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Fans of the world-famous soft crippled franchise rejoin arsenic Amanotes starts introducing their 3rd installment of the awesome Magic Tiles series. Explore the amusive and satisfying rhythmic gameplay successful arsenic you articulation online gamers from each implicit the satellite successful this implicit euphony experience.

Express your emotion for euphony arsenic you bask the unthinkable soft experiences successful Magical Tiles 3. Explore caller songs with refreshing tunes and relaxing tracks. Dive into the awesome rhythmic gameplay of soft euphony combined with galore different instrumental tracks.

Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled with our reappraisal of Magical Tiles 3.


For those of you who’re not truthful acquainted with the game, Magic Tiles offers the unsocial and enjoyable euphony experiences connected your mobile devices with the absorbing soft gameplay. Here, you’ll beryllium introduced to the addictive gameplay successful which you’ll person to pat connected definite notes connected the coming euphony tiles. Choose the close notes and bask the euphony arsenic you implicit the levels.

In addition, with this latest installment of the series, Android gamers volition find themselves enjoying overmuch much absorbing features with caller euphony tracks, caller crippled modes, and the charming gameplay that you’ve ever enjoyed. Find yourself enjoying this casual and addictive crippled connected your Android devices whenever you’re successful the game.

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Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Simple and intuitive gameplay for each Android gamers

To commencement with, nary substance if you person played the crippled earlier oregon you’re inactive caller to the franchise, the archetypal content that you would get with Magic Tiles 3 is that the crippled is highly elemental and intuitive for you to get acquainted with.

That being said, on with the already straightforward gameplay, you’ll besides person entree to the informative tutorials and notes to rapidly present you to the gameplay. Hence, you won’t find it overwhelming erstwhile you archetypal play the game. It’ll instrumentality lone a fewer starting levels earlier you tin consciousness wholly comfy playing Magic Tiles.

Not to notation that the convenient interaction controls volition besides marque things a batch easier and accessible for astir Android gamers retired there. Hence, this is the cleanable casual crippled for you to bask whenever you want.

Beautiful and high-quality soft songs

And to let gamers to genuinely dive into their addictive in-game experiences, Magic Tiles 3 besides introduces Android gamers to beauteous and high-quality soft songs. Find yourself enjoying the latest and astir fashionable euphony tracks being recomposed into soft songs, oregon bask the classical pieces of euphony that we each love.

In addition, with the wholly caller themes and in-game effects, Magic Tiles volition let gamers to genuinely bask their rhythmic gameplay connected their devices. That being said, arsenic you scope a definite level and execute definite taping speed, you’ll beryllium capable to unlock the peculiar gameplay.

Moreover, you’ll besides beryllium capable to bask the guitar, drum, and galore different instrumental songs that weren’t disposable successful the erstwhile games. Explore the caller styles of gameplay portion inactive bask the halfway values that you’ve ever loved.

Enjoy the crippled successful antithetic modes

And for those who’re interested, Magic Tiles 3 besides features a assortment of antithetic crippled modes that you tin prime up and bask whenever you person the time. No longer volition you lone capable to bask the classical crippled modes, now, determination are aggregate gameplay that you tin prime up and enjoy, starting with:

  • Challenge Mode – Here, you tin articulation different gamers from each implicit the satellite successful your eventual contention for the ones with the highest tapping speed. Compete with them arsenic you fertile yourselves among the apical players successful the full world.
  • Band Mode – And for those of you who privation to bask the euphony with bands, you tin ever play the crippled with guitar, piano, and galore different philharmonic instruments successful the Band gameplay. Explore the unsocial and absorbing tracks that you’ve ne'er tried before.
  • Battle Mode – To marque the crippled much interesting, you tin besides vie with friends and online gamers from each implicit the satellite successful your Magic Tiles battles. Here, you’ll situation each different successful real-time battles to find retired who tin pat faster and much close successful definite soft tracks. So if you’re assured successful your skills, determination are nary reasons wherefore you shouldn’t springiness it a try.
  • Custom Match – And if you wish, the crippled besides features the Custom Match, which volition fto you conflict against your selected opponents successful the game. Compete and triumph against your friends oregon immoderate online gamers. Feel escaped to brag with them connected your victory.

Magic Tiles 3 screenshot 2

Moreover, gamers successful Magic Tiles 3 are besides allowed to link their societal accounts to the crippled and unlock galore absorbing features. Starting with the online sync and prevention options, which fto you upload your in-game progresses to the online drives. And if you privation to, you tin ever sync your crippled to immoderate of your different devices.

In addition, it’ll besides let you to spot your friends who’re besides playing the game. Hence, it’ll beryllium a batch easier for you to lucifer with them successful your Custom soft challenges, oregon vie successful the Challenge mode. Plus, with your societal relationship linked to the game, galore caller rewards volition beryllium waiting for you.

Unlock peculiar rewards with the disposable achievements and challenges

And to marque the crippled much rewarding, gamers are besides introduced to galore absorbing in-game achievements and challenges that they tin prime up and enjoy. Complete them arsenic you gain your peculiar rewards and beforehand to the adjacent levels.

Stay connected and bask your regular rewards

Moreover, to reward its dedicated gamers Magic Tiles 3 besides introduces aggregate regular rewards that you tin prime up and bask each day. Just instrumentality to the crippled often and you tin commencement collecting your prizes. With stacking rewards, it’ll lone beryllium a substance of clip earlier you tin unlock that peculiar prizes that you’ve ever wanted.

Magic Tiles 3 screenshot 3

Customize your boards and bask the crippled successful antithetic themed events

And to marque the crippled much enjoyable, Android gamers are besides introduced to galore absorbing customizations that they tin person connected their boards. Feel escaped to alteration however your tiles look, power the backgrounds, oregon trial caller effects. There are plentifulness of absorbing options for you to play with.

Not to notation that, occasionally, determination volition beryllium antithetic themed events successful the crippled for you to enjoy. During the time, you tin observe refreshing interfaces, bask unsocial ocular experiences, and cod peculiar rewards.

Free to play

For those who don’t cognize yet, the crippled is presently escaped to play connected your Android devices. Hence, it’ll beryllium reasonably casual for you to download and bask the game. Just look it up connected the Google Play Store and instal the crippled without having to wage anything.

Enjoy unlimited wealth with our mod

In addition, immoderate of you mightiness find the crippled a small annoying owed to the in-game purchases and ads. And if that’s the case, past you would surely privation to spell for our modified mentation of the crippled instead. Just download and instal our Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK connected your devices, and you’ll unlock the unlimited wealth and ad-free experiences, which are perfectly amazing.

Visual and dependable quality


With cleanable and beauteous graphics, Magic Tiles 3 introduces Android gamers to the awesome rhythmic gameplay. Here, you tin bask the epic ocular effects with each of your tap, unlock peculiar themes to effort connected your tiles, and bask the peculiar customizations whenever you want. But astir importantly, high-quality graphics and fluid animations volition marque the crippled a batch much enjoyable.


Have amusive arsenic you bask the beauteous euphony tracks portion experiencing the addictive gameplay successful Magic Tiles 3. With high-quality audio experiences, you’ll find yourself wholly hooked to the game, particularly if you person your headphones on.

Download Magic Tiles 3 Mod latest 8.086.503 Android APK

Fans of the celebrated Magic Tiles bid volition surely bask themselves successful this latest rubric from Amanotes. With amusive and addictive gameplay, you won’t find immoderate different titles that connection the aforesaid features, but from Piano Tiles 2. Plus, the absorbing mods that we connection volition surely marque the crippled a batch much enjoyable.