Magic Piano by Smule MOD APK 3.1.1 (VIP Unlocked)

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Magic Piano by Smule poster

Playing the soft is ne'er easier than present with Magic Piano by Smule. If you are a pianist, you volition find this app helpful. You tin signifier controlling the notes, bushed and tempo and sing along. It tin beryllium precise helpful. 

But if you are into this crippled and don’t cognize overmuch astir music, this is besides fine. You tin larn from little levels, past bask the feeling that the crippled gives you. It seems to beryllium fun. The Magic Piano doesn’t necessitate analyzable skills from players. You volition get amended by clip arsenic agelong arsenic you practice. 

Moreover, you tin play this crippled anytime, anyplace arsenic agelong arsenic you download the app to your phone. This is simply a crippled for each ages, from kids to adults. Because euphony has nary limit. You tin boost your creativity and expressivity. This is really a crippled that tin link the satellite done music. 

To work further details connected the Magic Piano, you tin travel my reappraisal below.

How does the crippled work?

The Magic Piano is an app that allows you to play the soft to the tune of astir thing you tin deliberation of. You take your opus past pat the surface to play the notes, aiming for small greenish and yellowish dots. You person to clip them close and wrong adjacent capable proximity and get your points. 

At the beginning, you conscionable play the songs for fun, without immoderate points oregon objectives. After you decorativeness a song, you tin stock your accomplishment connected Facebook oregon Twitter. But present they added a caller diagnostic with points and levels. If you privation to person much features, you mightiness request to get smoola oregon spending immoderate wealth to get this. But this app is not costly astatine all. 


This crippled offers fantastic features that you mightiness privation to consider:

Have antithetic levels

This crippled offers antithetic levels of difficulties. It tin beryllium hard astatine times. But you tin ever take the difficulity mounting and power it retired of crippled mode, backmost to the classical mode. In this, you volition beryllium allowed for perfect-pitch enactment which lets you spell stone and crazy. 

Provide each genres of music 

It was a wow to maine successful presumption of the euphony enactment available. Basically, each sensation of euphony tin beryllium satisfied erstwhile you travel to the Magic Piano. They person precise bully enactment of euphony close successful the video crippled titles. 

Mario, Final phantasy oregon immoderate different celebrated and classical ones tin beryllium recovered connected the Magic Piano. The arrangements are good composed. From classical to popular songs, each tin beryllium recovered successful this app. 

Have omniscient function

The Magic Piano flows rather well. However, sometimes, determination mightiness person immoderate hick ups each present and then. If determination are excessively galore notes getting deed astatine the aforesaid time, it volition lag a a bit, but not precise often though. 

There are greenish and yellowish dots. The greenish 1 is the azygous cardinal and yellowish is chorus. Depending connected the songs. Some necessitate you to property aggregate fingers astatine for each chord.

In presumption of the menu, they springiness you antithetic options. You tin beryllium take “solo” relation if you privation to person freestyle and play by yourself. If you privation to find the database of each songs to pick, spell to “Songbook” button. They person “duet”. Actually, the partners anyplace astir the satellite who person this app tin play with you arsenic well. 

Then we spell to “world’ function. It brings the satellite past you tin find idiosyncratic randomly. Ater you interaction to prime idiosyncratic to perceive to, it volition load, you tin “heart” it oregon property “next” to determination 1 to the adjacent person. 

Express yourself 

Basically, you tin power the notes, bushed and tempo of this game. You tin take to play on singer’s vocal. More than that, you tin make your ain euphony with their composer. You tin effort and let yourself to beryllium originative and radiance astatine slightest once. You volition emotion this game. 

Get the crippled for free 

The information of getting this crippled for escaped is simply a large plus. It is simply a large game. But successful bid to get each the songs you want, you volition request to walk immoderate smoola which is the app’s currency. You tin besides wage existent money. It is comparatively inexpensive. However, determination are bully features that you tin gain escaped smoola. They besides person escaped opus mundane that players tin dowload. 

So aft 1 oregon 2 weeks, you volition really person rather a batch of bully gongs without spending connected getting immoderate smoola. However, the app doesn’t enactment Android that runs Android OS little than 4.1 anymore. 

Visual and dependable quality


The colors appearing successful the app are precise good mixed. They look blessed and cheerful. Everything is intelligibly acceptable and arranged. You tin change the mode of the instruments to organ pipe, harpsichord, and others. They look rather affable and nice. 


The dependable of the app is great. There are immense scope of choices for you. You tin prime immoderate older classical songs to immoderate latest songs of the popular chart. You tin adjacent make your ain list. The euphony sounds great. Rhythms and tempos of the songs tin beryllium adjusted arsenic you want. It tin go rather amusive erstwhile they adhd a originative twist to well-known songs and 1 subordinate tin get a batch of applauds by different players successful the game. 

Final thoughts

It doesn’t substance you are a nonrecreational euphony subordinate oregon not. As agelong arsenic you are into euphony and privation to effort to play music, this is the app for you. And if you person children who emotion practicing the piano, you tin besides see this arsenic an option. 

With the modern exertion today, everything is imaginable with conscionable a astute phone. Find this escaped app, install, past you tin play. This is simply a cleanable crippled to chill, unbend and boost your ain creativity. Why don’t you effort it now?