Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom 1.47.0 (Combat speed)

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Find yourself surviving a luxurious and absorbing beingness of a medieval noble lord arsenic you instrumentality power of your full castle successful Hustle Castle. Build for yourself an full medieval castle with each kinds of constructions. Gather much and much servants into your land, invited them into your castle, and person them enactment for you to summation your economy.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom introduces gamers to an in-depth gameplay wherever you tin physique up your castle arsenic gangly and ample arsenic possible. Defy the laws of physics arsenic you conception each kinds of contraptions wrong your large aged castle. Get much country and unlock caller features successful the game.

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The crippled features a akin gameplay similar the celebrated Fallout Shelter connected your mobile devices. Here, you’ll beryllium introduced to a castle of your own. Have yourself loyal servants who would enactment for you to cod much and much resources to your coffer.

Uses the wealth to conception caller parts of your castle, summation its tallness and perimeter truthful that you tin person much rooms inside. Gather each kinds of radical wrong your castle. Discover galore hidden secrets that prevarication nether your ain castle.

Get progressive successful galore awesome medieval activities specified arsenic farming, crafting, and exploring the wild. Do everything you request to bash to make your castle and marque definite that it’s well-prepared for immoderate enemies’ attacks.


Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Explore a monolithic run that takes you crossed your fantasized medieval world

Gamers successful Hustle Castle volition find themselves being introduced to an breathtaking fantasized medieval satellite with each kinds of antithetic creatures and activities that you’ve ever wanted to do. Find yourself immersed successful the captivating communicative with addictive gameplay.

Explore the monolithic satellite of Hustle Castle, combat against aggregate enemies for your cause. Take connected varied missions which impact elephantine trolls, devious orcs, scary skeleton, comic ghosts, and truthful on. Battle with them utilizing your magical powers. Be the heroes that slain the almighty dragon that haunts the lands.

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Build up your epic castle and support it from enemy’s attacks

The crippled is indispensable is simply a basal builder crippled wherever you’ll request to upgrade your castle perpetually to conscionable with the expanding populations of yours. Have your workers situation each the heights and perimeters boundaries to person yourself the top castle of the realm.

There are dozens of antithetic rooms that you tin physique wrong your castle. Have a spot to probe caller technologies, rooms for your villagers to stay, places to bid your troops, crafting facilities for your caller equipment, and truthful on. The gathering ne'er stops successful Hustle Castle.

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Have the villagers upgraded and trained to amended your power

In Hustle Castle, players volition find themselves being highly adjacent to their servant and villagers since you tin person entree to each of their regular activates. Assign them to bash definite jobs to cod resources for the castle, physique caller rooms, go a student and probe caller technologies, and adjacent bid them to beryllium a warrior for you.

Develop your ain villagers, marque varied customizations connected them arsenic you wanted, fto your townsmen larn unsocial skills that would marque them much capable, and springiness them caller equipment. Have yourself large townsmen that each lords would want.

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Take attraction of your villagers’ lives

And since they’re moving for you without immoderate grudge, it’s earthy that you should instrumentality bully attraction of your villagers. That being said, you tin commencement by giving them a bully cozy country wrong your castle to support them from the dangers outside. Also springiness them capable nutrient to fulfill their bare stomach.

Along with working, your villagers volition request to entertain themselves. Hence, it’s important that you springiness them a playground successful 1 of your room. And astir importantly, your villagers volition request to person their backstage spot wherever they could unbend and “repopulate”.

Challenge your opponents successful exiting combats

And of course, the crippled isn’t conscionable astir gathering resources and physique your castles. Your escapade has overmuch much to connection than that. That being said, gamers volition person their chances to question the ample realms successful Hustle Castle. Battle with antithetic lords and monsters from each antithetic parts of the satellite to assertion yourself arsenic the champion lord successful Hustle Castle.

Complete breathtaking and rewarding missions to gain yourself caller resources. Use them to fortify your armies and castle. Give your villagers sumptuous lives and they’ll travel you obediently. Grow your powers and populations.

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Compete with different lords successful the online crippled mode

To marque the crippled adjacent much breathtaking and challenging, gamers volition person their chances to instrumentality the contention online. Join different large lords from each implicit the satellite arsenic your conflict and enactment with each different to make your powers.

Join coalitions with your friends to enactment each different during their times successful need. Or instrumentality down your opponents during a plunder and cod their resourceful loots.

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play for Android users, which makes it rather tempting to person the crippled installed connected your devices. Think astir it, you don’t person to wage thing but still, person the accidental to bask 1 of the top mobile crippled connected your portable devices. Have an full castle and each of the radical wrong it well-managed. Take retired your telephone and cheque connected them whenever you want. It’ll consciousness similar you’ve conscionable travel home.

Unlimited entree with our mods

However, the crippled inactive comes with immoderate in-app purchases and ads that mightiness fuss you. Thus, it would beryllium a large thought to person our mod installed connected your devices. Just download and instal our Hustle Castle Mod APK connected your phone. Follow our acquisition to person each the in-game contents unlocked for you.

Visual and dependable quality


The crippled features elemental yet breathtaking graphics that can’t halt you from playing the game. Find yourself lively characters with realistic facial expressions connected their face. Explore the ample 2D satellite with tons of details that astir different games.

Enjoy breathtaking and hilarious combats betwixt you and the enemies utilizing weird weapons. Unleash devastating accomplishment moves that effect successful a clump of fogs and adjacent a mushroom-shaped explosion.


Throughout your travel successful Hustle Castle, players volition person their caput relaxed with the peaceful and cheerful soundtracks. Find yourself successful the beauteous satellite of the fantasized medieval age. Get progressive successful galore of your regular activities.

However, arsenic you prosecute successful battles, you tin abruptly consciousness the soundtracks being changed to a much assertive one. Thus, you find yourself go much consenting to attack. This makes the crippled highly addictive.

Download Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Mod latest 1.47.0 Android APK

Gamers successful Hustle Castle volition find themselves enjoying the in-depth gameplay that it offers. Build your ain castle, beryllium a worthy maestro and regularisation implicit your radical with a bully reputation. Lead your men into conflict to cod much resources to enactment the people. Guide them to a amended way of beingness and marque their lives a batch easier. Compete with the different lords to go the champion successful Hustle Castle.