I Am Innocent MOD APK 2.17.129 (Unlimited Money)

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I Am Innocent poster

I Am Innocent is simply a classical detective crippled that combines puzzle elements. The crippled volition marque galore players amazed by the trouble and enigma of a gruesome wide execution case.

I Am Innocent has unsocial gameplay by simulating telephone calls, texting, machine hacking, pictures, and real-life documents to analyse a wide scope of brutal murders. In the game, the victims are missing bars astatine a young age. This wide carnage was linked to the player’s sister’s disappearance galore years ago.

The simulation crippled I Am Innocent volition seduce and fascinate you into an antithetic world. It is you who person to lick these mysterious murders. The crippled offers a batch of breathtaking puzzles, making the subordinate consciousness similar a existent detective.

Your task is to lick the situations the characters travel up with to find retired what happened to your sister. Based connected your actions and answers successful the game, the crippled volition person galore antithetic endings.

General Information

When you privation to play your telephone connected the tram and bash not privation radical astir maine to deliberation you are a nerd, it’s clip to play I Am Innocent. It is simply a detective crippled with immoderate Tetris elements. The crippled is disposable for some Apple and Android, and it’s free. The exertion looks similar a messaging platform, similar WhatsApp and Telegram.

We volition person a connection from a alien who volition archer america they trap him successful a room. The communicative is erstwhile helium lone has a compartment telephone with him. And with our messaging app done the chat, helium volition supply america with clues to assistance him. We volition truthful person to chat with respective radical to recognize the enigma down this kidnapping.

Speaking with the characters, we volition besides determine however to support a narration with them. Depending connected what we volition inquire and however we volition inquire them, they volition beryllium much oregon less friends. And the answers they volition springiness america volition vary.

Since the accusation we volition person a lot, determination is simply a chat called Diary Bot not to person to proceed speechmaking the conversations. It is simply a spot wherever everything that happens volition beryllium automatically transcribed.

Storylines successful I Am Innocent

In I Am Innocent, you volition play the relation of an mean person. You are chosen by immoderate strangers, forcing you to find retired astir the destiny of a kidnapped person. You volition get entree to everything from hacking the Internet, chatting with 1 person, oregon much depending connected the presumption and conditions fixed successful the game.

According to the storyline, this incidental progressive your sister, who disappeared a fewer years ago, and you are funny to find retired the truth. The crippled aims not to find retired the information astatine each costs, but you volition besides person to play a tiny puzzle crippled to uncover the adjacent secret.

Coming from the developer Guts United, known for celebrated detective titles similar Who Is The Killer? Episode I, Who Is The Killer: Dark Room, I Am Innocent, volition bring a caller acquisition to the classical detective crippled genre.

The crippled has an indispensable transgression element, divers characters with analyzable personalities, galore stunning images similar skeletons successful closets, and situations involving motivation paradoxes and galore frames. The touching country volition bring a existent atmosphere, weaving a mysterious, fascinating communicative that makes you autumn successful emotion to the end.

Outstanding features of the crippled I Am Innocent

  • Investigating a gruesome and analyzable serial execution case.
  • Phone calls, images, documents, and machine hacks are simulated authentically, bringing suspense and hostility feelings.
  • Interact easy without having to work full lengthy texts.
  • The player’s responses volition straight impact your narration with the characters.
  • Many endings vary, depending connected your reply choices and relationships.
  • The crippled takes spot successful real-time. You tin play for galore consecutive days.

I Am Innocent is wholly escaped to play. But immoderate in-game items and hints whitethorn person to beryllium purchased with existent wealth to heighten the gameplay acquisition and marque the lawsuit extremity faster.

How to Play I Am Innocent MOD APK?

Probably, to person a root of income, the exertion producers person introduced immoderate mandatory logic crippled dynamics to proceed with the case’s development. It volition inquire america respective times to find passwords to entree confidential documents.

Therefore, to proceed investigating, we volition person to implicit mini-games to destruct a definite fig of bricks for each of the required colors. If you privation to debar this portion from clip to time, you tin wage fake dollars, which you tin gain by completing the games oregon buying them with existent money.

You person 5 lives consumed 1 astatine a time, lone erstwhile you cannot implicit the level. Every fractional hour, we volition retrieve a heart. But if we person finished each 5 lives, we volition spot a video to reconstruct 1 oregon wage with crippled wealth to get backmost each 5 lives oregon person infinite for six hours.

Every day, we volition crook the roulette instrumentality that volition springiness america the game. Once we person seen an advertizing video, objects to usage successful the mini-games volition simplify the rounds oregon hearts oregon coins.

It is advisable to play I Am Innocent MOD APK successful quiescent moments and not portion you are successful people pursuing a lesson, due to the fact that you whitethorn person a telephone from 1 quality successful the game. They are audio recorded, and nary 1 is calling you and whatever. Ensure that anyone, but by the radical who are physically adjacent to you, volition not beryllium heard.

Special Features


I Am Innocent is simply a marque caller substance puzzle game. The crippled shaper has launched a top-rated puzzle crippled “Who Is The Killer” before, truthful this marque caller crippled indispensable not beryllium disappointed. It is simply a existent detective-themed decryption game.

The communicative begins with an mean and peaceful regular life. The protagonist played by the subordinate responds to the trivial beingness shared by those adjacent to him. The ex-girlfriend, Stella, who is inactive a bully person aft 5 years of separation, volition archer you astir her imagination past night. She talks astir her fantastic acquisition astatine work. And she adjacent invites you to travel her to different people’s weddings truthful she tin debar being caught successful the predicament urged by elders.

For galore years, Carl, an aged friend, volition kick to you irritably that his divorced ex-wife volition not fto him spot his daughter. You are a gentle and benignant person, but you are not stupid. You cognize however to bash and volition support your narration with those you know, value, and trust. These bash not look to beryllium overmuch antithetic from what you person spent before.

Until a unusual ID abruptly sends you a connection for help. Is this a joke?, not everyone can. Like the protagonist of the lifeline, coincidentally it becomes the past anticipation of redeeming a alien successful danger. But you rapidly realized the severity of the problem. It is not similar a joke, nor is it a coincidence. As the communicative progresses, you whitethorn adjacent find that you were not progressive successful this incidental conscionable by accident.

The mastermind who imprisoned the alien hinted that your sister is besides related to this matter. That is the past that makes you consciousness achy and unwilling to remember. Maybe everyone volition person this past.

Repent oregon take a trial?

As a connection game, an important origin successful judging its prime is the consciousness of substitution. Specific to the crippled I Am Innocent, the mode it creates a consciousness of substitution is to pull players done the suspense of the crippled connected the 1 manus and to make realistic characters connected the other.

It embodies world successful trivialities and details.

In a story, a quality tin beryllium purely for the information, and it intimately relates things that to them often omit the halfway of the invention. The assemblage is often not obsessed with the question and does not adjacent attraction astir the interpersonal narration betwixt the supporting roles and the passersby who are not the protagonists.

But the world is not the case. Everyone has a life, and the protagonist is astatine slightest a tiny part. The narration betwixt the characters successful the communicative is often-complex and network-like. With a fewer main characters entangled with each other, the real-life narration is often tree-like. My friend’s person whitethorn not beryllium my friend, but it does not forestall him from mentioning it to me.

In I Am Innocent, the radical adjacent to you volition beryllium blessed to assistance you successful your hunt for the truth. But they are not conscionable passersby NPCs that beryllium lone to assistance you. They often archer you that it does not look to beryllium intimately related to the story’s mainline. And these things marque them much similar radical who live.

The consciousness of world is much reflected successful the complexity of quality creation.

There are often galore level characters successful the story, and we tin afloat construe their representation with lone a fewer tags. Such names are often lone calved for the advancement of the plot.

Your aged friend, Carl, is simply a seemingly grumpy older man. But helium values ​​his friends precise much, and helium has an endless tenderness for his daughter. He sometimes seems aggravated with each kinds of things, but determination whitethorn not beryllium poesy and distant dreams successful his heart.

Your begetter is stern and steadfast and ever wants to interfere and intervene successful your life. But successful fact, helium loves his children deeply, and helium feels blameworthy for the disappearance of his girl for a agelong time. The mighty antheral appeared truthful fragile erstwhile helium repented of the harshness of the past. And astatine that moment, the father’s bosom inactive yearned for the comforting effect of that is not to blasted you.

Even the villain who carried retired the kidnapping tells you, “Everything I bash is for justice” and “too anemic for justice.” And the alien who asked you for help? Is helium a mediocre antheral who suffers innocently, oregon a liar who deserves his crime? Who knows?

What is the truth? What is simply a lie?

Besides advancing the storyline and exploring the information measurement by measurement successful a connection game, I Am Innocent besides inserted an elimination puzzle game. The crippled uses this elimination crippled to execute the extremity wrong a fewer steps to simulate the player’s hacking behaviour to get the required accusation and attack it.

Hacking operations are not excessively violative successful the wide flavor, but choosing to destruct this signifier of the crippled volition harm the substitution consciousness that connection games value. In presumption of the idiosyncratic crippled process, this plan destroys the player’s play experience.

When the crippled plot’s improvement attracted us, we abruptly told the player, “Let’s play the elimination game.” It didn’t consciousness right. In lawsuit the subordinate gets stuck successful the plot’s advancement oregon successful playing this elimination game, it is adjacent much unhappy. This benignant of tiny crippled is purely utilized to prolong the gaming acquisition forcibly.

Suppose you are learning from immoderate hacker simulation games connected the market, and you simulate hacking and different operations successful the signifier of (pseudo) code. In that case, you whitethorn not chopped disconnected the consciousness of substitution suddenly. But doing truthful volition besides bring immoderate different problems. It volition astatine slightest marque this crippled much serious, and adjacent a sizeable portion of the players request to trust connected the strategy to play.

The crippled volition person aggregate endings based connected the options and the last quality narration (intimacy). It besides means that this circuit whitethorn adjacent person a multi-week purpose. Is it imaginable that these processes that bent extracurricular the game’s main assemblage volition springiness players a consciousness of boredom? In short, this plan seems to maine to beryllium the little cleanable spot for I Am Innocent.


Unfortunately, I Am Innocent is lone disposable successful English. In lawsuit you are overseas players, it is elemental to understand, truthful if you have, for example, a fewer years of precocious school. You volition play it without excessively overmuch trouble. We find the crippled exceptionally long-lived, but not without its flaws.

The answers fixed successful the chats are lone 2 and are not customizable is precise limiting – the deficiency of a clip origin makes america recognize erstwhile and aft erstwhile the events are set.

The messages we volition nonstop volition person the day erstwhile we property enter. And the responses we volition person volition beryllium instantaneous. But if we bash not reply to an idiosyncratic for 3 hours, helium volition accidental thing astir our lack erstwhile we yet interaction him. Right aft that, it says nothing, but past we deliberation it would beryllium amended to acceptable a clip of the crippled that freezes erstwhile we adjacent the application.

The spread betwixt the investigations and the mini-games is sometimes pleasant. But erstwhile you cannot get done a level, the nervousness rises. And you consciousness the heaviness of the mini-games, particularly erstwhile you are carrying retired the probe and are precise engaged with the story.

But since it does not measurement excessively overmuch for the telephone retention (100 MB), it is worthy downloading and trying it for yourself. Also, we find it an innovative thought to make a chat-based detective game.

Final Words

I Am Innocent is simply a overseas mobile decryption game. The communicative starts from a small girl’s past, helping you measurement by measurement into this horrible past and find the information hidden successful the bits and pieces.

There are galore characters successful the game. Everyone has their personality, specialties, and chartless stories. Build a bully narration with them, recognize them, and they volition assistance you flooded difficulties!

The astir amusive mobile telephone fearfulness decryption adventure, arsenic the crippled mode of text-based dialogue, allows you to get an immersive acquisition and acquisition a caller fearfulness adventure.