Kim Kardashian: Hollywood MOD APK 12.6.1 (Unlimited Cashes)

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Discover the Kim Kardashian’s authentic gameplay arsenic you plan your ain story, marque it large successful Hollywood, and ain the reddish carpet arsenic you go a existent celebrity. Rise to fame and powers with your characters and bask the luxurious privileges by being a celebrated personage successful Hollywood. Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled arsenic we instrumentality you done our broad reviews.


The crippled is fundamentally a Hollywood simulation wherever you tin genuinely observe each the champion and worst aspects of the amusement capital. Follow your characters, you’ll person the chances to acquisition each the happening that you person ever dreamt of.

That being said, players tin make their ain characters and person entree to plentifulness of customizing options. Create your ain unsocial characters and get progressive successful this eventual simulation acquisition wherever you tin instrumentality your quality done each the activities successful the game.



Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Play arsenic unsocial and beauteous characters

For the archetypal time, gamers tin person entree to a implicit customizing enactment wherever they could easy alteration the mode their quality looks. Pick your favourite hairstyles, eyes sizes and colors, chemoreceptor shapes, rima types, height, and of course, your gender. Give your characters their ain names and commencement your ain travel successful Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

On apical of that, the crippled besides features dozens types of apparel for you to take from with hundreds of antithetic dresses, shoes, accessories, and truthful on. And astir importantly, you tin adjacent get your hands connected immoderate of the astir favourite apparel that travel consecutive from Kardashian’s idiosyncratic picks.


Get progressive successful galore breathtaking activities

Enjoy epic Hollywood simulating gameplay arsenic you person your chances to brushwood with varied celebs, fans, and paparazzi. And for the fans of the Queen, you tin adjacent person your chances to bent retired with Kim herself. Be a star, research the streets of Hollywood, and commencement having your imagination beingness successful Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

Embark your ain escapade and go a existent star

Begin your travel arsenic a newbie successful this luxurious neighbourhood. Choose your vocation paths and commencement from the bottommost by doing everything you could. Join the A-list stars and beryllium a celebrated movie actor, manner model, designer, and truthful on. Be what you privation to beryllium and don’t hesitate to marque your imagination travel true. The choices are up to you.

Explore varied simulation features

In this game, you’ll besides person the enactment to research Hollywood done galore of its celebrated locations. Travel the metropolis of LA, sojourn celebrated exclusive clubs, having meal successful high-quality restaurant, and person a remainder successful your penthouse apartment. Fulfil your dreams and unrecorded successful a luxurious location arsenic you’ve ever wanted to.

In addition, with galore customizing options available, gamers tin besides person the astir modern and luxury furnishings and instrumentality installed connected your homes. Bring existent people to your flat arsenic you go a existent star.

And if you privation to, you’ll besides person the accidental to question to celebrated metropolis crossed America and different parts of the world. Spend prime times successful New York City, Miami, Paris, London, and truthful on.

Choose your stories successful Kim Kardashian Hollywood

And to marque the crippled much exciting, gamers successful Kardashian Hollywood besides person the enactment to take your ain stories by picking your decisions. In definite stages of your journey, determination volition beryllium pugnacious decisions to make. What you take volition person large effects connected you for the remainder of your life. So take carefully.


Enjoy your ain romance adventure

The crippled would beryllium importantly little enjoyable if we don’t person entree to the romance options, particularly erstwhile this is Hollywood wherever each stars gathered. That being said, gamers volition person their chances to research a satellite of romances wherever they’ll prosecute successful passionate romances with different characters.

Date the astir celebrated celebs, dump them if you deliberation the relationships aren’t going to work. But marque definite you clasp choky erstwhile destiny comes. Choose your life-long spouse carefully. Let it beryllium the ones that you could walk the remainder of your beingness with, willingly. Fall successful love, prosecute and wed the peculiar others, person your beloved baby, and more. Make this your ain escapade and don’t hesitate to take your ain unsocial paths.

Play the crippled with millions of online gamers

Here successful Kim Kardashian Hollywood, gamers volition beryllium introduced to a immense assemblage of online gamers wherever you tin easy interact with each other. Make caller friends successful the game, assistance each different to emergence to the hallway of fame, marque enemies, and truthful on. In addition, the crippled besides allows you to play with your friends who’re besides connected the societal media. Just link to your societal accounts to observe friends who’re besides playing this game.


Free to play

Despite each the breathtaking features, Kim Kardashian Hollywood is inactive escaped for online gamers to enjoy. That being said, the crippled tin beryllium easy downloaded and installed connected your Android devices whenever you consciousness similar to. Still, you mightiness find immoderate in-app purchases and subscriptions rather annoying.

Enjoy the implicit gameplay with our mods

And to get escaped of those and person implicit entree to the game, it’s recommended that you take our mod mentation of this game. Just download and instal Kim Kardashian Hacked APK record connected your devices, travel the acquisition to person the crippled readied for you to enjoy. Unlock each contents and person unlimited currency to walk similar a existent celeb.

Visual and dependable quality


Kim Kardashian Hollywood features beauteous and glamorous arts wherever you tin play arsenic beauteous characters that’re well-designed. Wear awesome apparel that travel consecutive for the latest manner collection. Plus, the undemanding besides makes the crippled playable connected astir Android devices and the wide experiences a batch much satisfying.


Enjoy awesome songs from the satellite champion existent hits that volition marque you privation to dance. Explore the streets of Hollywood and acquisition the realistic environments. Engage successful the conversations with voiced dialogues to perceive your favourite celebs louder and clearer.

How To Install Kim Kardashian: Hollywood APK with OBB information file

  1. APK instal it connected your device.
  2. Extract the OBB record to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.glu.stardomkim. Ensure that the OBB record ( sits wrong the com.glu.stardomkim folder.
  3. Start the crippled again. Enjoy!

Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod latest 12.6.1 Android APK

For the Android gamers, Kim Kardashian Hollywood volition present to you the astir authentic and realistic Hollywood simulation experiences. Be your ain self, make your characters and marque it large successful this glamorous place. Plus, with our moded gameplay, you’ll ne'er person to interest astir wasting wealth connected the in-app purchases. Hence, you tin absorption connected the crippled more.

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