Infinite Stairs MOD APK 1.3.91 (Unlimited Money)

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Infinite Stairs poster

Infinite Stairs offers amusive successful an incredibly addictive 2D arcade game. Your ngo is to effort to ascent arsenic precocious arsenic imaginable connected an infinity staircase. You volition person to emergence rapidly to find the way to the sky. But if you marque a mistake, past you volition besides propulsion your quality into the void. Of course, you’ll autumn into the sky, and you’ll person to commencement each implicit again. Gameplay is elemental and addictive, truthful the crippled has been loved each implicit the world. The crippled has tens of millions of downloads and offers an addictive infinite staircase. Everyone is trying to get precocious scores, and interruption caller records. You usage your agility skills to triumph implicit others, oregon you lose. A large crippled from NYFL STUDIO- shaper from Korea.

About Gameplay

Infinite Stairs has a elemental storyline, and you person to person fun. Your lone extremity is to bring your quality to the highest presumption possible. You volition tally up the infinity stairs, and you alteration absorption erstwhile you conscionable a curve. The occupation is that you tin lone halt for a abbreviated clip (about a fewer seconds). The crippled has a constricted clip to stop, and if you halt excessively long, past the crippled volition end. The crippled tin besides beryllium implicit if you don’t alteration direction, and you autumn into space. The crippled offers a super-endless amusement acquisition with no-stop stairs. Very absorbing and highly addictive!

Infinite Stairs showcases a colorful, amusive world, and you spot an infinity staircase. The crippled is worthy the gameplay, and is suitable for everyone. You enactment successful a lively amusement world, and players tin consciousness an awe-inspiring world. The crippled is impressed by its elemental controls. The controls are wholly confusing, and you volition commencement implicit galore times erstwhile you archetypal get utilized to the game. You usage a fastener to power the quality to ascent a ladder. You usage different fastener to marque the quality alteration direction. The controls are simple, and thing else. The crippled emphasizes focus, and agility. You indispensable effort to ascent arsenic precocious arsenic possible, and scope the maximum score.

Infinite Stairs brings fantabulous characters. The crippled is suitable for anyone who loves agility, and talent. You request to ascent the stairs and scope the highest presumption possible. The crippled offers galore characters, and breathtaking pets. You usage scores to unlock caller characters and pets. All the characters person the aforesaid abilities, but the character’s pixel quality is attractive. This makes unlocking a invaluable option. Players volition beryllium rewarded with other characters if they scope a circumstantial score. For example, the archetypal quality is the cheerleader girl, who offers persistent and resilient runs. The crippled has a batch of characters for america to take from. You tin unlock a hoops player, a policeman, a wrestler, oregon a thief. In short, the quality is fun, and the interface is retro. The crippled is reminiscent of the bully aged days, and you person a batch to remember.

Infinite Stairs brings tons of laughter done the characters and large chases. The crippled is not excessively difficult, but you are not casual to maestro everything. The crippled is accessible successful the beginning, but you volition request a batch to beryllium a leader. Over time, you find a mode not to crash, and triumph the astir straightforward mode successful the game. The crippled besides creates amusive done online planetary chases. You articulation real-time PVP mode to play with friends oregon immoderate subordinate astir the world. You volition so person tons of laughter passim your pursuit journey. Get acceptable to acceptable the adjacent caller record, and acquisition a large amusement experience.


Infinite Stairs has a refined and straightforward power mechanism. The subordinate volition person to determination precise rapidly up the endless suspended stairs. The crippled has lone 2 buttons for you to interact with. You usage the fastener connected the close to determination forward. You usage buttons connected the near broadside to alteration direction. The crippled delivers the acquisition of a frenetic pace. You person to interaction non-stop to scope the highest ladder continuously.

Graphics and sound

Infinite Stairs features retro 2D graphics. All the characters and spaces are reminiscent of the pixel games of the past. You bask the pictures if you person been playing games since the 2000s. The dependable is vivid and highly captivating. Sounds lend to stimulation and make adrenaline to assistance you get the highest people possible.


Infinite Stairs is an fantabulous 2D arcade crippled and entertains you aft hours of stressful work. The crippled has a elemental approach; the gameplay is enjoyable and casual to add. Simple and addictive gameplay should prosecute you for hours. The power mechanics is simple, unusual and highly interesting. The crippled has go a agleam spot for Korea’s gaming satellite and made a people successful the endless runner genre. Get acceptable to combat with everyone, oregon situation yourself to the apical of the infinity staircase successful the amusive quality interface!