Homescapes MOD APK 5.0.3 (Unlimited Stars)

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Find yourself enjoying different amusive and relaxing escapade arsenic you articulation Austin the Butler from the celebrated Gardenscapes successful his latest travel to hometown. Here, you’ll find yourself enjoying the breathtaking gameplay arsenic you assistance Austin renovate his aged family’s mansion. Restore its to due states and consciousness escaped to bask yourself absorbing match-three gameplay.

Have entree to plentifulness of decorations and customizations that you tin use connected your manor to crook it into the cozy household it erstwhile was and research dozens of awesome gaming experiences that would marque you consciousness similar you’re close astatine home.

Find retired much astir this astonishing rubric with our reviews.


The crippled begins with our beloved Austin is having a fantastic imagination wherever helium finds himself backmost to his puerility and is connected a trip. It is 1 of his happiest moments successful beingness that helium could ne'er hide nary substance what happens.

That being said, successful the game, players volition find themselves having entree to a assortment of absorbing activities that allowing you to bask much than conscionable a elemental casual simulator. Discover amusive and captivating stories successful the crippled arsenic you assistance Austin successful his quests to reconstruct puerility memories with the location and conscionable up with absorbing people.

Feel escaped to bash immoderate you privation with the house, from giving it awesome decorations, changing the interior designs, to discovering the absorbing secrets that remainder wrong the manor for decades. The casual and relaxing gameplay volition surely marque you bask the game.


Here you’ll find immoderate of the astir astonishing features that the crippled has to offer:

Help Austin successful galore tasks to renovate the house

To commencement with, Android fans volition person their chances to dive into the endless gaming experiences wherever you’ll articulation Austin successful his breathtaking travel successful his puerility manor and the neighborhood. Helping renovate the location by taking connected aggregate missions and challenges successful the crippled portion enjoying aggregate gameplay. Explore the location arsenic you bask much and much disposable missions and objectives. And erstwhile you’re successful the game, you’re besides allowed to observe the full vicinity with galore absorbing features.

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Feel escaped to marque aggregate changes to the interior

And for those who’re funny successful designing their ain home, Homescapes volition present you to the elemental yet addictive in-game experiences wherever you’re escaped to determine what the location volition look like. Make uses of plentifulness of disposable customizations that you tin effort connected your location portion unlocking much absorbing elements arsenic you go. Try assorted styles from aggregate cultures with antithetic furnishings and objects arsenic you crook your aged location into a stunning manor.

Enjoy playing the crippled with the intuitive match-three gameplay

To marque things adjacent much interesting, you’ll not lone beryllium taking elemental missions oregon challenges, but besides person the accidental to bask assorted gameplay with the breathtaking match-three challenges. Find yourself enjoying tons of amusive and unsocial gameplay arsenic you dive into the endless match-three levels. Explore the elemental yet addictive levels with escalating difficulties. Enjoy explosive and stunning ocular effects arsenic you link the gems.

Homescapes screenshot 2

Discover each the hidden secrets down the seemingly mean mansion

While the mansion whitethorn look rather mean from the front, you’ll ne'er cognize what secrets it’s presently holding. In fact, what looks mean successful everyone’s eyes mightiness look a small disconnected with your skeptical and objective thinking. Hence, wherefore don’t you walk your clip successful the manor to look for hidden secrets that person been forsaken for truthful long? Relink the connections to your puerility memories portion enjoying heart-warming moments successful the game.

Enjoy the crippled with the formed of absorbing characters

And for the archetypal time, you’ll person the accidental to get to cognize the affable neighbors backmost successful Austin’s location town. With each having their ain unsocial traits and personality, the crippled provides a precocious level of diversity, which makes things a batch much interesting.

Find yourself enjoying each infinitesimal successful the crippled arsenic you ticker them unrecorded their idiosyncratic lives, interact with 1 and another, and acquisition absorbing stories with each character. You’ll decidedly find yourself backmost to the classical and enjoyable gameplay that you’ve ever love.

Homescapes screenshot 3

Get yourself a cute pet

In addition, you tin besides find yourself interacting with absorbing animals that are surviving adjacent the manor. Help the stray animals successful definite missions and you whitethorn person yourself a caller pet. Bring them location and crook your freshly remodeled manor into a overmuch cozier spot with these cute animals. Have your adorable pets pursuing astir volition marque the crippled other interesting.

Enjoy the crippled with friends and online gamers

And for those who’re interested, the crippled besides features breathtaking online gameplay for you to bask with friends and online gamers from each implicit the world. Make friends and sojourn their manors, each with unsocial and absorbing designs. And each erstwhile successful a while, you tin assistance each different arsenic you assistance them successful definite household tasks. Improve your friendships with others portion besides gain invaluable stars.

Complete aggregate achievements and objectives to gain peculiar rewards

Moreover, on with the main gameplay, the crippled besides comes with aggregate achievements and objectives that you tin implicit to gain peculiar rewards. Choose to bask the absorbing gameplay whenever you person the clip and you’ll ne'er beryllium disappointed with the peculiar rewards that you volition get.

Experience unsocial and refreshing gameplay successful assorted events

And past but not least, gamers successful Homescapes volition besides person the accidental to dive into breathtaking in-game events that present you to a assortment of absorbing gameplay. Here, you’ll find yourself playing successful unsocial setups with varied themes depending connected definite occasions. And with definite events, you’ll besides person entree to much and much absorbing gameplay.

Free to play

Despite having each those astonishing features, Android gamers tin inactive person Homescapes installed connected their mobile devices without having to wage anything. All you request to bash is to find the crippled from the Google Play Store and download it. The installation volition hap automatically truthful you tin let the crippled close aft that.

Have entree to unlimited stars with our mod

However, since the crippled is simply a freemium title, you’ll person to wage a definite magnitude of wealth to marque the in-app purchases arsenic good arsenic being bothered by the annoying ads. That being said, if you’re feeling annoyed with these features, you mightiness privation to person our modified mentation of the crippled installed connected your devices instead.

That being said, with galore absorbing features specified arsenic removed-ads, unlimited stars, and fully-unlocked gameplay, you’ll surely find it much enjoyable. And each you request to bash is to download and instal our Homescapes Mod APK.

Visual and dependable quality


Featuring beauteous and cheerful arts, Homescapes is 1 of those fewer games that would marque you spell “aww” the archetypal clip you spot it. Find yourself wholly immersed successful the stunning worlds successful Homescapes arsenic you usher Austins successful his quests. Moreover, the responsive ocular effects volition marque the match-three gameplay highly enjoyable erstwhile you’ve gotten the bent of it.


Dive into the beauteous worlds successful Homescapes portion enjoying the realistic and beauteous dependable experiences. Close your eyes, it feels similar you’re really surviving successful this fantastic satellite of Homescapes.

Final thoughts

Fans of the celebrated FarmVille 2: Country Escape and Township volition present person different large mobile rubric to bask connected your devices. With affluent and interactive gameplay, you’ll surely bask your clip successful Homescapes. And astir importantly, you’ll find it being other amusive with our modified mentation of the game.