Gummy Drop MOD APK 4.41.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Gummy Drop poster

Gummies are undeniably 1 of the astir favourite snacks successful the world, not lone are they tasty, but they are besides colorful and ace adorable. You whitethorn find it absorbing that your favourite candy is present the main absorption of a crippled title. Introducing “Gummy Drop”, the crippled was developed by Big Fish Games and released successful precocious 2014.

If you person played “Candy Crush” oregon “Disney Emoji Blitz” and bask these games a lot, “Gummy Drop” volition not disappoint you. Instead of crushing candies oregon collecting Disney characters, you are making matches to question astir the world. Players volition dive into the satellite of colorful gummies and gradually research antithetic cities crossed the globe. Get acceptable to beryllium amazed by the stunning representation and fascinating features of “Gummy Drop”!


Players volition go a traveler arsenic good arsenic an designer to research and plan a colorful world. Before starting the journey, erstwhile you unfastened the app, an animated video of falling tiny gummies from the entity is shown. Players tin circuit the astir celebrated landmarks of New York, Paris, Tokyo, and galore more. Ports are located each astir the satellite and waiting for you to physique everyplace you travel.

There are implicit 50 cities to visit, and you volition commencement your travel successful Sydney and find your mode to lick each the match-three puzzles and cod resources. In the beginning, a question blogger named Sam is introduced to usher you done the tutorial. She said that you would person to cod the gummies oregon “the satellite volition ne'er halt bouncing”. Sam volition thatch you astir the gummies, booster, obstacles, etc. truthful that you volition beryllium capable to get done each the levels easily.


The gameplay is acquainted but inactive has its uniqueness

“Gummy Drop” is designed with aggregate levels that players tin swipe and lucifer items of the aforesaid signifier and colour successful bid to summation arsenic galore points arsenic they can. Players are fixed a definite magnitude of moves for each level, and they volition person to cautiously see and program their adjacent move. Moreover, earlier each round, a fig of points volition beryllium shown for players to implicit the level.

If players neglect to execute capable points with the predetermined moves, they tin usage different beingness to widen their gameplay without restarting from the beginning. Players tin besides rotation a roulette instrumentality to triumph different beingness oregon 5 further moves. You bash not person to interest astir the lives due to the fact that they refill quickly.

If coins and resources from each level are not capable for you, you tin spell backmost and play again each circular to gain much oregon travel backmost often to cod Lottery Tickets for breathtaking prizes. Furthermore, “Gummy Drop” allows you to rebuild a landmark from each metropolis with each 10 levels you master. Workers tin beryllium collected by clearing levels and you tin physique factories erstwhile you person capable workers.

For each level, players are allowed to play 3 times with 3 trouble modes, from Intern to Master Builder. Of course, it gets harder each time, and the harder you play, the amended rewards you volition get.

Types of gummies

Gummies are designed successful 8 antithetic colors and 2 alternate looks arsenic Pumpkin successful yellowish colour during the Halloween play and Snowflake successful achromatic colour during the Christmas season.

Gummies tin besides beryllium sorted into 3 different antithetic types. By matching 4 gummies successful a file oregon row, you volition get a Line Crush. By matching 5 gummies with 2 intersecting matches of three, you volition get a Bomb. Matching 5 gummies successful a file oregon enactment volition springiness you a Lightning Bolt.

A assortment of boosters

Boosters are overmuch provided on your travel and tin beryllium purchased with coins. There are 17 antithetic boosters to get and purchase, immoderate tin beryllium utilized successful each levels, others tin lone beryllium utilized successful 1 benignant of level. There are antithetic levels: tiles, souvenirs, timed, bomb, sand, and godforsaken tile generator. For instance, lone the Oasis booster tin beryllium utilized successful the Desert tile generator oregon the Waterfall booster successful the Souvenirs level.

Personally, I often usage Shovel to wide immoderate compartment I take connected the committee oregon Wind to swap 2 gummies oregon souvenirs to assistance my crippled spell convenient. Boosters tin beryllium purchased successful the in-game store, wherever you tin besides bargain golden and further lives.

Special events

There are 3 main events for you to situation yourself and vie with different players.

In the Everest challenge, players person to wide each 5 levels connected the representation wrong the clip given. If they suffer a beingness during the challenge, they volition person to commencement implicit from level 1.

If players are connected the past 10 levels of the existent metropolis they are in, they volition spot the Marathon situation arsenic soon arsenic they unlock the adjacent metropolis that consists of Marathon levels from 1 to ten. They indispensable implicit each the levels with flags successful bid to participate. When players decorativeness a flagged level with a medal, they tin person a reward. Bronze medal gives 1 other time, Silver medal gives 1 other clip and 1 lightning bolt, and the Gold medal gives infinite lives for 1 hour, 1 lightning bolt, and 1 wind. Remember to decorativeness gathering a landmark earlier participating successful the Marathon challenge.

With the Treasure Hunt event, players tin take either a mean oregon hard way to statesman oregon adjacent both. The mean mode has 4 levels, portion the Hard mode has six levels with much rewarding prizes. If players decorativeness some paths, they volition person the biggest rewards with infinite lives (up to 4 hours) and decorativeness the event. But successful bid to bash so, they indispensable implicit a way without failing immoderate level, oregon they volition suffer a beingness and person to commencement over. Also, players person to support connected playing erstwhile they person started a path. They tin commencement implicit if they privation to power to the other, and it does not outgo a life.

Currency and Unlimited Money

Players tin gain coins by finishing levels and playing them again. Furthermore, they tin vie with gamers each astir the satellite successful regular challenges too. And marque definite to cheque your cities and ports daily, due to the fact that you tin get escaped coins for helping different people’s ports arsenic good arsenic cities.

I admit that determination are immoderate demanding levels that volition request assistance a small much than coins earned by yourself. Fortunately, “Gummy Drop” has supported an unlimited wealth diagnostic for each players to acquisition immoderate boosters oregon further lives if they person tally retired of them.



“Gummy Drop” is designed with amusive visuals and colorful details. The framework complaint is dependable without immoderate lags and bugs. All the cities are designed cautiously with its astir singular features.


The euphony and dependable effects of this crippled bash not person overmuch to speech about, too immoderate voiceovers erstwhile players execute exceptional matches.


Gummy Drop Mod APK is simply a cleanable mode to unbend aft a hard time outside. Big Fish Games has created a crippled rubric that is addictive capable without complexity but with fascinating features to support your eyes connected the crippled for a agelong time.