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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is simply a puzzle crippled – horror. The crippled is astir the celebrated brutal Jason, and you play the relation of Jason. Your ngo is to hunt down and slaughter campers successful 100 puzzle levels. The crippled is inspired by the movie of the aforesaid name, the fearfulness icon of Friday the 13th Jason. You power Jason successful galore celebrated locations, specified as: camping Mercury Lake, the Manhattan highlands, super-large prisons, skis resorts, stunning beaches, and adjacent alien spaceships . Jason volition beryllium a sidesplitting nightmare for victims each implicit the world, and you volition bask fantastic deaths.


Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is reminiscent of “Granny” obsession with akin 3D graphics. Your ngo is to power the sanction Jason, and enactment successful the bloody murder. The crippled introduces 8 “episodes” with tons of absorbing plans. You volition person a assortment of workarounds, the crippled that speaks of separation courageousness and symptom successful 100 levels. Not lone sticking to the original, the crippled besides introduces unusual Jason Voorhees specified as: Supermax Jason, Frozen Jason, Apocalypse Jason, … Each Jason sanction volition look successful an area, and has antithetic idiosyncratic characteristics . You are not casual to transportation retired assassinations, due to the fact that you look hard “enemies” specified as: Traps, Police, SWAT Special Forces, Landmines, Dial Dial Phone, Portal, Cat. The assortment of contented helps you person much breathtaking experiences. The crippled is besides suitable for young children, arsenic you tin take the “R” mode to ticker the afloat scope of execution scenes successful fearfulness movies, oregon “PG” for a gentle puzzle acquisition with your loved ones.

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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is absorbing to players due to the fact that of the assortment of toys. The crippled allows you to “level up” and unlock tons of horrifying slayer weapons similar shot bat, agelong sword, oregon fish. You tin commercialized antithetic weapons successful speech for ace almighty weapons, oregon favorites. Each limb has its ain antithetic “finishes” – an excitement for those who emotion death. If you are not bully capable oregon deficiency of time, the crippled besides allows you to acquisition products, oregon acquisition ad-free with existent money. The crippled supports the offfline mode, truthful you tin power Jason to termination radical anywhere, similar connected an airplane, autobus oregon astir the campfire … You tin besides present the puzzle to you. raft. The crippled is produced from Slayaway Camp – an award-winning and highly regarded workplace successful the tract of horror.

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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is released from SLAYAWAY CAMP. The sanction bears a batch of madness and death. You volition power Jason to go a fearfulness icon successful galore places specified arsenic the Manhattan metropolis, the super-large situation to the outer abstraction station. Each determination offers antithetic affirmative experiences, and causes galore unusual deaths. The crippled has much than 10 episodes with implicit 150 puzzle levels. Each occurrence has its ain feature, and you power galore versions of Jason specified as: Supermax Jason, Frozen Jason, Apocalypse Jason. You look hard tactics, and obstacles similar traps, Police, SWAT Team, Cats. The crippled has 2 modes, including ‘R’ for bloody killing, oregon ‘PG’ for a affable puzzle experience. If you find it difficult, past perceive attentively to changeless encouragement, oregon adjuvant suggestions from Jason’s beloved mother. The crippled is ever updated with galore absorbing things, and the ‘Daily Death’ mode gives caller peculiar rewards puzzles each day. Besides, the mini crippled mode ‘Murder Marathon’ helps you to signifier your camping execution skills and summation much experience. EXP points assistance you level up and unlock tons of awesome caller slayer weapons. Get acceptable to bask peculiar bloody animations.

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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle of people brings bloody deaths. But you besides person much comic moments, and much engaging than “Granny”. The crippled has divers environments and galore trouble levels for you to kill. Jason Voorhees needs to implicit puzzles that are some casual and difficult. The Jasaon needs omniscient moves, and you usage the due strategical moves to get the puzzle solved. The crippled ends lone erstwhile each victims die. The crippled besides supports tips, oregon hints to assistance lick the puzzle better. You volition termination astir 400 radical to implicit each biology levels successful communicative mode. Besides, if you find it absorbing oregon look for extracurricular help, you tin cheque retired online videos connected however to lick puzzles. The crippled has a immense instrumentality community, and you volition person a affirmative acquisition with each chapter. Lots of titles and joys await you from Jason’s murders.

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  • Diverse crippled modes, engaging story.
  • Many puzzles, absorbing toys.
  • Content updated regularly.
  • Many awesome “ending” scenes.


  • Many levels are excessively hard for young children.
  • Easy to origin antagonistic feelings for galore players.