Journeys: Interactive Series MOD APK 2.0.45 (Premium Choices)

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Live your ain beingness successful your ain way, bash what you privation arsenic you look the consequences connected your own. Experience aggregate aspects of beingness arsenic it is. Explore the satellite of choices successful this latest simulation crippled from The Other Guys.

Get progressive successful aggregate stories arsenic you get to cognize aggregate characters successful antithetic stories. Guide them done their regular dilemmas, take the paths you privation to pursuit and acquisition the stories arsenic it goes. Explore the worlds afloat of enchanted romances, breathtaking adventures, and unthinkable mysteries successful Journeys: Interactive Series.

Find retired astir this astonishing simulation crippled with our reviews.


The crippled introduces gamers to the satellite of interactive stories which you’ll beryllium some the storyteller and the characters. Find yourself surviving the lives of your imagination arsenic you usher your characters to antithetic paths.

With Journey Interactive Series, gamers volition beryllium introduced to aggregate stories which takes spot successful varied setups and situations. Find yourself looking for romances portion trying to find happiness successful the regular lives. Find a mode to prosecute your imagination portion moving other clip to marque up for the expenses. Experience a wholly refreshing and thrilling manner and hide astir each your difficulties.

Find yourself solving the unsolved mysteries arsenic you find yourself mislaid successful an past ruin. Or adjacent unrecorded successful a satellite of magic with you being a almighty wizard who person awesome powers. Everything is imaginable successful Journeys Interactive Series and your journeys volition beryllium unveiled arsenic you go.

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Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Simple yet addictive gameplay

To commencement with, gamers successful Journey Interactive Series volition find the crippled comparatively casual to get acquainted with. That being said, the elemental controls marque the in-game features rather accessible. Not to notation that you’ll besides get to bask the idle clicking gameplay, which requires small thinking. Thus, you tin bask the crippled whenever you privation and beryllium wholly relaxed with it.

Choose your stories and play it your way

In the game, players volition person the chances to prime their ain stories with varied setups to enjoy. That being said, you tin find yourself moving astatine a edifice to pursuit your dream. Being a almighty wizard with hidden powers that are protected from the world. Join the exploring unit connected discovering the chartless ruins. Or adjacent analyse the caller incidents arsenic a detective. There is nary limit.

 Interactive Series screenshot 2

Discover galore absorbing in-game character

To marque the crippled friendlier and interactive, players tin find themselves interacting with galore different characters. Each of them volition travel with a definite acceptable of traits and personalities. Find yourself exploring the narration strategy arsenic you marque friend, find love, and of course, enemies.

Here, you tin make unsocial relationships with absorbing and loveable characters oregon person yourself immoderate nasty enemies.

Interesting dialogues that’re written by the large communicative writers.

In addition, Journey Interactive Series besides introduces gamers to tons of breathtaking and exhilarating dialogues that volition springiness you antithetic emotions. Send yourself to the extent of hellhole with the devastating blows. Or alert disconnected the heaven’s extortion with the astonishing dialogues. Burst into laughs and tears with Journey Interactive Series.

 Interactive Series screenshot 4

Guide your characters to antithetic paths

And astir importantly, gamers successful Journey Interactive Series tin find themselves playing arsenic antithetic characters successful antithetic setups and travel antithetic paths. Choose your favourite characters, unrecorded your ain stories, and make antithetic gameplay by choosing antithetic paths. Let the satellite of romances, mysteries, dramas, and thrillers unveil.

Many antithetic bid for you to choose

The crippled existent features 7 antithetic interactive bid that you could prime up and bask whenever you want. With each series, players volition beryllium introduced to aggregate stories which would amusement you immoderate unsocial aspects of life.

  • Linda Brown – Follow the footsteps of a promising young vocalist based successful New York connected the travel to her friend’s wedding. Guide her paths arsenic you assistance her look for the prefect romances arsenic good arsenic implicit her dreams.
  • Zoe: African’s Heart – A mysterious miss determination to New York to effort to person a mean beingness without being bothered by the others. Find yourself accidentally caught successful an probe and observe the uses of your powers.
  • Princess by accident – Become a celebrated histrion and conscionable up with a blistery racer arsenic you statesman your chaotic and breathtaking journey. Choose betwixt emotion and vocation arsenic you go.
  • A summertime successful Tuscany – Follow a traveler’s escapade arsenic you find yourself caught successful the beauteous Tuscany looking for immoderate unexpected surprises. Have yourself immoderate mysteries to observe and immoderate romances to enjoy.
  • Zoe: Salomon’s Creek – Enjoy different escapade with Zoe arsenic she moves to her caller schoolhouse and acquisition caller events. Take connected caller adventures successful the municipality of Salomon’s Creek, which is much than conscionable just the eyes.
  • Journal of the Unknown – Find yourself caught successful an unthinkable escapade portion investigating your father’s spooky deaths.
  • Roommates – Finally, find yourself successful an absorbing communicative betwixt six young men and women surviving successful 1 apartment. Experience, love, hate, fun, tension, and bask breathtaking adventures.

Enjoy caller episodes that travel retired each week

Together with the immense postulation of aggregate series, Journeys Interactive Series besides features tons of breathtaking caller occurrence that’s coming retired each week. Find yourself enjoying caller adventures whenever you want.

 Interactive Series screenshot 1

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play, truthful Android users tin easy person it installed connected their devices from Google Play Store. Enjoying the breathtaking gameplay without having to wage anything. And if you privation to, you tin get immoderate in-app purchases that would springiness you tons of updates.

Have the crippled wholly unlocked with our mods

To person the crippled wholly unlocked, Android users tin besides marque uses of our mod version of the game. That being said, you tin simply download our Journeys: Interactive Series Mod APK connected your devices and instal it utilizing our instructions. You’ll person entree to each the in-game features without having to wage anything. Plus, you’ll besides get escaped of the annoying ads.

Visual and dependable quality


The crippled features beauteous hand-drawn graphics with stunning visuals. Realistic characters with awesome environments volition marque the crippled consciousness similar a live-action series. In addition, since the crippled isn’t rather graphically demanding, you’ll find it rather accessible connected aggregate hardware.


In addition, the immersive dependable effects volition marque you consciousness similar you’re watching a movie. The lone happening that it lacks is the voiced dialogues to marque things much real. However, the substance dialogues bash fto you bask the stories much and knowing the situations better. Plus, the awesome soundtracks which are composed by celebrated musicians would surely fulfill you.

Download Journeys: Interactive Series latest 2.0.45 Android APK

Those who’re looking for a much story-driven simulation game, Journeys Interactive Series is surely a bully proposal for you. With aggregate stories, characters, and tons of antithetic in-game features to explore. You’ll find yourself having large times successful this game. Not to notation that your mods with each the desirable features unlocked volition beryllium a large treat.