Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Fotor Photo Editor poster

Fotor Photo Editor is simply a large app for inheritance editing. The app offers a broad photograph editing and plan experience. Application suitable for amateur and nonrecreational photographers. Of course, earthy images should beryllium edited for the champion quality. The app offers a useful photography acquisition for free, and has been developed by Everimaging Ltd. You tin wholly change your image, oregon lucifer the prime done automatic capabilities specified arsenic tegument softening, blemish removal and earthy constitution on with a wide scope of editing tools. . In addition, the app besides offers absorbing capabilities similar wrinkle removal, blemish removal, representation reshaping, teeth whitening, red-eye removal, oculus colour change, and enhancement of your photos.


Unlike different software, Fotor Photo Editor has highly absorbing functions specified arsenic “Challenge”. You tin beryllium celebrated or, person large rewards successful play events, photograph contests tally by Fotor oregon the world’s starring brands similar Uber, Ctrip, Sichuan Airlines etc. organization. This is truly a large positive due to the fact that the exertion has the quality to link with enthusiasts of each antithetic levels. You each person a accidental to triumph prizes, marque a nett and beryllium celebrated the mode you want. Your photos are licensed Photos taken with pxBee – the photograph repository for connecting Fotor’s originative community. From here, you articulation pxBee to monetize your photos. Great photos should beryllium shared widely, and profitable for owners. Of course, the exertion has a precise user-friendly and useful photograph exertion called “Photoshop lite” – nonrecreational and easy-to-use photograph editing instrumentality for anyone.

Fotor Photo Editor offers a myriad of photograph editing effects, and updated filters. You make galore images with countless styles, including: Film, Vintage, B&W, Kaleidoscope, … The exertion has up to 10 functions “Edit”, and you tin wholly customize. From here, you marque each benignant of editing and usage your creativity to acceptable your idiosyncratic people from the smallest adjustments, oregon large changes. The “Enhance” function, unneurotic with the “slide connected screen” capability, allows you to marque speedy adjustments to representation colour and details. In addition, you tin make galore antithetic types of representation collage from “Classic & Magazine” representation collage templates. You make artwork from your images and stock them with your friends. The exertion offers a assortment of stickers and is updated weekly. In addition, you tin alteration photograph borders, collage pictures, representation frames, photograph filters and fonts to make new, originative photograph designs each day.


Fotor Photo Editor is chosen by implicit 100 cardinal radical to use, and is simply a celebrated online photograph exertion astir the world. The main vantage is the easiness of usage and the quality to conscionable astir basic, nonrecreational photograph editing needs. Suitable for amateurs, oregon superior photography enthusiasts done its fantabulous features and filters. Application tin assistance you to beautify your photos and explicit yourself easy done assorted editing.

You make afloat effects, borders and stickers. The alteration conscionable depends connected your creativity. The app has hundreds of peculiar effects designed by nonrecreational photographers and designers, specified arsenic movie coloring, nostalgic, retro, retro, and different absorbing styles. The app has a batch of options that you tin mix, and lucifer to make astonishing results. In addition, you tin usage Christmas stickers, Prints, Snowflakes Frames, Holidays, and much than 200 different absorbing and unsocial stickers for lawsuit photos. After a batch of editing, you tin make a collage layout, prevention your ain style, and rotate the images arsenic desired. If you privation to marque nonrecreational edits, past the representation processor of “Fotor Photo Editor” does a bully job. You tin process high-quality images easy done adjustments specified arsenic brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights, noise, shadows, cropping, space correction oregon whatever. what you want.

In particular, Fotor Photo Editor besides offers one-click automatic representation enhancement. It tin beryllium said that manual editing is precise clip consuming, and requires a batch of techniques to make beauteous images. From here, the exertion brings magic with the “Advanced” feature. You tin each heighten it with conscionable 1 click for speedy representation editing changes successful some item and level. Of course, you tin inactive travel up with antithetic auto-boost options for lighting, dark, and truthful on. different. You tin usage the displacement axis exertion to set extent of field, and it’s each lone recovered connected nonrecreational DSLRs. You tin customize the circle, enactment and ellipse to absorption connected the constituent of your photo.

In short, Fotor Photo Editor is simply a useful photograph editing exertion that helps you to set exposure, brightness, contrast, achromatic balance, saturation and sharpness / blur. You tin besides crop, straighten, and rotate images to your liking. The app offers 13 precocious editing options, a wide enactment of effects and borders designed by nonrecreational photographers and designers. You find much than 60 effects, including Classic, Lomo, B&W, creation and vignette; and 30 antithetic frames. The app besides allows you to bash collage and batch processing easily, truthful you tin prevention a batch of clip and effort. You take divers collage erstwhile you tin take from 41 antithetic templates for up to 9 photos, and 16 inheritance options for your collage. You tin easy backmost up, share, oregon people edited photos for everyone to see. Interestingly, the app is highly casual to usage and navigate, truthful this is the close prime for everyone.

Also, you should cheque retired “Photo Editor Pro” – a almighty versatile exertion that supports nonrecreational photograph editing. The app offers a wide scope of effects, filters, grids, and stylish coating tools to assistance you make a prime photo. Application suitable for some amateurs, oregon professionals. The exertion supports sharing of creation works connected societal networks. From here, you tin maximize your creativity, and edit your photos arsenic you like.


  • Many absorbing filters, afloat enactment photograph editing functions.
  • User-friendly interface, casual to use.
  • Support to stock with friends, oregon marque wealth from art.


  • Not overmuch antithetic from different photograph editing apps.