Happy Glass MOD APK 1.0.62 (Unlimited Coins)

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For those of you who’re funny successful having a elemental yet enjoyable mobile gaming acquisition connected their mobile devices, Happy Glass and its originative gameplay volition surely involvement you. That being said, the crippled offers breathtaking in-game features with elemental and approachable mechanics which let each gamers to bask their favourite gameplay.

In addition, with the casual and accessible gameplay, gamers successful Happy Glass volition besides find themselves enjoying the superb in-game mechanics with addictive and exhilarated experiences. Feel escaped to effort retired aggregate ways of drafting your lines arsenic you assistance to capable the bittersweet cupful with h2o and enactment a grin connected his face. Explore galore absorbing options successful the originative puzzle levels and person fun.

Find retired much astir the astonishing mobile crippled from Lion Studios with our reviews.


In the game, Android gamers volition find themselves having entree to a alternatively elemental yet highly enjoyable casual gaming experience. That’s said, Happy Glass introduces aggregate puzzle levels with absorbing setups, successful which you’ll beryllium playing to capable up the bittersweet solid with h2o which, for immoderate reason, would beryllium blocked oregon travel away. It comes with the aforesaid constituent of creativity similar your favourite puzzles of Polysphere and a fewer others but offers the unsocial mechanics that marque the crippled other engaging.

Using the almighty pen, you tin gully immoderate you privation connected the surface and that drawings volition crook into existent shapes. And depending connected the level setups, your created shapes mightiness assistance guiding the h2o into the glass, oregon not. Feel escaped to instrumentality connected hundreds of breathtaking levels successful the crippled with assorted setups and unsocial experiences.

Make definite that you’re cautious with each of your lines arsenic you’ll besides beryllium utilizing inks to gully them. Run retired of ink without completing the lines would mean that you person already mislaid the levels. In addition, with constricted ink, it’s important to usage them arsenic efficaciously arsenic imaginable to decorativeness the levels with the champion results. Complete the situation and gain your three-star ratings by conserving your inks.


Here are each the astonishing features that the crippled has to offer:

Have amusive with the elemental yet highly addictive puzzle gameplay

To commencement with, Android gamers successful Happy Glass volition person their chances to person amusive with the elemental yet highly addictive puzzle gameplay connected your mobile devices. That said, with the unsocial draw-to-solve mechanics, you’ll find the crippled wholly antithetic from immoderate different puzzle game.

In addition, the intuitive and casual gameplay volition let gamers to afloat immerse themselves into experiences whenever they want. And contempt having the elemental and accessible in-game features, Happy Glass besides offers precocious puzzle levels, successful which you’ll person to deliberation truly hard to get over. Thus, making the crippled other absorbing and enjoyable.

Enjoy the crippled with hundreds of breathtaking levels

For those of you who’re interested, you’ll besides find yourself enjoying the crippled done a assortment of breathtaking levels with an unthinkable gameplay. That said, Happy Glass offers hundreds of antithetic levels with advancing difficulties, which would let you to afloat immerse into the experiences. And astatine the aforesaid time, you’ll besides person the opportunities to research the originative aspects of the crippled by having aggregate ways to flooded a azygous challenge. Find the champion mode to get walk your definite in-game levels and person amusive with the dynamic mechanisms successful each of them.

Get your hints whenever you want

And whenever you tally into problems with your Happy Glass gameplay, it’s besides imaginable for Android gamers to marque uses of the disposable hints to get implicit the puzzles. But don’t deliberation that you tin marque uses of the hints whenever you privation arsenic they would outgo you definite amounts of coins, which you tin cod by getting done the definite in-game levels. Having said that, you won’t find yourself getting stressed by the hard challenges, and astatine the aforesaid time, inactive uncovering them comparatively enjoyable whenever you dive into the experiences.

Customize your in-game visuals with aggregate options

In addition, for those of you who’re interested, the crippled besides features aggregate customizations for your in-game visuals and lines, which would efficaciously alteration the wide experiences with the gameplay. That being said, you tin easy find yourself playing with galore disposable customizations and person amusive with overmuch much absorbing ocular options successful the game. Change your cups, customize the water, and adjacent your drawings with these features to marque the crippled much enjoyable.

Play the crippled with oregon without the Internet

And for those of you who’re interested, it’s besides imaginable for Android gamers successful Happy Glass to person amusive with their addictive puzzle levels with oregon without the Internet connection. That said, the crippled offers wholly offline gameplay with each of its disposable features whenever you want. This makes the crippled highly amusive and breathtaking for you to bask whenever you’re outdoor and don’t privation to walk your mobile data.

Enjoy plentifulness of breathtaking rewards during your plays

Along with breathtaking gameplay, Happy Glass besides features aggregate rewards and gifts for Android gamers to amended their wide in-game experiences. That being said, you tin get your astonishing spins of fortunes oregon unlock regular gifts from the game. And astatine the aforesaid time, cod peculiar rewards that are disposable whenever you decorativeness a level.

Have amusive with aggregate events

Together with the astonishing level-based gameplay, Android gamers successful Happy Glass are besides introduced to aggregate events passim their plays. Here, depending connected the occasions, you tin wholly person amusive with aggregate in-game events and cod your peculiar rewards with the game.

Free to play

And contempt each the astonishing in-game features, Android gamers successful Happy Glass tin besides person amusive with their wholly escaped gameplay of Happy Glass from the Google Play Store. That being said, the crippled is disposable for download connected astir of your Android devices without requiring you to wage for it.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod

In addition, if you’re uncovering the in-game advertisements and purchases are getting somewhat annoying, it’s besides imaginable for gamers to marque uses of the disposable mod connected our website. That said, the modified mentation of the crippled would connection unlocked gameplay and removed advertisements. Thus, making the crippled a batch much amusive and enjoyable. And each it takes is for you to download and instal the Happy Glass Mod APK connected our website.

Visual and dependable quality


Feel escaped to person amusive with the breathtaking puzzle gameplay arsenic you find yourself afloat immerse into the elemental yet intuitive in-game visuals. In addition, with undemanding graphics, you’ll besides find the crippled highly playable connected astir of your Android devices, adjacent low-end phones.


Along with the elemental and intuitive visuals, Happy Glass besides offers constricted audio distractions truthful that you tin afloat absorption connected the gameplay. That’s said, you’ll find each level other amusive and relaxing arsenic you research the full gameplay with them.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re funny successful the puzzle gameplay connected your mobile devices, Happy Glass is surely a large rubric for you to enjoy. With its elemental yet addictive gameplay and the superb constituent of creativity, you tin person plentifulness of amusive with the game. And astatine the aforesaid time, ever find yourself wholly relaxed with the casual gameplay.

But astir importantly, acknowledgment to the brilliant mod connected our website, the crippled present offers wholly unlocked features and ad-free experiences for you to bask whenever you’re ready. Hence, you tin bask the fullest experiences with your addictive and enjoyable puzzle levels.