ibis Paint X (MOD, Prime Unlocked)

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ibis Paint X (MOD, Prime Unlocked) owns a assortment of drafting tools that volition perfectly suit those who emotion integer drawing.

You emotion coating but you don’t person clip to beryllium for hours drawing? You emotion drafting but you don’t person the tools to paint? You tin usage ibis Paint X and make paintings successful a elemental way. The app is not lone an exertion that provides utile tools, but it is besides created with the purpose of connecting drafting lovers and processing their ain drafting capabilities. If you’re besides a drafting lover, ibis Paint X is simply a large app for you to make your drafting abilities.

ibis Paint X (MOD, Prime Unlocked)

How to gully better?

ibis Paint X provides galore theoretical lectures and guides users to usage the features successful their application. The developer gave a fewer tips for beginners that “if you privation to beryllium a bully artist, you person to beryllium a drafting and drafting lover”. Professional illustrators began drafting erstwhile they were young and practiced each time to hone their skills. Whenever you are free, you tin usage ibis Paint X to gully pictures. Surely they volition bring joyousness and amusement to you.

ibis Paint X (MOD, Prime Unlocked)

Create the archetypal artwork

When you commencement the application, prime “My Gallery” and past prime the canvas to commencement painting. Canvas has galore antithetic sizes to take from: 1: 1, 3: 4, 16: 9. You tin besides take SD resolutions (for a tiny picture), and HD (for a large picture). Depending connected your telephone configuration, the maximum of layers volition besides change. However, if your instrumentality has little retention space, you should take SD due to the fact that its retention size is rather small.

ibis Paint X (MOD, Prime Unlocked)

Many utile features

If you are a favourite illustrator of scenes oregon genres of Manga / Anime, you tin gully them connected a signifier insubstantial inheritance (Screen Tone), utilizing Frame Divider to divided frames and Text input to participate substance and edit the font arsenic you like. ibis Paint X provides the indispensable features for you to go a existent Manga creator and artist. After you person completed the sketch, colour it to go much vivid. Please prime the instrumentality colour palette and past set the colour code to lucifer with HSB, RGB oregon Gradient effects. You tin besides usage much than 30 escaped colour filters to colour your sketches much quickly.

These colour filters are unsocial and the intelligent AI strategy volition place the details connected your sketch to colour correctly. However, if you consciousness the colors of the filters are not suitable, you tin besides usage the brushes and capable them with the details that request to beryllium changed easily. In addition, ibis Paint X has galore different tools, specified arsenic Undo (allows you to measurement backmost a fewer steps if you are not satisfied with immoderate details), Eraser, Brush, Smudge, Blur, Fill, Color Picker, …

ibis Paint X (MOD, Prime Unlocked)

Express unlimited imagination.

ibis Paint X has 140 types of brushes, which assistance you to gully details perfectly. These types of pens are wholly escaped for you to use: brushwood pen to pump ink, Dip Pen, Airbrush, pencil,… Each pen benignant volition person signifier strokes and you tin customize immoderate parameters of the pen, including opacity, thickness, size … You tin besides usage much than 2,100 antithetic insubstantial materials including backdrops, inheritance colors, enactment effects, and galore different unsocial styles. Combine with much than 40 types of patterns to marque your coating basal out. If you don’t privation to colour your drawings, utilizing patterned patterns is simply a astute choice.

ibis Paint X (MOD, Prime Unlocked)

You tin usage framework and ruler tools to sketch retired the layout much simply and efficiently. If you are an illustrator and a manga, you astir apt don’t person a Ruler Tool. It volition assistance you to make consecutive lines, circles, ellipses, and put position successful a large way. In addition, you tin besides resize an entity easy with Mesh Form. You conscionable request to prime the object, past resistance and driblet it to resize it simply.


ibis Paint X is simply a ample photograph sharing community. At the Timeline, you tin spot a batch of Manga paintings, illustrations from others. You tin besides stock your photos to summation interaction. Not lone tin you stock your photograph successful the Paint X ibis community, but you tin besides stock it connected fashionable societal networking sites similar Facebook and Instagram. Currently released applications connected Android and IOS operating systems. If your instrumentality is utilizing iOS 9.0 operating strategy Android 4.1 oregon higher, you tin download this exertion for free.