volition besides cipher your absorption level passim each survey session. This would assistance the app to measurement its level of focus, allowing students to re-evaluate their performances and hole for definite changes that’re needed. Feel escaped to marque uses of the app to see your existent level of absorption and let you to improve.

Make uses of the mini-window feature

And to marque definite that you won’t get disturbed by different applications portion you’re utilizing your telephone for the dictionary and watching your video lessons, Android users tin bask their survey clip with the mini-window feature. Here, you tin easy entree the in-app features and support successful interaction with different FLIP students without having to exit the app.

Set your timeline for the full day

To commencement your learning experiences, Android users successful FLIP – Focus Timer for Study tin besides acceptable their timeline for the full day, which dwell of each the goals that you request to implicit and studies that necessitate your attention. Feel escaped to acceptable up the goals successful chronological orders and alteration the timetable for each your measured goals. The app volition perpetually way your advancement passim the time and automatically nonstop you a study connected immoderate related matter. As a result, you’ll surely find the mobile app highly useful.

Get your reports successful FLIP

And speaking of which, with FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, Android users tin easy get their regular reports, which screen each the related details connected your studies. Get the implicit statistic connected however you really performed during the time and person entree to the astir intuitive reports whenever you request them. And astir importantly, the reports volition beryllium recorded connected your mobile devices, making it a batch easier for you to cheque the play and monthly survey time.

To marque definite that you tin bask your societal survey experiences to the fullest, FLIP – Focus Timer for Study present offers the quality to stock its studies and your advancement connected galore SNS. Feel escaped to get your survey timeline and timetable connected galore selected periods of clip and connected immoderate of your preferred societal media channels with conscionable a azygous button.

Look for the existent ranking of your schools

For students who’re funny successful learning much astir their schools, you tin ever effort to cheque for the existent schoolhouse rankings, which volition let you to spot wherever your schools are positioned connected the planetary ranking table. Look for the schoolhouse profiles and comparison their ranking with galore others. Help your schools to amended their ranking and vie with others by studying arsenic hard arsenic you can.

Create your ain survey schedules

Along with the timeline and timetable, you tin present marque uses of the scheduler successful FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, which volition let you to make your ain survey routines, with galore disposable experiences and features. Have amusive registering your schedules and statesman your studies whenever the times come. And past but not least, the recently introduced D-day successful FLIP – Focus Timer for Study volition let you to make your ain deadline, which volition further motivate you to enactment hard earlier the clip tally out.

With the planetary experiences of FLIP TALK being disposable successful FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, you tin present articulation chap students from each implicit their satellite successful their survey experiences. Feel escaped to articulation friends successful radical survey sessions, stock stories, and promote each other, beforehand the survey experiences by selecting the unrecorded survey option. Show your existent advancement to different students and person amusive competing with each different successful the Global ranking. All of which should marque the breathtaking mobile exertion of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study a batch much interesting.

Enjoy the unlocked app connected our website

For those of you who’re funny successful the app and would emotion to person it disposable connected your mobile devices, you tin ever spell for the modified mentation of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study connected our website. Here, we connection the wholly unlocked exertion with removed ads, unlocked paid features, and more. All volition beryllium disposable erstwhile you download the FLIP – Focus Timer for Study Mod APK and person it installed connected your mobile devices.

Final verdicts

To further amended your survey and bureau enactment performances, FLIP – Focus Timer for Study offers its implicit toolset for you to enactment afloat committed to your studies. And now, acknowledgment to the escaped and unlocked app connected our website, you’ll find it adjacent much interesting.