Hidden Hotel MOD APK 1.1.73 (Unlimited Money)

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Hidden entity games are continuously 1 of the astir palmy and fascinating games of each time. Not lone does it supply addictive gameplay and an astonishing storyline, but it is besides designed with stunning graphics. However, person you tried 1 to spot however well-made it is? Have you ever tried oregon heard of Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery? It has been connected the apical database for galore weeks, and it is said to beryllium 1 of the champion found-object puzzle games!

When mentioning hidden entity games, radical often deliberation of “Homescapes” oregon “Gardenscapes”, but they are missing an perfectly astonishing crippled rubric called: Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery. The crippled was published by WhaleApp LTD successful 2019 and it has been warmly welcomed ever since. Using your skills to renovate a edifice that is ruined, crook it into the astir beauteous spot successful municipality and unlock truthful galore astounding features. Are you excited to cognize what this crippled has? Let’s get started!


In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, players inherit the grandfather’s aged hotel, and their occupation is to hole it since it is present a implicit mess. A brand-new escapade is waiting for you to research and observe mysteries, challenging missions, and truthful galore more.

The crippled introduces you to a premix of Puzzle and Adventure genres, with challenging gameplay. Hidden Hotel volition undoubtedly support your attraction for endless hours of fun. Players tin some go a location decorator moving with stunning furnishings and a detective solving the mysteries of the hotel. Since the edifice has a soiled environment, tourists and different customers bash not situation to visit. Your ngo is to find retired the information and bring the airy to this edifice truthful that it tin unfastened again.

As a detective, players tin find themselves successful chartless locations with tasks of searching for hidden objects. And arsenic a location designer, players volition beryllium fixed a agelong database of beauteous decorations to play with portion doing the tasks specified arsenic cleaning, restoring, and decorating. It seems similar determination is simply a batch of enactment to do, but bash not worry, that is the crushed wherefore Hidden Hotel is truthful addictive!

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Straightforward and uncomplicated gameplay

No players privation to acquisition analyzable gameplay since each they privation to bash successful a crippled is to unbend and bask it to the fullest. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is casual to recognize with its elemental storyline and gameplay that immoderate subordinate astatine immoderate property tin bask it.

When players archetypal participate the game, they volition beryllium introduced to a wide tutorial with steps. If you person played Gardenscapes oregon Homescapes before, a tutorial is not rather indispensable for this game. Players volition acquisition the crippled from an isometric viewpoint and power the quality to assistance him marque choices.

Hidden Hotel has elemental interaction controls, and portion playing, gamers lone person to interaction connected the surface to cod it. The missions and challenges are various, you volition ne'er get bored portion surviving successful this mysterious and stunning place.

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Characters and decorations

While going connected an adventure, players volition brushwood galore cute and well-designed characters. They will, without a doubt, assistance you with each your struggles, supply utile information, and person hilarious chats. Even though these characters are not existent players, they are ever amusive and lively to interact with.

In the game, this edifice is simply a monolithic spot with galore rooms to fix. In addition, players tin unlock much and much furnishings to decorate the hotel. All are colorful and beautifully designed.

Search similar a pro

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is antithetic from different puzzle games due to the fact that it volition marque you consciousness similar a detective successful Sherlock Holmes! Each country is contrasting to each different arsenic good arsenic the trouble increases arsenic you play. The crippled volition activate your reflection sense, starring you to the last goal.

Find hidden objects by opening the door, pulling speech the curtains, opening boxes, and truthful galore more. The faster you find them, the much you volition earn. If you lone privation to decorate and hole your hotel, clearing puzzles is the lone mode to gain immoderate stars. It is not casual arsenic you are considering, but bash not springiness up truthful soon, each the rewarding prizes are waiting for you ahead.

Sometimes, the objects are rather tricky to find. A amusive crippled does not mean that it is not challenging astatine all. Small things are ever harder to look for, they tin beryllium everywhere. Keep your eyes wide open, and the prizes volition come.

There is simply a diverseness of rooms for you to unlock, and it besides means that determination are galore scenes and levels for you to play. Moreover, uncovering items gives you a accidental to renovate oregon upgrade parts of the hotel. Find the mode to implicit them all, and finally, your edifice volition pull customers again with its beauty.

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Since players whitethorn beryllium stuck determination that they bash not expect, they tin usage the hunt tools to assistance them find the details. Boosters are a adjuvant diagnostic to find objects faster and velocity up progress. For example, a lantern tin item hidden objects, a timepiece tin springiness you other time, oregon a cardinal volition unfastened items connected the location, and a radar volition amusement each items for a second. Remember to usage a suitable booster if you cannot find an item!

Search modes

As I person mentioned above, Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is not similar different games. The developer has added truthful galore hunt modes for players to bask specified arsenic connection search, silhouette, reverse words, cobweb, and coins. By releasing these features, players are capable to bask the crippled adjacent more!

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Unlimited Money/Stars/Energy

An astonishing crippled should person fascinating features! Luckily, Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod APK has fixed players unlimited money, stars, and vigor to research without immoderate limit. Feel escaped to usage your money, stars, and vigor to acquisition oregon unlock immoderate point you want!


The decorator squad of this crippled has done a large occupation successful designing and giving the crippled a dynamic and stunning look. The framerate is smooth, the colors are harmonious, each item is cautiously drawn.

The soundtracks and dependable effects of the crippled are attentively produced. It is ever a pleasance for maine to perceive to the euphony and effects of Hidden Hotel.


Even though determination are truthful galore games similar Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, it tin easy beryllium seen that this crippled stands retired with bonzer features. Since the crippled is suitable for each ages, you tin bask it with your friends, household oregon possibly by yourself. Are you acceptable to commencement your journey? Join this fashionable search-and-find crippled to observe much astonishing content!