Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD APK 1.12 (Unlimited Money)

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The legendary tower defence game has returned and it’s getting much breathtaking than ever. This time, you’ll beryllium playing arsenic the evil wizard of Vez’nan, who, supra each else, tendency vengeance and demolition to the radical who’ve turned against him. It’s clip to situation the Kingdome Rush series successful a comparatively unusual setup. Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled with our reviews.


The crippled takes spot successful the accepted lands of the erstwhile Kingdom Rush games with immoderate insignificant changes. Here you’ll beryllium playing arsenic the cunning wizard Vez’nan who plans to destruct the satellite arsenic we cognize it with his almighty armies.

It’s clip to enlistee your monsters, physique your armies, and acceptable to onslaught the enemies and obstruction disconnected their attacks. Explore this refreshed crippled arsenic you bid your armies crossing the lands of Kingdom Rush.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance


Here are immoderate of the champion features successful the latest installment of the celebrated bid Kingdom Rush:

New towers with almighty abilities

With implicit 17 caller towers and dozens of aged ones from the erstwhile games successful the series, players volition person entree to tons of unsocial operation with almighty abilities. Some of them adjacent travel with peculiar powers which you’ll find highly useful.

Combine caller sets of towers for almighty compositions

And with truthful galore antithetic accessible towers successful your hand, players volition person their chances to research the heavy metasystem successful Kingdome Rush Vengeance. Here you’ll find antithetic improvement way for your towers arsenic good arsenic the caller combinations for your defenses. Choose the close coms and destruct your enemies.

Take your armies crossed the 3 lands of the kingdom

The crippled requires you to instrumentality connected 19 challenging and breathtaking stages, successful which you’ll beryllium traveling done the 3 lands of the kingdom. Each onshore has its ain characteristics which marque them highly hard to woody with. Keep successful caput that depending connected the land, determination volition beryllium antithetic challenges for you and your armies. So marque definite you person the close towers and soldiers.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Unlock and marque bully uses of almighty heroes

Here successful Kingdom Rush Vengeance, beside the towers and minions, you’ll besides beryllium assisted by the mighty heroes who are susceptible of stopping a full army. That being said, determination are presently 10 almighty heroes acceptable to beryllium bid by you. Make uses of their almighty attacks and defenses to halt the force arsenic good arsenic make abstraction for your towers to rainfall down the fires.

Take down immoderate of the astir resilient enemies

With implicit 40 antithetic enemies to challenge, each 1 aft is much almighty than the previous, you’ll request to instrumentality your wits and tactical skills to the extreme. Test your abilities arsenic you spell against almighty enemies that are susceptible of taking down your unprepared armies.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Go against the almighty kings

Along with the despicable enemies comes their Kings. These almighty beings are large threats to your armies and indispensable beryllium taken down nary substance the costs. Make uses of your occurrence powers to woody with these almighty bosses successful the game.

Explore caller powers and abilities that tin hitch retired the enemies

Along with the almighty towers, utile minions, and mighty heroes, gamers successful Kingdom Rush Vengeance are besides allowed to entree the caller powers and reinforcements that could travel truly useful successful definite situations. Make bully uses of them and you mightiness triumph your conflict effortlessly.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Accessories and gears to summation advantages successful battles

To marque your heroes and towers much susceptible erstwhile dealing with pugnacious enemies, players tin marque uses of the 10+ trinkets and artifacts that person peculiar powers. Each tin supply boosts and enhancements for a definite idiosyncratic successful your army, making it much powerful.

Explore the breathtaking upgrade options

Along with the utile equipment, you tin besides marque your defence much almighty by performing tactical upgrades connected immoderate of your towers, minions, oregon heroes. This makes them much susceptible erstwhile dealing with pugnacious enemies. However, marque definite you take wisely since you can’t upgrade the full service with your existent resources.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Complete achievements and missions for invaluable rewards

Here successful Kingdome Rush Vengeance, players volition person tons of achievements and missions to complete. Finish them and you’ll summation entree to tons of antithetic rewards, including upgrades, boosts, items, and truthful on.

Play the crippled wholly offline

If you often play the crippled portion connected your mode to enactment and can’t look to find a bully spot to get a Wi-Fi connection, past determination is thing to worry. The crippled tin beryllium played wholly offline and your advancement volition beryllium recorded erstwhile you spell online, cleanable for regular commutes.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Visual and dependable quality


The crippled features the aforesaid creation styles that we’ve seen successful the erstwhile Kingdom Rush games. It’s rather simple, yet intuitive and affable from gamers of each ages. In facts, you tin adjacent play the crippled with your household members.

In addition, the simplified graphics let players to rapidly announcement the things that are happening connected the map, allowing for speedy and close decisions.

And past but not least, the creaseless gameplay volition present comfy experiences passim the game. You tin play the crippled connected aggregate devices without having to interest astir the hardware capability.


Accurate dependable effects volition marque you consciousness similar you’re truly successful bid of your armies. Every force onslaught can’t flight your eyes and ears. In addition, the almighty euphony besides makes you hooked into the game.

How To Install Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK with OBB information file

  1. APK instal it connected your device.
  2. Extract the OBB record to /Android/obb/ Ensure that the OBB record ( sits wrong the folder.
  3. Start the crippled again. Enjoy!

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod latest 1.12 Android APK

For the fans of the operation defence games, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is decidedly a large crippled to enjoy. Exciting gameplay, tons of discoverable features, and tons of enjoyable elements, this crippled is surely what each Android gamer is looking for.