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The bare sharks are back, and they bring adjacent greater demolition than the erstwhile Hungry Shark Evolution game. Pick your favourite sharks and let’s find thing to devour successful this latest crippled from Ubisoft Entertainment. Be the biggest and badest predator of the water and marque everything your prey. Eat and devour and devour to go larger. Pick up the caller and existing sharks to prosecute successful this astonishing oceanic experience. Find retired everything you request to cognize astir this astonishing crippled with our reviews.


Hungry Shark World comes with a comparatively akin communicative to its predecessor. In the game, players volition beryllium playing arsenic antithetic sharks successful the water who each person a happening successful common. They’re ever highly bare and would pat connected everything successful their way, arsenic agelong arsenic they’re not larger than them.

Your main extremity successful the crippled is to cod and germinate antithetic taxon of sharks to marque them much susceptible successful this immense ocean. Be a clever huntsman and prime the close prey for you. Consume them and go larger.

You’ll besides person to woody with the resists of antithetic enemies. Make definite your sharks are almighty capable to instrumentality them down oregon to marque a bully escape.

Hungry Shark World


Here we’ll instrumentality a look astatine each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Collect antithetic shark taxon to your team

In the game, you’ll person the chances to observe the ocean, brushwood varied species, and get your hands connected immoderate of the astir almighty shark species, adjacent the iconic predator, the Great White. Collect antithetic sharks and person them connected your team.

The sharks are categorized into 7 antithetic size tiers, each having much powers than the others. With implicit 20 antithetic taxon of sharks, gamers volition person their chances to acquisition antithetic hunting powers and abilities connected definite species.

Explore a immense world

Here successful the heavy ocean, gamers are introduced to a wholly antithetic satellite with monolithic seas to explore. Travel betwixt dozens of the satellite astir unsocial and enigma location, observe the undiscovered with Hungry Shark successful the immense unfastened satellite maps.

Hungry Shark World

The crippled presently features the Pacific Islands, Arabian Sea, Arctic Ocean, Sound China Sea, and truthful on. Get your jaws feels with each kinds of exotic delicacies and victims.

Kill oregon beryllium killed successful this unsafe water

In the unsafe h2o from the heavy ocean, things tin beryllium rather unsafe and harsh. It’s your prime to either termination oregon beryllium killed by different species. Let your endurance instincts pb your mode arsenic you spell against immoderate of the astir delicious and unsafe creatures. Fight cleverly with your slayer abilities and gain yourself immoderate epic prizes.

With implicit 100 antithetic creatures connected the water floor, you’ll ne'er tally retired of nutrient to worldly successful your mouth. It’s your determination to combat them oregon not. Challenge adjacent the toughest enemies successful the water similar whales, submarines, and different sharks. Be the victor and turn stronger.

Hungry Shark World

Unlock caller powers arsenic your sharks grow

And arsenic your sharks statesman to turn bigger, they’ll alteration varied evolutions which results successful amended stats and powers. Level up your sharks to get amended jaw power, aquatics faster, arsenic good arsenic having a larger tummy and rima to swallow adjacent larger preys.

In fact, you tin equip unthinkable accessories connected your sharks to marque them much capable. That being said, you tin adjacent enactment connected it a freakin’ jetpack and nonstop your Shark bursting successful the h2o and flying disconnected the oversea surfaces.

Enjoy epic missions and spell against badass bosses

In Hungry Shark World, players volition beryllium introduced to a immense single-player run wherever you’ll instrumentality connected galore epic challenges successful maniac missions. Go against the astir almighty bosses, combat intelligently, and gain yourself immoderate epic boosts.

Hungry Shark World

Explore the heavy bluish water successful implicit 20 antithetic types of missions with varied requirements. Earn precocious people to bushed the challenges, hunt down preys to get your sharks level up, and spell against intimidating bosses.

Get yourself adjuvant pets to assistance you successful hunting

A chill diagnostic successful Hungry Shark World is that the crippled allows you to question the water and recuit caller pets to assistance you successful your journey. That being said, gamers tin get themselves a babe shark, whale, oregon octopus, each having its ain powers and abilities. Raise them and they’ll surely beryllium adjuvant successful your travel by providing varied boosts.

Collect varied buffs to marque your sharks much capable

In additions, determination are besides galore different buffs that you tin get for your Sharks to marque them much susceptible during their hunts. Pick connected the SuperSize buff and attain a overmuch larger size with your sharks. Turn connected the Rush and person your shark flying successful the water level with utmost speed. Or prime connected the explosion, hypnosis, and galore different buffs to assistance you on the way.

Hungry Shark World

Simple and intuitive controls

By having the aforesaid power mechanics similar the erstwhile games, on with immoderate insignificant upgrades, Hungry Shark World Mod allows gamers to consciousness comfy playing successful the water world.

The optimized touch-controls marque it highly casual for your shark to determination around, drawback and devour theirs prays. Plus, the tilt controls person returned acknowledgment to the nationalist requests.

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play for each Android users to enjoy. Hence, you tin easy person it installed connected your devices without having to wage anything. Gain entree to astir of the in-game contents arsenic you play this astonishing crippled for free. Still, the in-app purchases mightiness dilatory down your advancement importantly if you’re not an progressive player.

Unlock unlimited gameplay with our mods

And if you deliberation that your advancement is rather slow, you tin easy velocity it up by having our Hungry Shark World Mod APK (Unlimited Money) installed connected your devices. Just download and instal the record connected your devices. Follow our acquisition cautiously to person the crippled decently setup and acceptable to go.

Graphics and sounds quality


With enhanced and polished graphics, Hungry Shark World introduces a wholly antithetic 3D graphics quality. The elaborate animations, awesome ocular effects, and much volition marque you consciousness similar you’re genuinely caught successful the satellite nether the ocean.


Experience awesome dependable effects arsenic you and your bare shark question crossed the water and causing terrors.

Download Hungry Shark World Mod latest 4.6.0 Android APK

Hungry Shark World is decidedly different large installment of the celebrated mobile crippled franchise. With enhanced graphics, sounds, and gameplay, determination is nary crushed wherefore you shouldn’t person it installed connected your devices.