International Fashion Stylist MOD APK 5.8 (Unlimited Money)

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International Fashion Stylist poster

International Fashion Stylist offers a large acquisition for manner lovers. You volition articulation millions of fashionistas astir the world, and instrumentality connected each situation of manner creativity. The crippled offers a afloat scope of outfits, and you’re acceptable to amusement disconnected each your manner plan skills. You perfectly tin go a nonrecreational stylist and constitution designer, if you are originative capable and a small daring. Get acceptable to go a manner adept successful a assortment of fields specified arsenic covering designers, idiosyncratic stylists, constitution stylists oregon wedding stylists. A batch of peaks successful manner for you to conquer. You volition conscionable a assortment of clients specified arsenic knowledgeable businesswomen, celebrated doctors, stylish brides and galore different demanding clients. The manner successful the crippled has nary limit.

About Gameplay

International Fashion Stylist is developed by a crippled shaper known for manner genres similar Fashion Diva. Therefore, the crippled is uniquely designed, and optimized for those who emotion fashion. The crippled is simply a realistic simulation, and is afloat of attractions for manner enthusiasts. You are acceptable to astonishment the elite with your unsocial manner outfits. You are a manner decorator adjacent conscionable graduated from a plan academy. You person bully abilities, and person been sought aft by the manner satellite to make large outfits. Your customers are precise diverse, they are celebrities, supermodels, concern moguls and galore different almighty figures. Customers are high-class, truthful you volition besides look a batch of strict requirements. You go a lawsuit stylist successful media campaigns specified arsenic movie promotions, festivals, planetary conferences and galore different absorbing events. Try to marque the catwalk your own.

International Fashion Stylist offers absorbing crippled modes. If you emotion freedom, past effort the “Style Diary” mode. You take the close manner events, and constitution styles to make the cleanable makeup, outfits. You are escaped to make the model’s clothes, hair, and makeup. You adhd manner accessories and accessories to bring retired your style, and take the cleanable signifier inheritance for your outfit. The crippled offers much than 100 caller and trendy items for you to take from. Also, you tin take from implicit 80 accessories for shoes, bags and jewelry. Also, the crippled offers highly strange, and cute characters. This helps to summation the manner creativity of the character’s appearance. Feel escaped to usage the statue to harvester each kinds of outfits, and marque customers go manner stars successful the event. Suggest that you easy gain other coins from watching ads, and you get awesome bonuses.

International Fashion Stylist allows you to take from a wide scope of outfits specified arsenic gorgeous evening gowns, enactment skirts, sparkling precocious heels, classy bags, glamorous accessories, and trendy hairstyles. . You harvester everything perfectly to make the cleanable look of the character. If you are assured successful your abilities, past effort the “Style challenge” mode. You volition vie straight with different almighty covering stylists (other players) successful costume design. Things are not easy, and get acceptable to look apical manner and covering designers. If you person talent, past you volition beryllium recognized for your unsocial style, and voted arsenic the apical stylist successful “Style Events” events. Alternatively, registry each time to person the Daily Rewards. Daily rewards adhd large styling, and you adhd the coolest items to your wardrobe. From here, you person the further fund to measurement firmly connected the way to becoming ace stylish.

International Fashion Stylist supports interfaces successful fashionable languages ​​(English, French, Japanese, ..). Get acceptable to go an apparel decorator and idiosyncratic stylist. Great force crippled for girls and boys. Show bold manner ideas from your imagination, and amusement your people connected the signifier of celebrities.


International Fashion Stylist has elemental controls. You conscionable request to interaction the due icons to take the outfit. The crippled has a afloat tutorial, and you tin get utilized to it aft a fewer controls.

Graphics and sound

International Fashion Stylist offers high-quality graphics. You volition spot the world of each antithetic outfit. The crippled is designed successful a cartoon style, agleam colors and adjacent to everyone. The dependable is playful. You perceive a batch of axenic and charismatic music. The large operation of graphics and dependable provides a implicit acquisition for galore people, and breathtaking manner events.

If you inactive similar manner modeling games, past effort “Super Stylist”, oregon “DIY Fashion Star”. The crippled besides offers absorbing manner stories. You are escaped to make your constitution and dressing style. You enactment infamous events, and instrumentality photos of apical manner supermodels


International Fashion Stylist is the close prime if you emotion fashion, and makeup. You are escaped to make costumes successful the studio. You person a assortment of fashion, makeup, and hairstyles. The crippled has cute graphics, amusive sounds, and is suitable for everyone. The crippled offers hours of amusive entertainment. Get acceptable to capable your wardrobe with unsocial outfits, and assistance your customers go the manner icon of the century. Also, you tin vie with different players’ (PVP) infamous manner events.