iGun Pro 2 MOD APK 2.98 (Unlocked All Weapon)

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iGun Pro 2 poster

iGun 2 Pro is simply a genuinely worthy merchandise of the infamous iGun Pro franchise. The archetypal iGun Pro has been astir for 8 years, and for a mobile game, it inactive works fantabulous until today.

If you emotion shooting guns and ne'er download this sequel before, you’ll wholly autumn successful emotion with it. If you’ve already downloaded the crippled but don’t privation to usage your paper connected the weekly/ monthly subscription to get the weapons you wanted, past the iGun 2 Pro is present to help.

This reappraisal volition springiness you an in-depth look astatine the caller mentation of the franchise and fto you determine whether this sequel is worthy downloading.


As you each knew, iGun 2 Pro is the adjacent mentation of 1 of the astir palmy virtual firearms grooming games. We tin bespeak it inactive carries the features that made the archetypal large due to the fact that it was built based connected the halfway characteristics of iGun Pro. Furthermore, respective caller gameplay components are added to fulfill the users.

Like its archetypal version, iGun 2 Pro is an FPS (first-person shooter) mobile app. This means the main things you’re going to bash passim the full crippled is customizing weapons, loading and firing them toward aimed targets, each virtually, of course. Your carnal aiming accomplishment and the weapons’ stats volition find your level successful this benignant of gameplay.

When doing missions, you request to cod guns to make and upgrade existing arsenals with a rapidly increasing room of weapons available, including grenade launchers. Throughout the gameplay, you volition person chances to gain crates and usage them to unlock rewards.

It works arsenic a large mobile alternate crippled to immoderate legendary worldwide celebrated FPS video games specified arsenic Call of Duty, Battlefield, Battlefront, etc.


Suppose you find the supra accusation charismatic enough. In that case, the pursuing elaborate reappraisal astir iGun 2 Pro mightiness determine whether you click onto the ‘Download’ button. In this section, we’ll dive into immoderate salient features that marque this sequel basal retired from different games successful the aforesaid scope and adjacent its original, the iGun Pro.

Smooth Overall Performance

According to galore ex-users, the archetypal mentation suffered from terrible lag issues. Meanwhile, this 2nd mentation has the precocious manus successful performance. The steadfast did a bully occupation improving the game’s wide performance, careless of animated graphics and vivid colour code of items. Many players said that they seldom experienced lag successful iGun 2 Pro. Everything runs smoothly and frankincense making the crippled casual to enjoy.

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More customizations than the archetypal version

This is different fantastic innovation from the developers. The customizable features of this crippled are decidedly top-notch and loved the astir by galore players. The customization possibly is the astir outstanding upgrade of the 2nd mentation compared to the archetypal one.

This diagnostic allows you to make your ain eventual weapon. Add attachments, make camouflage patterns, occurrence customized guns, and past you’re acceptable to articulation the plan contests. Moreover, they besides added customized accessories to enactment each the enactment you need. Once you decorativeness a design, you tin marque it into a sticker and easy stock your creations connected immoderate societal media oregon substance messages.

We’re definite you volition emotion the process of designing with customizable colors, patterns, and entering a planetary contention with different players each implicit the world. The rewards would beryllium gems, caller weapons’ unlocking oregon upgrading, and, past but not least, fame. Once you go the winner, your plan volition beryllium displayed connected the location surface of the game.

iGun Pro 2 surface  1

Updated frequently

With iGun 2 Pro, you volition get caller contented astir each week. They ever update caller guns regularly. Not lone guns, caller attachments, scopes, stocks, oregon adjacent precise tiny options for players are added usually.

This shows that the developers bash attraction astir their customers and effort their champion to supply a amusive and addicting acquisition for you.

This diagnostic brings caller and excitement to the crippled and keeps you coming backmost for much breathtaking things each day.

Ultra-realistic simulation

Besides the large simulator, iGun 2 Pro offers a wide assortment of guns, including rifles, pistols, handguns, instrumentality guns, and volition soon integrate revolvers and rocket launchers. The realistic loading and shooting sounds, high-quality graphics, and vibrant colour imitate existent guns precise well.

This salient diagnostic helps summation your existent in-game acquisition and marque your shooting much professional. Perfect prime for weapon lovers!

iGun Pro 2 surface  0


The iGun 2 Pro owns rather galore selling points, truthful what’s holding it back? Actually, this sequel does person a fewer drawbacks.

Buying items

Unlike the original, wherever you could gain coins past bargain the guns individually oregon successful packs, this sequel doesn’t let you to bash so. When purchasing a weapon, it isn’t a one-time buy, arsenic you mightiness think. It requires a recognition paper subscription connected a weekly, monthly, oregon yearly basis, not to notation galore guns that were escaped successful the iGun Pro are present chargeable successful iGun 2 Pro.

Therefore, it’s inconvenient if you conscionable privation to person 1 oregon 2 circumstantial items and don’t request each of the attachments. Shortly, we anticipation that users tin bargain each limb separately alternatively of a package.

iGun Pro 2 surface  2

Not Diverse In Sound

If you’re addicted to the dependable played in-game, the iGun 2 Pro mightiness fto you down slightly. All suppressors making the aforesaid sound, charging the firearms mostly person the aforesaid sounds, too. Hmm, rather dull, you mightiness think?

Besides, arsenic we mentioned before, this crippled is really incredibly realistic, but mightiness not beryllium the astir realistic retired there. Since the developers reused sounds for immoderate antithetic guns, a fewer guns’ sounds aren’t perfectly accurate.

From our perspective, this is not a large woody if you don’t truly wage attraction to the dependable of crippled characters oregon weapons. We cognize that galore radical mute the dependable erstwhile playing games oregon lone play astatine a debased volume.

No offline mode available

iGun 2 Pro is an online crippled that does not enactment offline players. Many users had complained that they inactive privation to customize and sprout the guns wherever and whenever they want.

Final Words

After specified a agelong time, the Crimson Moon Entertainment yet dropped retired the iGun 2 Pro. It gained overmuch attraction from weapon enthusiasts, particularly iGun Pro archetypal mentation lovers.

To conclude, the iGun Pro franchise is 1 of the champion firearm simulators we’ve ever used. Hence, some the archetypal and the sequel are worthy downloading. While the archetypal has claimed its estimation for years, the sequel came with galore utile improvements and fixes.

Download iGun 2 Pro via this nexus to fto it make an unlimited fig of coins to your crippled account. If you person immoderate questions, consciousness escaped to permission a remark beneath for further support. We convey you and privation your convenient acquisition volition beryllium unstoppable!