Learn Languages Rosetta Stone 8.14.1 Apk MOD (Unlocked)

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Why the Rosetta Stone app?
Because the champion mode to larn a caller connection is to situation yourself with it, and our connection learning app does conscionable that. Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion® method uses interactive and contextual connection lessons blended with Extended Learning features. Everything you request is virtually astatine your fingertips–any time, anywhere, immoderate device; online oregon disconnected and completely ad-free.

• 2019 PCMag Editors’ Choice
• 2019 Tabby Awards Winner
• 2019 Best Mobile App Awards: Best Designed App and Best Overall App

For the archetypal time, we’re offering every 1 of our languages nether 1 subscription. Flip betwixt languages arsenic often arsenic you’d similar and bask the state to get earnestly curious. To entree each languages, simply prime Unlimited Languages erstwhile you subscribe.

Practice and larn to talk Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Filipino, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Persian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and more!

Rosetta Stone helps you talk confidently.
With a assortment of speaking-focused lessons and features, instantaneous pronunciation feedback with TruAccent, a way grounds of getting radical speaking immoderate connection confidently and a near-five prima standing successful the app store, the award-winning Rosetta Stone mobile app is the champion mode to larn and talk caller languages.

What you privation to learn, first.
Let america cognize wherefore you’re learning a caller connection and we’ll make a crippled program with curated contented and adjuvant acquisition reminders to assistance you enactment connected way successful your learning journey**.

Fits immoderate schedule.
Take a 10-minute acquisition anywhere, survey online oregon off.

Never leaves your side.
Practice languages here, there, and everywhere. Learn to talk English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese oregon immoderate connection you want.

Don’t get mislaid successful translation.
Touch and clasp thing from your Core Lessons to uncover its translation*.

Speak confidently.
TruAccent® exertion provides real-time pronunciation feedback and helps you talk confidently.

Go beyond memorization.
Learn successful discourse utilizing our Dynamic Immersion® method.

Extended Language Learning Features

Say it similar a local.
Improve pronunciation and signifier speaking by speechmaking aloud portion listening to autochthonal speakers with stories and utile conversations.

Always cognize what to say.
Get easy-to-understand greetings, phrases, expressions, regular conversations and much with Phrasebook*.

Train your ear.
Take a interruption from the surface by listening to Audio Companion® lessons.

Select a connection learning subscription:
Choose from 3 and 12-month subscriptions—as good arsenic a Lifetime option. No translators, grammar books oregon dictionary needed!

Available Languages:
Spanish (Latin American oregon Spain)
English (American oregon British)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Filipino (Tagalog)
Persian (Farsi)

Enterprise and Education Learners
Unlimited usage of Rosetta Stone’s mobile app is disposable for existing Enterprise and Education Learners. Features whitethorn alteration for Enterprise and Education Learners.

*Available with prime languages connected the Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages app.
**Your Plan languages offered for Android are English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.